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Posted by milosh > 2021-06-25 10:47 | Report Abuse

and how TOMEI?


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Posted by Papayashot > 2021-06-25 12:38 | Report Abuse

KYY, u seu pei la.. Don't give this kind of misleading PE ratio to mislead new investors AGAIN..

All of us know steel counters are cyclical stock and looking at PE alone is = suicide. You should know this as you are so long at stock market already & yet you still wanna confuse people with low PE = good buying oppurtunity.

Your intention is very clear--> Wanna let other people to chase high so that you can dump your shares to them.. You're already 80++, come one. do more charity works and stop confusing peoples.


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Posted by Blacksails > 2021-06-25 12:55 | Report Abuse

This is too much, Fintec had a PE of less than one if I'm not mistaken.

Posted by Morning $tar > 2021-06-25 13:25 | Report Abuse

Technically, a double top formed, pulling back fr the top, now below 20 & 50MA & is on a downtrend. This is suicide.


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Posted by ahbah > 2021-06-25 13:27 | Report Abuse

A guaranti winner lah ?

Posted by HerbertChua > 2021-06-25 13:29 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by qqq3333 > 2021-06-25 13:43 | Report Abuse

as PE of 2 as long as next results not announced.... and unaudited.


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Posted by L2 > 2021-06-25 15:40 | Report Abuse

prospectively interesting no doubt, but entering the fray with big holders on margins is unmanageable risk.


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Posted by kelvin61 > 2021-06-25 16:08 | Report Abuse

Geezer is not an ethical person. He has repeatedly told fairy tale stories here and got away in the past. Now traders are smarter and can see his bullshit. In fact, there's plenty of shares trading at single digit PE in the market now. So, which one to buy leh???


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Posted by ahbah > 2021-06-25 17:42 | Report Abuse

Be gridi when others are fearful !


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Posted by PATIKAYA > 2021-06-25 18:06 | Report Abuse

Besok..he call buy the moon


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Posted by chtan33 > 2021-06-26 07:32 | Report Abuse

the Management itself is cautious of the outlook... but uncle is so optimistic


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Posted by Titan > 2021-06-26 07:54 | Report Abuse

How nice if all of us can short this stock.,..hehe


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Posted by trum > 2021-06-26 08:20 | Report Abuse

Brother I don’t want to fall into your trap


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Posted by trum > 2021-06-26 08:22 | Report Abuse

Brother we know your modus operandi


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Posted by trum > 2021-06-26 08:23 | Report Abuse

Brother you play your own game and nobody cares about it

Bgt 9963

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Posted by Bgt 9963 > 2021-06-26 08:24 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by morganlee > 2021-06-26 09:30 | Report Abuse

Besides Leon Fuat, Astino released great QR too, if uncle KYY's prediction is right, then we are on our way to the moon! If it is wrong, rugi a bit je, since recovery theme is in place and construction post-covid should be greater than during covid. Worth the risk, but bet accordingly to your appetite, as long as it doesn't exceed 20% of your total portfolio in one counter, should be decent.


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Posted by somo1 > 2021-06-27 10:56 | Report Abuse

Same tricks use over and over again. So rich already, just can't understand why is he still playing such glaringly unethical act!


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Posted by Yu_and_Mee > 2021-06-27 10:58 | Report Abuse

I suggest SC to fine him in spreading this in public.


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Posted by Yu_and_Mee > 2021-06-27 11:00 | Report Abuse

He bought a lot at very low, now asking you all to push for him to cash out.


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Posted by Yu_and_Mee > 2021-06-27 11:01 | Report Abuse

his average still below 0.60


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Posted by Yu_and_Mee > 2021-06-27 11:02 | Report Abuse

why FB live cannot recommend stock but blogger can??????????


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Posted by acbiz88 > 2021-06-27 11:05 | Report Abuse

KYY CCP agent to cheat lies and steal your hard-earned money


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Posted by stockraider > 2021-06-27 11:14 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by supersaiyan3 > 2021-06-27 11:15 | Report Abuse

Now CCP vaccine attack will drag us down. We are no.12 in the world now in terms of confirmed cases.


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Posted by Yu_and_Mee > 2021-06-27 11:47 | Report Abuse

not easy to join early. Many love him because can run early than him.


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Posted by ahbah > 2021-06-27 19:43 | Report Abuse

All metal stocks ... veri chip, come onli once in a BLUE MOON !

Pick up some before they are gone forever !


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Posted by arv18 > 2021-06-27 21:10 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by kenny_G > 2021-06-27 23:14 | Report Abuse

Uncle koon yew yin..ure full or shit! ........


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Posted by hingwk > 2021-06-30 16:58 | Report Abuse

Very high receivables. May end up like SD

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