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Posted by silentWolf > 2023-05-28 15:30 | Report Abuse

RHB TP277, dun greedy..TP 200, still handsome profit..


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Posted by freddiehero > 2023-05-28 23:01 | Report Abuse

lau sai ka?


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Posted by CharlesT > 2023-05-31 09:22 | Report Abuse

Seems Rm1.00 is the support...hope the worst is over


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Posted by dompeilee > 2023-05-31 09:22 | Report Abuse

Speculatively bought some Texchem


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Posted by julian1981 > 2023-05-31 10:21 | Report Abuse

OMG..down again.

Posted by silentWolf > 2023-05-31 11:13 | Report Abuse

Got movement is good..


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Posted by SWT1988 > 2023-05-31 12:40 | Report Abuse

Final push down before rebound same like MYEG? Gamble.


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Posted by SWT1988 > 2023-05-31 12:42 | Report Abuse

hopefully can get below 0.95

Posted by GrowthCapitalist > 2023-06-13 11:24 | Report Abuse

can someone explain to me why texchem got beat up so badly? I thought its a food chain company right?


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Posted by troy88 > 2023-06-13 16:48 | Report Abuse

this dead sushi still got life?


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Posted by firehawk > 2023-06-14 21:31 | Report Abuse

Current quarter compared with previous corresponding quarter
In Q1 2023, the Group achieved a lower revenue of RM268.5 million (Q1 2022: RM307.5 million). The Group generated a lower pre-tax profit of RM2.9 million (Q1 2022: RM18.9 million) due to the various factors :
(i) Industrial Division
Achieved a lower revenue of RM116.2 million (Q1 2022: RM134.0 million) in Q1 2023, achieved a lower pre-tax profit of RM1.2 million (Q1 2022: RM4.3 million) in Q1 2023 mainly due to weak market demand in electrical & electronic, latex glove and textile sectors.
(ii) Polymer Engineering Division
Achieved a lower revenue of RM45.0 million (Q1 2022: RM66.8 million) in Q1 2023, recorded a pre-tax loss of RM0.7 million (Q1 2022: pre-tax profit of RM4.3 million) in Q1 2023 mainly due to sluggish global market demand in the hard disk drive and semiconductor sectors.
(iii) Food Division
Recorded a lower revenue of RM56.1 million (Q1 2022: RM63.1 million) in Q1 2023, recorded a lower pre-tax profit of RM4.5 million (Q1 2022: RM7.0 million) in Q1 2023 mainly due to weaker consumer demand and higher operating costs.
(iv) Restaurant Division
Recorded a revenue of RM66.3 million (Q1 2022: RM66.2 million) in Q1 2023, recorded a
lower pre-tax profit of RM0.6 million (Q1 2022: RM4.5 million) in Q1 2023 mainly due to higher labour costs and higher interest expense.
(v) Venture Business Division
Achieved a lower revenue of RM1.4 million (Q1 2022: RM2.1 million) and a pre-tax loss of RM0.90 million (Q1 2022: RM0.54 million) in Q1 2023 mainly due to weaker market demand for conductive sheet business.


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Posted by firehawk > 2023-06-14 21:35 | Report Abuse

All divisions recorded lower revenues and profits, Indusrial division occupied highest revenue RM116.2 million (earned 2.9 million). Food division earned highest profit RM4.5 million but lower than last year RM7.0 million.


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Posted by SWT1988 > 2023-06-15 09:35 | Report Abuse

luckily l have sold 1.18 yesterday. Look like final wayang this morning before slump below 1.00 again?


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Posted by SWT1988 > 2023-06-15 09:37 | Report Abuse

will wait below 1.00 before buy again.


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Posted by dompeilee > 2023-06-19 07:19 | Report Abuse

Ppl who didn't announce that they bought b4 hand cannot be believed...this country is not famous for honesty & integrity unfortunately.


