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Posted by sasword > 2022-10-21 16:43 |

Post removed.Why?

Posted by jeffrey1166 > 2022-10-21 16:58 | Report Abuse

sign is under ch

Posted by jeffrey1166 > 2022-10-23 13:00 | Report Abuse

sig still can go tp 2.55

Posted by ipohwhitecoffee > 2022-10-26 07:11 | Report Abuse

Never doubt Chin Hin boss. Both Ong and Chiau family having great track record crafting sign-ificant value for all the companies under their belt.

Posted by jeffrey1166 > 2022-10-26 15:36 | Report Abuse

ya keep bo n fly


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Posted by troy88 > 2022-10-27 09:44 | Report Abuse

Very bullish!


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-03 18:46 | Report Abuse

Solid SIGN

Posted by ipohwhitecoffee > 2022-11-03 20:28 | Report Abuse

Signature eyes regional expansion with RM160 mil acquisitions


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-08 09:31 | Report Abuse

Fiamma is also under Chiau Beng Teik and his son Chiau Haw Choon 's helm.

Will Fiamma be the next SIGN in the making ?


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Posted by troy88 > 2022-11-08 10:19 | Report Abuse

one of the gems of 2022

Posted by ipohwhitecoffee > 2022-11-12 07:39 | Report Abuse

SIGN shines under stewardship of CHIN HIN record high


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-12 10:46 | Report Abuse

Let's see the robust growth and expansion plan of SIGN downloaded from The Star as shown above to get a clearer picture.

Posted by ipohwhitecoffee > 2022-11-14 09:21 | Report Abuse

Well done! New high this morning! Happy Profits.
Chin Hin X SIGN X FIAMMA a great combination of investment companies.

Posted by wallstreetrookie > 2022-11-14 09:28 | Report Abuse

Signature One Utama

Posted by wallstreetrookie > 2022-11-14 09:28 | Report Abuse

Keep holding?


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-14 18:31 | Report Abuse

Congratulations to those who have SIGN's shares


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Posted by pang72 > 2022-11-14 18:35 | Report Abuse

Bonus 1 for 1...
Great job

Posted by ipohwhitecoffee > 2022-11-14 19:55 | Report Abuse

Signature International proposes one-for-one bonus issue


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-14 19:58 | Report Abuse

Congratulations to those who have CHIN HIN and FIAMMA's Shares too.


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-15 07:00 | Report Abuse

Thank you for the friends in this forum for bringing to my knowledge that SIGN is under CHIN HIN group "earlier on" . otherwise I would have missed the boat.

Once again thank you.


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-15 07:04 | Report Abuse

Thank you for your sharing and discussions.


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Posted by kk7198 > 2022-11-15 08:03 | Report Abuse

Gotta treat you authentic Ipoh White Coffee, he,he


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Posted by troy88 > 2022-11-15 09:00 | Report Abuse

Fantastic! Congrats!


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Posted by troy88 > 2022-11-15 09:55 | Report Abuse

Catching up fast to Chinhin. Well done!


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Posted by 11wenhao11 > 2022-11-15 15:57 | Report Abuse

Signature International Bhd is laying claim to becoming the largest kitchen and wardrobe company in Asean following its proposed acquisitions of two Singaporean companies.

The companies that are being acquired in a non-related party transaction totalling S$47.8mil (RM160.48mil) in cash are Corten Interior Solutions Pte Ltd for S$45mil (RM151.08mil) and Areal Interior Solutions Pte Ltd for S$2.8mil (RM9.4mil).


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Posted by 11wenhao11 > 2022-11-15 15:57 | Report Abuse

This marks a key milestone for us. In the past 50 years, Italy and Germany have been a market leader to lead the trends in design and product development of kitchen, home and living furniture products.

“In the past 10 years, companies in China have also done quite well. Signature would like to be the first company in Asean, with our base in Malaysia and Singapore, to lead in this space now


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Posted by pang72 > 2022-11-15 16:42 | Report Abuse

Another 妖王 like HEXTECH


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-15 20:50 | Report Abuse

Another CHIN HIN is in the making ?

Posted by ipohwhitecoffee > 2022-11-15 20:51 | Report Abuse

Congratulations to everyone for making profits with SIGN. 1-to-1 Bonus soon.
More upside expected even after bonus issue will continue rise. Cheers!


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-15 23:36 | Report Abuse


Thank you for your white coffee.

Your coffee must be very popular in Ipoh. Haha.

Actually even after this coming bonus issues, SIGN'S number of shares is still small.

So I think we can expect another round of bonus issues. The only thing is that we don't know the exact timing.


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Posted by Abba84 > 2022-11-17 13:05 | Report Abuse

Bursa slightly recover s but Sign went opposite,even the bonus news does liitle to drives investors appetite!


