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Posted by ramzi2k7 > 2022-11-23 20:49 | Report Abuse

You seems to be interested in Shariah or hudud laws, but are misled or confused somehow. I don't know who your sources are, but you learn on Islamic law should only refer to Islamic scholars. Most of the points you mention are either grossly simplified, wrong or incomplete.

One thing is, it's not that easy to sentence someone to amputation or death since the evidentiary standard is very high. If it is too hard for you to find an Islamic scholar maybe should start with Wikipedia or YouTube videos.

You should not write about something you don't know anything about. You are doing more damage than good. Unless that is your intention.


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Posted by splinky > 2022-11-23 22:27 | Report Abuse

A vile, misleading and provocative posting made by a politically frustrated Islamophobe.


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Posted by arv18 > 2022-11-24 05:57 | Report Abuse

should probably write an article on how to cheat and deceive, mr con you yin.


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Posted by curiousq > 2022-11-24 06:17 | Report Abuse

is Islamic laws forbidden child marriage? what is their legal age for marriage?


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Posted by Sslee > 2022-11-24 08:49 | Report Abuse

I can only hope all, please stop writting anything bad about other people religion. Malaysia is multi-ethnic, multireligious, multicultural and multilingua so please show respect for each other.


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Posted by Sslee > 2022-11-24 08:50 | Report Abuse

I3 please remove this article.

Posted by Callmejholow > 2022-11-24 09:17 | Report Abuse

are u instigating something? or implying something?


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Posted by Income > 2022-11-24 09:47 | Report Abuse

Please don’t talk bad other people religion lah.
Live harmoniously lah

Posted by Permutation > 2022-11-24 12:27 | Report Abuse

KYY , when you do not know much about of Shariah law, do not cut and paste and do an article. You cannot clearly explain Shariah law by your short and misleading article. Just leave religion to the expert. I wanted you to focus on equity but then your recommendation is also half past six. Duk diam diam sajalah uncle yea. It is always the duty of all of us to promote racial harmony and mutual respect. no ifs no buts.


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Posted by brightsmart > 2022-11-24 13:27 | Report Abuse

y Sslee > 4 hours ago | Report Abuse

I3 please remove this article.


but I now know why muslim girls wear their masks.....................................


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Posted by brightsmart > 2022-11-24 13:31 | Report Abuse

at the end of the day, more rules only produce more hypocrites.

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