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2021-08-20 11:31 | Report Abuse

Very sad to hear that at this age of 96 u can stil talk cock

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2021-08-18 09:14 | Report Abuse

Today both gapped up & shot up over 10%, why so quiet now?

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2021-07-12 15:50 | Report Abuse

is he licensed to give buy/sell call?

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2021-06-29 09:21 | Report Abuse

Like they always say, if u hv got nothing good to say, then u know wht to do...

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2021-06-29 09:15 | Report Abuse

mcm buat ni share political issue pulak.. Smart Money who cares abt u...u can buy over all the KWSP & PNB holdings & get stuck in taik for a million year. Be my guest.

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2021-06-25 13:25 | Report Abuse

Technically, a double top formed, pulling back fr the top, now below 20 & 50MA & is on a downtrend. This is suicide.

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2021-03-10 12:35 | Report Abuse

FA = Funnymental Analysis


2021-02-19 16:21 | Report Abuse

may i know how to calculate the price come this MOn, say, if the price closes at 2.70 today


2020-11-12 09:37 | Report Abuse

275 look behind u,,,,if u did not collect at 235 at dips just now then at least u could chase high from now on; help us push up more. 11.11 sales was yesterday

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2020-11-05 20:58 | Report Abuse

PBB is very biased against AMMB. 1.09 is ridiculous.


2020-10-21 15:35 | Report Abuse
Five South Koreans die after getting flu shots, sparking vaccine fears


2020-10-12 21:44 | Report Abuse

When the news came out, naturally ppl will start selling, profit-taking. Looking at the bright side, with EPF buying in, RM1.00 in the medium term is not impossible.


2020-10-09 16:05 | Report Abuse

Current price 0.185 still at oversold region, RSI(14) = 31.5%. MACD has not crossed the signal line for buy signal but getting near. Will pull up to EMA20 soon.


2020-10-01 11:25 | Report Abuse

Politically-connected stock; so long as the ruling state govt is in power, the stock remains elevated.

Who Really Is Sarawak's Wealthiest MP?
20 July 2020

In an announcement on Friday it was revealed that a subsidiary of Naim Holdings (the company’s updated name) is selling two parcels of vacant land measuring some 405.6 hectares in Bintulu, Sarawak to the state controlled Sarawak Economic Development Corp (SEDC) for RM340 million (to enable a dividend to shareholders).

The purchase by the Sarawak Government owned SEDC represents a massive profit (RM115 million) for this vacant land, which the company has owned but done nothing with for 7 years. Property dealers point out the state government body has paid nearly RM1 million per hectare, whereas state land is usually sold for more in the region of RM300 per acre. Lucky intermediary Naim Holdings.

As everyone knows, there is a long and eye-popping history of the SEDC being used to channel huge sums


2020-10-01 11:06 | Report Abuse

Time Malaysia Did A 180 Degree Turn On Green Policies - As US Bans FELDA

And why did it happen? It happened because an extensive study has been taken into Malaysia’s long criticised treatment of the millions of migrant workers that the oil palm business has taken advantage of for decades.

This is what today’s announcement says in advance of the details of the report becoming public:

Effective September 30 at all U.S. ports of entry, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will detain palm oil and palm oil products made by FGV Holdings Berhad and its subsidiaries and joint ventures.

CBP’s Office of Trade directed the issuance of a Withhold Release Order (WRO) against palm oil and palm oil products made by FGV based on information that reasonably indicates the use of forced labor. The order is the result of a year-long investigation that revealed forced labor indicators including abuse of vulnerability, deception, restriction of movement, isolation, physical and sexual violence, intimidation and threats, retention of identity documents, withholding of wages, debt bondage, abusive working and living conditions, and excessive overtime. The investigation also raised concerns that forced child labor is potentially being used in FGV’s palm oil production process. [see the press release]


2020-10-01 08:10 | Report Abuse

Why Has Malaysia Decided To Opt-Out Of The COVAX Initiative?
By Azrul Mohd Khalib | 18 September 2020

Instead, this decision to opt-out will leave this country and its people at a serious disadvantage and with limited options, be at the mercy of a small number of vaccine manufacturers, and lack the advantage of economies of scale to get the best possible price. The deal we end up will unlikely be fair and equitable.

It would be dangerous and self-defeating for Malaysia to flirt with “vaccine nationalism” as an extension of the #kitajagakita approach. We could find ourselves at the back of the line for doses.


2020-09-23 15:02 | Report Abuse

Bargain price is now. Why CL? on margin? Pity.


2020-09-18 13:55 | Report Abuse

Uncle KYY says NO.4 is the worst....every other day will brand different stocks as lame


2020-09-18 13:53 | Report Abuse

Glove stocks comparison - Koon Yew Yin
Author: Koon Yew Yin | Publish date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020, 9:05 AM

Name Price Q ending month, EPS Q on Q Y on Y

1 Supermax Rm 7.72 June 15.29 462% 2,552%

2 Top Glove Rm 7.79 Aug 15.59 271% 1,514%

3 Kossan Rm 12.00 June 10.2 102% 134%

4 Hartalega Rm 14.10 June 6.49 90% 134%

1 is the best stock to buy. 4 is the worst stock to buy.


