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sime darby ok la

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plantation i don't know la

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most of the analyst predict cpo price around 4000 this year 2022 and 3500 next year 2023. this prediction do confused me coz from what i see cpo price hitting 6400 currently and i don't think the supply will come out from nowhere and crash the price to 3500. as for the demand side, i can only see increasing demand due to shortage of other vegetables oil in the market . that's why i don't know how the analyst predict the cpo price...pls enlighten me if u know how the analyst think


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great news, time for me to learn more on plantation


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Nowadays, you can't even find those subsidized oil packet! Can't even find eggs in supermarket! I am afraid many restaurants and hawker stalls will close shop! This two ingredients are essential! Anyway, good riddance to EU for snubbing palm oil! Now, they are begging for palm oil! As for palm farmers, they are laughing all the way to the bank! For us consumers and food business owners, it's a huge struggle!


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Fortunately for me, i use very little oil! As i find using oil free air fryer better alternative!

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