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If you haven't heard, Daim Mahathir wided their scope of lawmakers to bribe to bring down unity government!
Promising Hadi as PM in waiting is one thing! But on Bersatu side, Mohiden is furious with such plan as he is sideline and his most trusted No.2 is now doing dealings with Daim Mahathir behind his back!
And whisper has it, GPS is talking to Daim Mahathir as well! I say GPS is making a huge blunder! If they agree to Daim Mahathir plot, it's as good as destroying their trust with Sarawak voters! Working with Pas is a huge nono! In fact at current government, sarawakians are very happy with it! So why destroy sarawakians trust at this point!
Things are not good within PKR itself! There are few spoilers who are willing to take the bribe!
All i can say is, don't! Daim Mahathir plot will destroy not only this nation but those lawmakers reputatation as well!
Just because you are offer 50 to 100 millions, you willing to sell you soul to the living devil!
Beside, this two buggers probably have few more months to live!
All i can say is, stick with unity government even if you don't like it! Give current unity government full term! Daim Mahathir are relics who are on borrowed time! I mean what happen if this two buggers suddenly die standing!

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I believe PM Anwar has given Zahid Hamidi too much bargaining power! As for Umno remaining lawmakers, most probably they are desperate for the money offered by Daim Mahathir!
Same with Berastu lawmakers who are quietly dealing behind Mohiden's back! Or those few spoilers in PKR who willingly selling their soul to Daim Mahathir!
In short, the plotters are obviously Daim Mahathir! Mohiden has no financial means to do any plotting! Maybe he can only offer one million which is peanut and laughable!
PM Anwar recent speech in Permatang Pauh shows that Daim Mahathir are very much determine to bring PM Anwar down! Money is non issue! They are willing to spend bilions! Perhaps, 50 million today, tomorrow up 20 milion each!
So you see how sickening this two old buggers are!


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I think PM Anwar is too soft in handling Mahathir and Hadi's racial issues. 'Sosma should apply.


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I am sure GPS wouldn't agree as besides Malay, Dayak has garnered quite numbers of seats in Sarawak eventhough they are in PBB and main core disagreement is with Pas on the religious issues.

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Henry! I think you have good insight on this! Like you said, Mahathir is an opportunist! Mahathir knew Pas has good chance come GE16, he wants to ride on green wave now! So i won't be surprise to see Mahathir becoming PM again post GE16!


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just bring the expert mahahtir and kick all the clowns in the cabinet now. most of them don't seem to know what they are doing in the government. look how fast our economy will grow

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TCH! Hihihaha! Yeah, we need those fake holymen to be ministers!

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TCH! Hihihaha! Yeah, we need those fake holymen to be ministers!


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Hopefully we have GE 16 this year ... lets pray for that ..


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Well said, those bugger 2 old man, if pakat with them, anytimes if they gone with their maker one day and soon, those turn their head will never got their money, don't think that 2 bugger old man's sons or daughter will pay them lo, what a lost, not worth


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dream on like the old n useless langkawi man ..... no threat only tobby pooh think it is...

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