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I am here in Genting! Today seems less crowded! Yesterday was full house! So if you want to come here, better do it during weekdays! Don't come during weekends or public holidays!
Anyway, Chairman Xi at it again! Continue to defend his zero Covid policy! Throw herd immunity as nonsense!
So yeah, in Malaysia, we do see spike in cases! What to do! We need to live with it! We already taken our vaccines! What else can we do! We also have anti viral for those with severe symptoms!
Eventually, we should hit peak infections before it decline, as usually! As our body grow stronger, we become immune to Covid!
But for Chairman Xi, he does not believe this science logic! Or maybe China vaccines are useless in the first place!
Anyway, China economy will collapse if Chairman Xi is adamant to defend his very unpractical zero Covid policy!


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We don't know yet if Shanghai will go into lockdown again! But if it does, then sayonara to China!


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A lots of pro-China people here in Malaysia. Beware!


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A lots of pro-efficiency over pro-humanity people here. Believe US create warfare around the world to sell weapons. If this is true, please tell US to come to Malaysia. These people censor the 1st half of the story to demonise the US. CCP and Putin will be the biggest winners if democracy is defeated.


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Democracy cannot be defeated. We will still continue to suffer.


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Democracy your ass... Do you really know trump? Or who the republican will push for president? How you vote when you don't know the dude well.


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