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Posted by speakup > 2023-10-26 21:39 | Report Abuse

cakap cakap je
china ada meritocracy, malaysia ada ke? the best of the best china chinese work in china, tapi here in malaysia the best of the best chinese work in US, UK, Australia, Singapore, ....
Malaysia export Talent, and import Muscles


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Posted by speakup > 2023-10-27 07:44 | Report Abuse

if malaysia really want to emulate China, it must first fix our Brain Drain issue. and to fix the Brain Drain, u need have real meritocracy.
otherwise semua cakap cakap kosong je


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Posted by LossAversion > 2023-10-27 09:38 | Report Abuse

As long as Malaysia's mindset is still set at quota, hak istimewa, perlindungan, etc, etc, then Malaysia TAK Boleh!!


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Posted by qqq47660 > 2023-10-27 11:05 | Report Abuse

How do u turn pig iron into quality steel?


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Posted by stockraider > 2023-10-27 11:13 | Report Abuse

I think the DPM refering to sarawak as well loh!

Msia as whole may has the problem of implementing poverty eradications ala china way bcos of meritocracy, but not really sarawak which have the best progressive policy in msia loh!


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Posted by Income > 2023-10-27 13:34 | Report Abuse

Msia needs to learn from China. You see long long long time ago china invented bamboo drifting way before Japanese invented car drifting la. So china is the master inventor lah.
Msia very half hearted to even follow Spore, what more to say Msia can follow china???

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