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duitKWSKkita give her a bit la...


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give wat??>? give support jor...


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She study hard, hopefully she can work smart in future. U give her future KWSK retire fund first later she pay back to you after work.

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take care....


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should apply scholarship from KYY


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I feel like I want to take care of her

young man

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天无绝人之路 苦尽了甘来

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加油!YOU CAN!!!!


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All the hardship that u undergo today would be the foundation of your great success in future.

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can someone pass this to Mr Koon Yew Yin?


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Keep going Angel.
We all have gone through down-trodden hardship. Only that I went through it earlier than you and at that time, things were still cheap and we had jungle products as food for many years.
Yes, I think you should write to KYY for some help.
Good Luck.
May God Bless you.

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This hardship life experient will translate into huge success in future


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Think positively, chance is given to those who work ward & know what they want.

Why cares how others' feel.

If they are friends, they won't look down at you.
If they are not friends, why want to bother them? They are no body.


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you are not alone. I lost my mum when I was 5...


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if you really got good result, like you said got CGPA 4.0 , SPM 8 As, there is no reason you can't get a scholarship. PTPTN is more likely a study loan, check and understand why you been rejected. Go seek help from MCA or apply finance assistant you could get from TAR or State gov. There must be a way out. I don't believe you will not get even 1 with your result. The important thing is you shall know when to ask for help, rather you keep quiet and think you must depends on yourself. Asking for help is not something you shall shame about. Just my advise.

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