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Look! PM Sabri cannot unilaterally go to Agong and ask for parliment to be dissolved! PM Sabri must first get consent from his cabinet and all the supporting lawmakers!
And Agong will have to do another round of interview to all 222 lawmakers if PM Sabri resign!
Which is why Sheraton 2.0 will happen if such happens!
Anyway, at the moment, nobody has the trump card to be PM! Be it Anwar, Mohiden or from Umno camp! Forget Sabri! Forget Mahathir!
As such, Agong may be forced to allow PM Sabri continue as ad hoc PM until the term has ended!
However, everything is very fluid in Malaysia politics nowadays!


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anybody cares?


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Nobody gives a F**K!
It's going to be the same stoopid, arrogant, racist politicians!
PKR racist cover is slowly uncovered with their recent hiccups.


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I feel like even after GE15, Malaysia politics will still continue to be unstable.
It's really like Malaysia version of Three Kingdom (Blue Cao Cao, Green Liu Bei, Red Sun Quan)


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Yeah! Malaysia politics will forever be unstable for sure! If majority malays wake up to reality that Umno was is responsible for diluting the genune malays, i think Umno will close shop!
I mean, there's only like 3 millions genuine malays and probably all of they are Umno members and yet 12 millions or more of hybrid and fake malays enjoying their rights!
Going forward, i doubt we will see the same Malaysia that can progress any furhter!


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Really so fast?


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Rotten apples will eat away all goodies the bumiputras can enjoy until one day no more apple to rot, then the doomsday …

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