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Posted by nkpi3 > 2019-04-16 15:53 | Report Abuse

At RM2400 psf the Developer or its designers should have put more thought into the furnishings, finishes and functionality. Marbles should have been pre-selected and/or dry laid before fixing. Of course, the high full height curtain should come with a simple curtain rod for ease of handling.

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2019-04-16 15:56 | Report Abuse

the representative { was prepared } to hammer the place with red paint and a sledgehammer { plus protective clothing }

Posted by Heavenly PUNTER > 2019-04-16 16:53 | Report Abuse



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Posted by gladiator > 2019-04-16 16:53 | Report Abuse

You can see those furnitures in budget hotel


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Posted by sherlock > 2019-04-16 17:40 | Report Abuse

frankly speaking,tropicana is not a responsible developer lo,they just wanna make easy money and fast fast withdraw themselves from various obligation,dont expect they serve you well after you bought a so called "luxury or premium"property,they dont care about after sales services at all,tropicana cheras also got protest recently cos buyers feel cheated by developer.

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