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Wow. Thank

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tq. great sharing

Ricky Yeo

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Part 1 sums up a point: The incremental gain of an additional piece of information is approaching zero, possibly negative value when factor in time loss, overconfidence and risk taking that are normally associated with investors that acquire a lot of information (which are 99% noise) compare to those that don't.


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DY stocks like magnum, bjtoto, cbip are atrractive now ..


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Very sound philosophy and strategy. Has been guided by Dynaquest for decades. Thanks for sharing.

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Great sharing, Thanks.

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How the Dynaquest subscription could benefit us as potential investors?


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Too bad.
Dr. Neo is late to the party
The next decade will be crypto or Bitcoin age where ico/kick starter crowdfunding flood the market.
And currency will no longer valid because everyone can make their own currency, the end of banking industry and Rothschild's wealth.


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Grand Master Champion Sifu Dr. Neoh has laid down very sound foundations for True Investments.

By following the Legendary Benjamin Graham of Old Dr. Neoh himself is the embodiment of Malaysia's Ben Graham today!




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ya. investing wise, Dr Neoh is correct. Fit with Graham's adequate return philosophy.

But Fisher is against dividend approach. He does not pay too much attention to it. Instead, he focuses on companies that will potentially grow at above-average return for an extended period of time. Hence growth investing is incompatible with dividend investing approach.

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wow, Dr. Neoh website down . the respond is overwhelming I think


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Yes Alex,

Fisher is good at scuttlebutting - visiting Companies first hand to see for himself its operations. And Fisher did pretty well for the most part. Except in his final last few years when he kept trimming & trimming his portfolio until he has less than 5 stocks left. And he didn't perform that well in the end.

You can read that in "Common Stocks Uncommon Profits" By Fisher


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Dr Neoh,

Never believe in visiting co, essentially he just concentrate on desk research loh...!!

He told me, div is a test of co financial ability...if they cannot pay...minus marks loh...!!

Of course, growth co, can gain back marks with its growth, that it provided they still can grow loh...!!


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Yes Great Raider,

One funny thing happened. Last time Dr. Neoh recommended RUBHD at Rm1.20, I think.

RUBHD has a P/E around 3 or 4. NTA over Rm3.00. Only problem was RUBHD didn't pay any dividend.

Because RUBHD paid no dividend my Johor SIFU (the faithful disciple of Dr. Neoh) did not buy any RUBHD & he missed it when RUBHD was taken private around Rm3.00

I think RUBHD was the only exception.

And regarding Desk Research - Walter Schloss did the same.

However, Peter Lynch followed Fisher by visiting many companies. That's why Peter Lynch Magellan Fund at 39% did better than Warren at 25% for several years.

But the stress & hardwork was too much for Peter and his hair turned white. And he was smart to retire after that.

For Warren there is less stress. So is Dr. Neoh. Surprisingly he still look quite youthful.

Alex Foo

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ya Calvin. I read Fisher's Uncommon Profit book, and love his 15 points stuff, what to buy, when to buy, what to sell chapters.

He also mentioned about diversification. I guess I learned a lot from him especially on the need to have an extra bit of patience, and stuff concerning market timing.

I love his high school friends investment illustration. Made me missed vitrox.

Alex Foo

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thank you for sharing. We need more dialog on this to keep me sane at times.

Btw, what makes you favor value investing over growth investing? Actually, Fisher does comment on value investing, and he still thinks that growth investing is the best way. It's mentioned in the same book.


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Posted by 3iii > 2017-10-23 16:09 |

Post removed.Why?


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I can't seem to click in the link. Anyone care to share the PDF file content here or mind to send me


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Thanks Tan KW. Always love to read articles you shared. May I ask if you guys have more reading materials from Dr Neoh? I tried hard to find his book but to no avail.


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October 23, 2017 17:44 pm MYT
FBM KLCI lifted by bargain hunting ahead of Malaysia's Budget 2018


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