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How can one forget the failed MCO2 and MCO3! PM Sabri was in charge of the SOPs! And boy, how can we forget such cruel SOPs where those in power do not follow such SOPs! The double standard was glaring! PM Sabri too broken his own SOPs many times over!
And so far, PM Sabri has not achieve any good achievement to be proud of! Instead he is too fond of his son in law many ideas like Batik Day, SIRIM face mask and even rescued his son in law during the unforgettable big flood in Selangor!
The reason why BN Umno has won both Melaka and Johor by election is because of the great affections towards Bosku and Hasni! Combine with political strategies by Tok Mat!
It's clear PM Sabri wants to end political career of Zahid, Najib and Tok Mat! So that he can move into president position before GE15!
Problem is without Najib and Tok Mat, the influence of BN Umno also demised! Umno BN can win GE15 if Tok Mat leads the team even if Zahid and Najib get themselves in jail! But for all 3 absent from GE15, we may see hesitance from rakyat to vote for PM Sabri as poster boy!
In eyes of rakyat, PM Sabri is just interim PM! But rakyat do not want PM Sabri to be PM10! We need a competent PM not someone who has record of imcompentence and double standard!


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Rakyat may suffer acute political apathy at the moment! But i doubt rakyat also want to see PM Sabri for the next 5 years after GE15!


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As long as its not PH and PN im happy. Hate those two so much.


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Relative Ismail better option comparing to Zahid or Najib loh!

But best is let Anwar be the PM....he will be performing like President Jokowi with flying colors mah!


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Sabri is PM9 taking over PM8 (Muhyiddin, if he wins reelection, he will still be PM9, not PM10

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