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Posted by Op3rs > 2016-12-28 08:54 | Report Abuse

i hv always liked eg, until yesterday they announced to do give out rights again...

Posted by Lukesharewalker > 2016-12-28 11:45 | Report Abuse

What happened to the money from last years rights? Like a China listed company now


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Posted by malaysiaku > 2016-12-28 12:12 | Report Abuse

kalau pakai "right issue", memang sudah comfirmed tak ada duit....macam xinquan kaunter dari china...nak pakai duit dari pelabur bagi menguruskan activiti mereka...tak ada dividen langsung dari EG... lepas pakai duit dari right issue, cakap mengalami kerugian dan macam-macam cerita untuk cover up...tengoklah nanti apa berita yang terbaharu...haha....

Posted by smartrader2020 > 2016-12-28 13:02 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by Acon888 > 2016-12-28 16:24 | Report Abuse

Right issue for what ? what is the plan ? Alwasy suck money


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Posted by XXXvalue > 2016-12-28 18:18 | Report Abuse

Look at their margin so ridiculously low. I put in FD get better return. Do you want to invest with 3% margin of profit?


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Posted by rainbowyen > 2016-12-28 22:08 | Report Abuse

collect money from right issue...then don't want to share profit with shareholders...then no dividend to share with all the investors after they make profits..how to trust this type of company? this type of management, only think about themselves...i learned my mistakes to trust this type stock before....now i won't ever trust anymore...once bitten, twice shy.... better put money on profitable stock with higher dividend or FD for better return...right issue??? no way....


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Posted by malaysiaku > 2016-12-28 22:29 | Report Abuse

dividen tak mahu bagi....mana mungkin syarikat yang besar macam ini sangat kedekut...nak right issue, untuk apa? ada masalah aliran tunai atau "revenue" tak cukup??? kalau tengok laporan kewangan semuanya okay...ada 42% peningkatan keuntungan....tapi tengok "profit margin" kat graph chart...memang cukup mencurigakan....terlampau rendah...macam nak muflis/bankrup...haha..

Posted by Trader123 > 2016-12-28 22:32 | Report Abuse

Who says they don't want share their profits with small shareholders? Maybe they will give you guys 1 cent dividend after issue rights or private placement.


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Posted by malaysiaku > 2016-12-28 22:37 | Report Abuse

memang sah penulis/author ini tak faham faham apa itu "a good management team"....kalau sekadar cakap pasal keuntungan, memang boleh tulis panjang lebar... tapi kalau cakap pasal kejujuran dan berkongsi keuntungan...tak ada langsung dalam rencana penulisan ini....nak tipu orang....haha...


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Posted by vinwws > 2016-12-28 22:47 | Report Abuse

koko888, I wish can be your student, my email: vinwws@gmail.com


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Posted by HawkEyes > 2016-12-29 12:30 | Report Abuse

Lousy stock


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Posted by HawkEyes > 2016-12-29 15:05 | Report Abuse

Go buy Ekovest better, special dividend and split soon.


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Posted by speakup > 2016-12-29 16:27 | Report Abuse

when Edge tell u to buy, it's normally time to sell


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Posted by Ramada > 2016-12-30 22:26 | Report Abuse

If EG really good, why shareholder sold it?


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Posted by Ramada > 2016-12-30 22:28 | Report Abuse

Management team is too young. They should learn how to reward their shareholders instead of get money from them.


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Posted by rainbowyen > 2016-12-31 00:15 | Report Abuse

you are right, bro....the management never reward their shareholders after so many years since 2007....if i am one of the shareholders, surely will dump this EG immediately...useless.....no dividend at all...want to collect money from shareholders...really not competent at all.....the management must be dreaming!!!


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Posted by VenFx > 2016-12-31 00:37 | Report Abuse

Don't be too pessimistic first.
Got to see what's their reasons behind the fund raising.
Tot I also hate this kind of work.


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Posted by chl1989 > 2016-12-31 10:34 | Report Abuse

right issue is meant for them to further expand their box build business :)

Posted by Ken Pang > 2017-01-03 13:51 | Report Abuse

dear sir , KOKO888 please add me to your study group : kenpangkk1@gmail.com

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