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Posted by dompeilee > 2023-07-06 17:07 | Report Abuse

1.24 =)


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Posted by Medusa > 2023-07-08 12:46 | Report Abuse

Luckily collect

Now waiting earn 200%

Follow medusa profit coming


Posted by silentWolf > 2023-07-25 13:54 | Report Abuse

bot today @112

Posted by silentWolf > 2023-07-25 13:54 | Report Abuse

anybody know when the result will be out?

Posted by GeneTakavic > 2023-07-28 09:46 | Report Abuse

Q2 -6.6m ,not bad


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Posted by teknikal > 2023-07-28 10:38 | Report Abuse

Still in downtrend mode. Last week tried to make Golden Cross but looks like it will be a failed one after the surprise loss in Q2.


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Posted by SWT1988 > 2023-08-09 19:51 | Report Abuse

Still waiting below 1.00 b4 deciding


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Posted by firehawk > 2023-08-23 22:40 | Report Abuse

The release of chilled water to the sea from nuclear plant at Fukushima, would stricken all the seafood linked business including sushi.


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Posted by 8u29song > 2023-08-24 09:11 | Report Abuse

so many choices......why japany food !!!!!


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Posted by 8u29song > 2023-08-24 09:16 | Report Abuse

mati tak apa...belanja perubatan jahanamkan satu isi keluarga....jilaka punya japs


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Posted by SWT1988 > 2023-08-25 14:11 | Report Abuse

Penny stock soon? not surprise if below 0.90


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Posted by Albukhary > 2023-08-25 14:13 | Report Abuse

Not penny stock soon, but is back to what it used to be.
Texchem used to at 50-60sen level


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Posted by starhock > 2023-08-25 16:09 | Report Abuse

stay aside first, don"t know what is the impact jap pouring the radioactive water into the ocean!


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Posted by neonstrife > 2023-08-25 23:50 | Report Abuse

Penny stock ? Maybe pn17. I guess those who is having common sense and brain will stop eating sushi. Fukushima wastewater and radioactive will really harm human health.

Posted by PureInvest > 2023-08-26 12:22 | Report Abuse

Diners to go on enjoying their sushi, but ‘hold the sashimi’
Publish date: Fri, 25 Aug 2023, 09:23 AM

PETALING JAYA: For some sushi fans, it’s still a case of “let’s dig in!”

“I will still go to Japanese restaurants whenever I get the cravings,” said engineer Albert Tey, 36.

He is not put off by the news that Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant began releasing treated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean yesterday.

This has led to China banning seafood from Japan with immediate effect.

But Tey, who loves sushi, said he would be at ease indulging in omakase, a chef’s choice menu, saying that he had faith in the stringent requirements on freshness and safety.

Others, like copywriter Lai May Choon, have a more pragmatic view.

Lai, 38, plans to continue enjoying sushi as most of the salmon available in the Malaysian market is farm-raised rather than caught in the wild.

“Since farmed fish is taken care of in a more controlled environment, we need not be overly worried,” she said.

She also voiced confidence in Japan’s reputation for precision and discipline, saying that she believes the wastewater release would be closely monitored.

Property agent Stella Lau, 40, however, admitted that she would avoid consuming sashimi, at least temporarily.

But she has confidence in the safety of other sushi ingredients.

“Japanese restaurants offer a variety of choices. So I will opt for other types of seafood instead of air-flown seafood from Japan,” she added.

Kampachi Restaurants Sdn Bhd deputy general manager G. Balam said their outlets import products from Japan twice a week.

“Our products mainly come from the Kansai and Tokyo regions,” he said.

He explained that they had adopted a proactive approach by avoiding products from Fukushima and its surrounding areas.

“This practice has been in place for many years, since the earthquake in 2011 in Japan,” he said.

Kampachi has posted an advisory on its website to address concerns over the release of tainted water into the sea off the coast of Fukushima.

It said that its “suppliers have been strictly instructed not to source any seafood from that area”.

