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Posted by TheOwlsandWolves > 2022-08-03 13:33 | Report Abuse

All cultural festivals must be celebrate. Just dump PAS from the govt, useless party


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Posted by Tobby > 2022-08-03 14:39 | Report Abuse

Senior Lim is a dumbass! Dap cancelled Octoberfest during Harapan administration!
Pas fake holymen is just on cancel culture train and Octoberfest is just one of those trick card!
Senior Lim should keep his mouth shut! I am sure Wee will take the hero seat on this one!
Remember Timah whiskey ban! Senior Lim was shout left and right and Wee quietly settle this Timah whiskey issue once and for all!
The thing is, you don't shout back at Pas fake holymen cancel culture! You just take the bull by the horn and keep the Pas fake holymen angry with themselves! Take the Obori festival, Sultan of Selangor took matter in his hand and stop the lunacy!


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Posted by Tobby > 2022-08-03 14:42 | Report Abuse

To me, Octoberfest is non issue! We don't drink once a year! The number of drinkers in Malaysia are very small!
If you like, you can drink everyday! Nobody can stop you! Why so angry with yourselves over one day drinking event!
Just hold Octoberfest in Hotel Convention Centre away from public and only open exclusively to paying members! Heck, there are so many gay parties held in comfort of hotel exclusive floor! Nobody is bothered about it!


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Posted by Tobby > 2022-08-03 14:47 | Report Abuse

Anyway Senior Lim has long lost his credibility! The day he blessed Mahathir to be Harapan PM was the day his political voice disappears!


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Posted by Mini2021 > 2022-08-03 14:56 | Report Abuse

US start WAR with CHINA .....CHINA will not sell glove to US ......CHINA GLOVE GG..... MALAYSIA GLOVE UP UP UP ....

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