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My current portfolio is with the below: AEONCR BKAWAN F&N HLBANK HLFG LPI MBMR PBBANK PBBANK-O1 PPB

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if yu think after election stock market will down than sell all.anyway any election outcome will be bad news.

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Ditch all GLC counters. Its better we stand on the fence this GE..


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Put you money in 1 month FDs

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I only hold 30% in KLSE now. Oth hv shifted to ASX as their foreign investor..hehe

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Have no fear. Any post election downturn will be temporary. Market will rise if the BN wins with a comfortable simple majority. Otherwise market will be depressed for a little longer if there is a hung parliament or the PR wins the government. Most economists are agreed that the PR will not be able to fulfil its promises and will have to continue with BN economic policies albeit with some modifications. There will be a period of economic uncertainly, horse trading and realignment of business alliances, boardroom changes, new appointments of top officials in key government financial institutions such as Bursa, Bank Negara, etc. But a PR government is unlikely to upset the applecart too much and will be bent on winning local and foreign investors' confidence by keeping things relatively unchanged. The only fear is that there may be an attempt by PAS and PKR to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state, leaving the DAP in the cold and and rending it impotent. The Islamic state may come into being with Umno throwing its weight behind PAS and PKR all in the name of Muslim solidarity. It will have no choice. To do otherwise will make it an "infidel" in the eyes of Muslims and alienate it from the Malays.

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