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-17 15:02 | Report Abuse

Healthy corrections. What I feel is that after the corrections, most of the SIGN's shares will be in the hands of the stronger investors .

As the number of shares are small , with the limited free floats, I would expect a strong rebounce especially after G15 general election.

(Just my opinion. Not a buy or sell call.)


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Posted by newuser999 > 2022-11-22 18:54 | Report Abuse

sign gg


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Posted by troy88 > 2022-11-23 09:46 | Report Abuse

Bad QR. Thanks for the profits


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Posted by chon99 > 2022-11-24 19:23 | Report Abuse

SiGN's last quarter (30-09-2022) result was not considered good

But after completion of the acquisition of 75% Corten at Singapore, the profit would be much better, so also will be the price of SiGN.

There will be announcement of bonus entitlement and ex date any moment.

(Just my opinion. Not a buy or sell call)


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Posted by Reformasi > 2022-11-24 20:58 | Report Abuse

Limit up soon hopefully


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Posted by Choongling > 2022-12-28 14:02 | Report Abuse

Limit down already.


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Posted by $$ BUYSELL $$ > 2023-03-08 20:18 | Report Abuse

any investment at top hill are big risk..

Posted by PeterLeongJunYew65 > 2023-04-27 11:24 | Report Abuse

Nobody wants sell lower so can rebound and no one wants to buy at higher price. Dead counter

Posted by GushikenNaoshi65 > 2023-04-27 15:30 | Report Abuse

Time to pump then Dump

Posted by CosmosAtom > 2023-10-25 10:54 | Report Abuse

This stock appears to offer a compelling entry point rn. With a stable track record and a strong balance sheet, the company has seen earnings grow by a remarkable 106.2% over the past year. Furthermore, in a high inflationary environment, SIGN will benefit from increased sales, potentially driving its financial performance higher (in this financial year). The current share price seems undervalued, making it an attractive opportunity for investors looking for a solid stock with growth potential. Keep an eye on this stock as it could be poised for a positive run in the coming months. 😉

Posted by Evertraveler > 2023-10-25 11:37 | Report Abuse

Go to their shop no customer one. Price is high. The shop near my house already caplap.

Posted by CosmosAtom > 2023-10-25 12:01 | Report Abuse

It's important to consider the broader perspective when evaluating a company's potential. While it may appear that business is currently quiet, we should take note of their expansion plans. They're not solely reliant on the local market, as they are actively involved in export business. Additionally, the imminent opening of four new showrooms in prime locations like PJ, Ampang, Desa Parkcity, and Shah Alam indicates their commitment to growth and market presence. This strategic move suggests that the company is gearing up for increased visibility and customer engagement, which could, in turn, lead to improved business performance. It's always wise to assess a company's long-term strategy and growth prospects before making a judgment based on short-term observations.

Posted by CosmosAtom > 2023-11-29 05:52 | Report Abuse

An undervalued gem in the market. As of the latest financial data ending on September 30, 2023, the company has reported impressive figures, with a revenue of RM183.9 million and a profit before tax standing at RM22.2 million for the current year quarter, represent 12.08% Net profit margin after tax given the high inflationary environment.

Consider the Q3 is typically the weakest, the net assets per share attributable to ordinary equity holders for this financial year currently stand at RM 0.87, a figure that, when compared to the current market price, reveals substantial value for shareholders.

Anything below this price point could potentially trigger an acquisition frenzy, with interested players or competitors vying to buy out shares/company.

Posted by CosmosAtom > 2024-01-18 11:30 | Report Abuse

The price correction is nearly over - Chin Hin Group (5273) is acquiring a big piece of land in Melaka for a major residential project presents a promising opportunity for SIGN. As a key player in kitchen and wardrobe solutions, and now partly owned by Chin Hin, Signature is well-positioned to be the primary supplier for this new development.

This partnership could significantly boost SIGN's revenue in the current and upcoming financials report, given the project's estimated gross development value of RM1.01 billion. Investors should consider this development as a potential catalyst for an increase in Sign's share price.


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Posted by curiousq > 3 weeks ago | Report Abuse

Yes, Chin Hin offers to buy the share @0.84 from shareholders


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Posted by acewin > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

but current price 0.955, who want to accept the offer @0.84?

Posted by wallstreetrookieNEW > 2 days ago | Report Abuse

Furniture-related Stocks of 2024 (Top Picks)
1. Synergy House Berhad
2. Signature // Chin Hin
3. Sernkou Berhad


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Posted by paktua73 > 5 hours ago | Report Abuse

synergy from rm0.38 now rm1.20 above..
sign also will reach rm1.20

tut tut
let ride more

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