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Posted by xiaoji > 2016-08-20 01:50 | Report Abuse

debt also increase & cash decrease significantly


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Posted by Diamond7 > 2016-08-20 09:00 | Report Abuse

Dont take risk.......follow Warren Buffet style. Find theme play for the season.....


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Posted by VenFx > 2016-08-20 09:06 | Report Abuse

Like first.


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Posted by VenFx > 2016-08-20 09:21 | Report Abuse

Hope to see more detail for Ping Petroleum Limited (a 30% equity investment by Dnex).


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Posted by fatty_tang > 2016-08-20 12:01 | Report Abuse

shitty article. the table and figures are a mess


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Posted by casperl > 2016-08-20 12:18 | Report Abuse

Wonder88. this company acquire O&G during big offer…
can look into this and show hands?


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Posted by Wonder88 > 2016-08-20 18:30 | Report Abuse

From Q2 16 QR,
1)there is RM127mil invested in subsidiary
2)Trade and receivable is increase 7.2% (is it huge for O&G & IT company)
3)Equity increases 86%
4)Long term debt equal zero
3)at price 0.24,is it fair and cheap to invest
c)PEV/Ebit=7.3<8 (exclude 85mil from Ping, otherwise only 1.7)
Based on above, sorry to say, don't know how fundamental to be calculated so that consider fair and cheap to invest. Can anybody show me, thanks

Hi Casperl
Thanks for the good question raise. There are 2 companies acquired
1)Ping - upstream O&G which completed acquired (US$10 mil) on 30 June 2016 and contributed RM85.3 mil as mentioned by the Group managing Director (April to June 16 Crude Oil Price around US45 per barrel). Means DNex benefited from entering O&G Business at Low Crude Oil price period.
2)OGPC -RM170mil (RM33mil or 16% discounted from earlier deal crude price at US100 and above)which is a leading provider of equipment and services for oil and gas, petrochemical and power and general industries.The
OGPC Group will contribute to a new stream of revenue for DNeX through sale of oil and gas related equipment and provision of engineering and technical support services.
For detail of Company information please refer to the link as below:


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Posted by Wonder88 > 2016-08-21 10:32 | Report Abuse

Cant copy the company link here, justgo to company web, dnex, to know the the detail of the company activities.


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Posted by gold168 > 2016-08-21 11:16 | Report Abuse

Execellent wonder88, talk with data. We don't listen to those just talk with sense or feeling. Please keep writing if you have a good fundamental information to provide, we value you because we based on data to decide our investment


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Posted by casperl > 2016-08-21 11:25 | Report Abuse

thankz wonder88
figure represent the true and fact of the company intrisic strength
please carry on present your valuable post


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Posted by Wonder88 > 2016-08-22 04:32 | Report Abuse

Thanks gold168 & Casperl. Anyway, DNex was ranked No 2 in term of Fundamental Score at ISaham web on 19/8.


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Posted by VenFx > 2016-08-22 12:51 | Report Abuse

Hi ! Wonder88 , what's their production cost / barrel ?


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Posted by VenFx > 2016-08-22 15:02 | Report Abuse

Wow, PING's team has over 100 years of combined experience with exceptional track record and expertise .


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Posted by Wonder88 > 2016-08-22 15:05 | Report Abuse

Hi Venfx
Ping Petroleum is a private company, so far cant get any related information.
DNex acquires 30% of the share through DNex Petroleum, completed on 30 June 2016. Since able to contribute RM85mil for the last Quarter, the cost of production per barrel should less than US30 (Assumption only) since the last quarter per barrel is around US45.


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Posted by VenFx > 2016-08-22 15:26 | Report Abuse

Really thanx for your effort to reply my earlier question.


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Posted by Wonder88 > 2016-08-22 16:14 | Report Abuse



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Posted by greatful > 2016-09-13 20:59 | Report Abuse

why PING business so good and want to sell some to dnex?


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Posted by tc2012 > 2016-09-13 21:32 | Report Abuse

Dnex invest in its associate company just 127 millions and it can generate 80+ millions in one quarter.really fantastic investment.


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Posted by Wk1983 > 2016-10-26 16:31 | Report Abuse

i think the 85m profit is related to the one-off revaluation gain (also a non-cash item)?


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Posted by tftey > 2016-10-27 17:37 | Report Abuse

DNex bought into O&G during lwo oil price. Good deal. Now oil price at US$50/barrel. Wind fall for DNex.

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