2020-09-17 22:51 | Report Abuse

Exactly, thestockoracle..always buy on weakness & sell on strength..


2020-09-15 11:38 | Report Abuse
September 15, 2020 09:00 am +08

Strong retail interest to persist in equity market despite moratorium expiry, says Rakuten

Rakuten's top picks: AHB, D'nonce and Scomnet:

Meanwhile, Rakuten Trade's top fundamentals picks are office furniture manufacturer AHB Holdings Bhd (target price (TP): 61 sen), engineering solutions provider D’nonce Technology Bhd (TP: 88 sen), and Supercomnet Technologies Bhd (Scomnet)(TP:RM2.68) — a manufacturer of wires and cable for medical devices, electrical appliance, consumer electronics and automotive markets.

All three stocks are deemed to be beneficiaries of the Covid-19 theme. For AHB, Rakuten said it is set to benefit from the introduction of its latest products, namely “Covid Panels” and “SpaceCom Medical Hubs” — products that are designed for the office space and medical hubs for Covid-19 prevention. The group is expected to achieve record earnings in its financial year ending Sept 2021 (FY21), according to Rakuten Trade.

Similarly, the research house expects D’nonce to achieve record earnings in FY21, as the group's packaging boxes are being used by major glove manufacturers including Top Glove Corp Bhd.


2020-09-13 19:50 | Report Abuse

Reply to Bursa Malaysia's Query Letter - Reference ID IQL-03092020-00001


Date Announced 08 Sep 2020


2020-09-13 16:49 | Report Abuse

Very positive news
"Vizione joins the ‘glove rush’ with RM30mil capital expenditure"

"He also highlighted that unlike some new glove-making ventures planning to start from scratch, Vizione is buying into an established business."

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2020-09-10 22:19 | Report Abuse

Good day Sir, please add me to yr private discussion room, thank you very much

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2020-09-10 13:19 | Report Abuse

Every other time after a buyback, there is a risk that the stock price could fall


2020-09-08 15:10 | Report Abuse

Nothing wrong to dispose a little shareholding mah. Buy a Porsche or Ferrari, go enjoy life mah.. After the disposable what's his existing holdings?


2020-09-07 22:45 | Report Abuse

Mesiniaga Bhd has accepted a letter of award from Royal Malaysian Customs Department for the provision of MYGST maintenance systems and license renewal services.

The contract, Mesiniaga told Bursa Malaysia today, will commence from Oct 16, 2020 and is expected to complete by Oct 15, 2022.

Mesiniaga said the job is expected to contribute positively to the Company’s earnings over the period of the contract.

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2020-09-04 11:29 | Report Abuse

Excellent analytics, thanks for the timely info.


2020-09-04 10:57 | Report Abuse

fightingdragons My analysis on glove share price relationship with PAT:
04/09/2020 10:33 AM

Good analytics. Thanks


2020-09-02 20:49 | Report Abuse

Do note that Directors has been acquiring shares since last week..


2020-08-30 15:53 | Report Abuse

Statistically, a warrant trading at a discount may be a warning sign that the rally for both the share price and the warrant price are not sustainable. Just trade with caution.


2020-08-26 11:57 | Report Abuse

A loss-making company over the past 3 Qtrs. May be undervalued, but prospect of churning in profits? No?


2020-08-25 16:48 | Report Abuse

davidkkw79 Scam counter ! Trap !!

QR making losses. again What a good bait!


2020-08-05 13:17 | Report Abuse

Dont forget to add me too Paktua73.


2020-08-05 10:13 | Report Abuse

Paktua Paktua, Pls add me. Thank you.


2020-07-30 10:29 | Report Abuse

ee0623 Agree with u, i missed plenty of sell/buy golden opportunities, i have sent many email, fb msg to complaint their service, they claimed system will down during every peak hour, so i suggest them better i play at midnight, thinking to switch to other platform

If u seriously want to make $$ in stocks, yr platform must not fail u. Yr 15-min window could mk u million$.


2020-07-30 09:03 | Report Abuse

Stocks gain and dollar falls as Fed keeps rates near zero
Thursday, 30 Jul 2020 6:36 AM MYT

U.S. stocks gained further and the U.S. dollar fell on Wednesday as investors reacted to the Federal Reserve's decision to keep interest rates at ultra-low levels.


2020-07-29 16:28 | Report Abuse

Historic high now is 1.42 - a new resistance to chart!


2020-07-29 16:18 | Report Abuse

1.42! 3 more sen to limit up!!


2020-07-29 16:16 | Report Abuse

HLT is making a new high 1.40!!


2020-07-29 12:51 | Report Abuse

A long wick at the top is forming.


2020-07-29 11:44 | Report Abuse

on the other hand, Carepls has hit a new high of 3.32 awhile ago. i missed the boat, did not enter this morning. sigh..


2020-07-29 11:41 | Report Abuse

bignate2019 u r welcum
looks like support area around 1.30-1.32. Need more volume to push up the price.
btw limit up px is 1.45 which is still far away