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Issue 1: Stop the lies and excuses. The journey from universal subsidies to targeted subsidies, and eventually to no subsidies at all, reflects a troubling trajectory shaped by the government's inability to stem the tide of illegal smuggling facilitated by profit-driven syndicates with ties to untouchable VVIPs and enforcement agencies.

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Issue no.2: Reform to create a new msia from today

Creating a dynamic, progressive, pluralistic Malaysia with a hopeful future involves:

1. **Education Reform**: Revamp the education system to focus on critical thinking, creativity, and inclusivity. Promote diversity by teaching multiple perspectives on history, culture, and religion. Ensure equal access to quality education for all, regardless of background.

2. **Legal and Judicial Reform**: Strengthen the rule of law, enhance transparency, and combat corruption effectively. Ensure fair and swift justice for all citizens, regardless of their social or political status. Implement reforms to protect human rights and uphold civil liberties.

3. **Economic Reform**: Promote inclusive economic policies that reduce income inequality and provide opportunities for all segments of society. Encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development. Address issues such as affordable housing, healthcare access, and job creation.

4. **Social Harmony and Integration**: Foster a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation among diverse communities. Promote interfaith dialogue, cultural exchange, and tolerance. Implement policies that protect minority rights and combat discrimination in all forms.

5. **Environmental Sustainability**: Prioritize environmental conservation, sustainable practices, and climate change mitigation. Invest in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and conservation efforts. Educate the public on environmental stewardship and the importance of preserving natural resources for future generations.

These reforms, if implemented effectively, can contribute significantly to building a new Malaysia with a future for all its citizens.

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