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So Fed solution to massive inflation in US is to hike interest rate! Initially one can blame Ukraine war for disrupting global supply chain! Or the high oil price contributing to higher cost!
But Ukraine war has been going on for almost 2 years now! The world had already adjusted to absent of Ukraine wheat supply! Beside, there are actually plenty of alternative for feed stock!
And then the oil price! Oil price actually hover at reasonable level now! Even Airasia is making money despite fuel usage is half of the operation cost! Heck, even Mas is making money!
It only occurs to me recently that the real reason for global inflation is US dollar! Do you know Biden administraton printed 60% of dollar supply compare to previous US presidents! Yeah, that's right, the senile Biden actually the real person who spike global inflation worldwide and nobody is pointing their fingers at him!

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US dollar is nothing more than a scam money nowadays! As fake as bitcoin! If we can trade without US dollar, inflation actually none existent!

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I mean, just like food in Malaysia! If we can source local alternative for feedstock, price of pork, beef and chicken will be the cheapest in the world! Do you know that!

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In fact we have free stock of pork meat! Yeah, peninsula has abundant source of wild boar!
You can even feed kampong chicken with food leftovers and sell at fat profit!
We also have plenty of grassing for cows! I mean, with so much overgrown grass, you just release cows and goats to take care of them!

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It's now quite obvious how damaging US dollar has been! Or to be exact, how damaging Biden administration has been to the entire world!


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Yeah... Ukraine war is a preventable war . No biden no Ukraine war

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