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Posted by lahitam551 > 2022-03-29 13:52 | Report Abuse

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Posted by Musang King > 2022-03-30 18:46 | Report Abuse

Zelenskyy knew all the while earlier that he could not win the war, it was better to talk to Russia for a peaceful settlement. True, but he was under the influence of the USA, Poland and the UK. All Ukrainians must pressure their President to kowtow to Putin instead of kowtowing to the US and UK. My opinion is that it is a mistake to vote in a Movie Comedian to run their country who, I think is more proficient in making movies and dramas for the world to see than to help maintain their country peace and prosperity.


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Posted by beinvested > 2022-03-30 23:06 | Report Abuse

Almost everyone was talking about the war but no one can do anything even though knowing that Russia was bombing Ukraine non stop for a month.

Can you imagine the extend of the damages from the bombs? Practically, the houses, buildings and facilities were bombarded from explosion from the day to the night continuously for more than a month.

The Nato members just can not stop Russia from continue to bomb Ukraine. This event is showing that NATO/USA is not untouchable and Russia just don't have to be bothered by them. Russia will just carry on with their plan and the western media just don't know exactly how extensive/severe the damages inflicted on Ukraine and the people there.

Come into the future, Russia with friends like Iran, China, Syria, Qatar and Afghanistan can progress further without have to be bothered by those blood thirsty war mongers.

Russia foreign minister already visiting China now for the first time which can reflect that Russia is not bothered being isolated or sanctioned by the West.


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Posted by mach10 > 2022-03-31 06:17 | Report Abuse

the greatest mistake for the Ukraine people is to choose an idiXt to be the Ukraine President . and the idiXt believed they can join NATO.


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Posted by SecretOne > 2022-03-31 09:30 | Report Abuse


NATO can only act to defend themselves. NATO cannot attack any party that doesn't attack them. So in this situation, NATO can do nothing.


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Posted by beinvested > 2022-03-31 15:24 | Report Abuse

Russia is not making any enemy with the Germans. The supply of the gas from Russia will be continued to be flowed into Germany.
But USA may give an idea that the Europeans can slowly not to depend on Russia for the gas. US will export gas to Europe? As if The Europeans can damage the relationship with the Russians if they wish.
Russians wanted the payment for the gas to be in the form of Russian currency but eventually Germany will have to keep their business in good term/condition and give in to Russia.
Russia is focusing on disciplining Ukraine instead of threatening Germany with the disruption of gas supply. Of course it is a serious matter if the Russia have to close the supply that flowing into Germany.
So, Germany need to act decently when dealing the war issue.
Russia should be able to secure the deal, to transact their gas/oil in rubles (making the rubles attractive again) since the payment can’t be made in USD/Euro as the sanction disallowed that.


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Posted by uncensored > 2022-04-01 14:22 | Report Abuse

Oil and gas supplies: How Europe prepares for disruption in energy flows | DW News

Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to hold talks with central bank and Gazprom officials today about how Moscow's demand for gas payments in rubles is to be implemented. But Putin has told German Chancellor Olaf Scholz payments could still be made in euros or dollars, and then be converted into rubles by Gazprom's own bank. Berlin has asked for written clarification.
Uncertainty over the process has prompted Germany and other European countries to prepare for possible disruptions to gas flows.

With the invasion of Ukraine raising concerns about energy security, fossil fuel producers in countries including the United States are hoping for a boom. Despite President Biden's plans to invest in renewable energy sources, the White House says the US expects to export more gas and oil to Europe.
DW's Washington bureau chief Ines Pohl traveled to the state of North Dakota to find out how producers there hope to cash in on the renaissance in fossil fuels.

Europe is further planning to lean more heavily on liquified natural gas, or LNG, as it tries to break its dependence on Russian gas. One region is set to profit from Europe's pivot to the fuel: The Iberian Peninsula.


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