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thx bro


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compounded 26% return for consecutive 12 years after 9 years saving of model RM64,000 is not an easy task but is a good guide


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Posted by matrix6050 > 2015-05-26 10:02 | Report Abuse

This is a good guidance for starting but as per my own experience, besides just investing, one should work harder to increase their income to save even more for investing, and it will fasten the process. For a fresh graduate, first 5 years u should try your best to achieve a 15% CAGR in your income increment which include (promotion) or side income then you will have a double your income. As long as you work hard and have plan for it with patient. Eventually you will make it~! All the best.

Posted by imationtrader > 2015-05-26 10:32 | Report Abuse

Hi there,

Yes you're absolutely right. Specifically for youngsters in the age of 20s they are still not awake from the dream as the fact is time compound of money is how important in achieving financial freedom life.

Two engines for financial freedom, business and investment. Either one fails you will not affect your financial freedom life. Try to achieve an equal balance for both of it.

Thank you and have a pleasant day ahead.

Warmest regards,

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