Sushi King Sdn Bhd’s head of marketing, Gan Phaik Hoon, said the restaurant chain was aware of the concerns about food safety.

“However, our seafood is not imported from Japan. Our fish, mainly salmon and saba, are sourced from Norway. Other seafood, like prawns, comes from Vietnam,” said Gan.

On its website, Sushi King also announced that its salmon and saba (mackerel) are from Norway.

Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur Hoi Seong Fish Wholesale Association chairman Sing Kian Hock said most fresh seafood in the local market originates from countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and India, with no imports from Japan.“Some high-priced seafood items, like Hokkaido scallops and spider crabs, are imported only occasionally for specific needs and are not part of the regular supply.

“Salmon mainly originates from Norway,” he added.


Posted by WinBigOrLoseAll > 2023-08-28 10:30 | Report Abuse

no doubt this stock now going downhill, the market is bad plus continuous loss making QRs.
but the company itself is ok, the mgmt is good, and the biz also got potential.
might need to wait for years and hope the company can return to profit again to see the share price go back to the RM2 level again


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Posted by Cheers > 2023-08-29 09:09 | Report Abuse

Expensive and not nice

Posted by Isaac Moo Yong > 2023-08-29 10:51 | Report Abuse

Albukhary is back. We need you texchem input


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Posted by teknikal > 2023-09-14 16:01 | Report Abuse

Remains in downtrend with price below MA20, MA50 and MA200.

Posted by Lee Ying Yee > 2023-09-26 21:13 | Report Abuse

87c buy n hold ???

Posted by Lee Ying Yee > 2023-10-03 21:40 | Report Abuse

company buyback $1.3 above , i buy 85c > will make investment mistakes ???

Posted by Lee Ying Yee > 2023-10-05 08:43 | Report Abuse

ya wait 65c again ???


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Posted by teknikal > 2023-10-05 10:48 | Report Abuse

Still downtrend but oversold

Posted by Lee Ying Yee > 2023-10-06 09:00 | Report Abuse

wait second time drop at 55c to 65c ???

Posted by Lee Ying Yee > 2023-10-13 11:52 | Report Abuse

wait 55c


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Posted by teknikal > 2023-10-27 08:57 | Report Abuse

Price still in downtrend

Michael Kwok

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Posted by Michael Kwok > 2023-10-28 11:40 | Report Abuse

Price 84 cents
Buy on weaknesses(let see 30-31 october first,dun rush)
Tp 95-1.05
Support 79.5 cents.
28/10/23 11.40am
Texchem Resources - Bottoming Out; Keep BUY
Price Target: 1.50
Price Call: BUY
Last Price: 0.84
Upside/Downside: +0.66 (78.57%)
If prepare to follow bank 4-6 month wait time(If no more big downward anymore)
If on lee ying yee forecast true 6-9 months time waiting period.
28/10/23 11.40am
**Please join me either paid or free as my follower.
***Paid tell u more of the right time.press on my name and find in pg 1-3(if wanted paid version).Im in Facebook.

Posted by Cookieyirl > 2023-11-02 12:20 | Report Abuse

Look same like hapseng always down , just bought in 835 .
Let’s see can rebound or not

Posted by Cookieyirl > 2023-11-03 10:58 | Report Abuse

Today can touch rm1?

Posted by Cookieyirl > 2023-11-03 15:21 | Report Abuse

Jumbo fly to sky


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Posted by teknikal > 2023-11-06 09:26 | Report Abuse

Short term trend turned positive resistance at 1.04

Long term trend still bearish though

Posted by GrowthCapitalist > 2023-11-19 02:37 | Report Abuse

The problem with this guy is that the market cap is 121.317m. Very hard to comprehend that it will get bullish again.


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Posted by tomanhead > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

??? 😳


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Posted by hw0706 > 2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

Below 0.60 first


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Posted by xiaoeh > 2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

when will be the next goreng time?

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