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Posted by GooShem > 2021-12-12 20:22 | Report Abuse

Not welcome!


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Posted by NavinShah > 2021-12-13 12:37 | Report Abuse

Don't come here. You all are trouble maker. Look after your country. Now typhoon is attacking you. God must teach you a lesson.


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Posted by DickyMe > 2021-12-13 12:41 | Report Abuse

Deepen cooperation with China?

LOL, hypocrites of the first order.


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Posted by chinaman > 2021-12-13 12:44 | Report Abuse

dont bring in new virus here. wakaka


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Posted by stockraider > 2021-12-13 12:45 | Report Abuse

Do not forget USA almost completely destroyed South East Asia especially Indo China mah!


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Posted by qqq3333 > 2021-12-13 12:47 | Report Abuse

not welcome


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Posted by patrico8 > 2021-12-13 12:53 | Report Abuse

USA main aim is to contain Cna, why get us involved in their geopolitics? We want trade and prosperity not war.


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Posted by stockraider > 2021-12-13 12:56 | Report Abuse

A bully like USA is a coward....they do not dare to confront china alone mah!


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Posted by king36 > 2021-12-13 12:59 | Report Abuse

You give in to them, you will forever be their slave.
That's all what they want from you.
They are still living in the past, no knowing that the world has wised up and not to be deceived by their hypocrisy anymore.

Posted by Edwardong53 > 2021-12-13 13:45 | Report Abuse

US is the one creating the world inflation by disrupting the supply chain of goods and services, manipulating commodity prices and US currency, imposing sanctions affecting the supply of technology goods and products, funding and instigating protects in countries which are supporting China BRIs, etc. Look at what US has done to our Msian glove manufacturing corporations, palm oils, EMS corporations by using "forced labour" excuse to "enslave" Msia


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Posted by ks55 > 2021-12-13 14:05 | Report Abuse

US CBP allegations on many Malaysian forced labour issue must read together with the Blinken's visit to Malaysia. After seizing Malaysia products (palm oil, rubber gloves) at the ports with all the false and fabricated allegations (Without proof and circumstances in relative to host country), Blinken now come with a carrot and a big stick. Either Malaysia supports any initiative by US govt, or CBP going to further investigate into other major exports into US market like furniture, solar panel, office equipment etc.

Are the Nepalis and Bangladeshi forced to work overtime in Malaysian factories and plantations?
Are the living quarters provided by the employers (whereas US and UK employers NEVER PROVIDE living quarters to foreign workers) more inferior to the living environment/ condition in Nepal or Bangladesh? US and UK govt expect Malaysian employers provide living quarters as good as their own people? Not to forget US city streets are full of tents occupied by the zombies......


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Posted by KINGV > 2021-12-13 19:45 | Report Abuse

I am sceptical and concerned about the current interest shown by the U.S on South East Asia. There is/was so much misery and sufferings inflicted directly or indirectly on children in countries like Afghanistan,Yemen and Vietnam.We do not need big powers to come here to cause instability and sufferings when they are thousands of miles away.

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