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How good is it?
What can this new guy do with SEM?
What sort of corporate exercises would he bring along to add value to SEM?

2023-01-04 14:53


Update on Making sense of Vincent Tan’s moves in BJCorp/BJLand/7Eleven.

The possibility of Berjaya Corporation Bhd acquiring a financial services company had sent the stock in a frenzy and was one of the top active counters on Bursa Malaysia on Dec 28 adding as much as 1.5 sen to an intraday high of 31 sen. Profit taking has been well absorbed and probably anticipated as some investors were skeptical on the potential deal.

According to news report, Berjaya Corp founder and major shareholder Vincent Tan Chee Yioun intends to pare his stake in the company to 19.6% from 26% in order to comply with Section 92 of the FSA.

Apparently, Tan has been making several share disposals to reduce his stake in Berjaya Corp. He sold 400 million shares via direct business transaction on Dec 22. He owns a 12.95% direct interest and a 13.29% indirect interest after the share sales.

Interestingly, Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd's founder and managing director Tan Sri Lim Kuang Sia emerged as a substantial shareholder of Berjaya Corp after acquiring 400 million shares or a 7.16% stake in the company. Is Lim holding the shares on Tan’s behalf or is Lim looking to diversify its investments to be part of this conglomerate looking to restructure itself into a financial services provider?

On Jan 6, Vincent Tan Chee Yioun divested another 40 million shares or 0.7% stake in the group to his son-in-law SM Faliq SM Nasimuddin for RM10 million or 25 sen per share. SM Faliq, who is deputy group executive chairman of Naza Group, is married to Vincent Tan’s daughter Chryseis Tan Sheik Ling.

Bursa filings show that Chryseis Tan, who is also BCorp’s and BJLand's non-executive director, acquired the shares in two tranches (34.52 million shares and 5.48 million shares) through her spouse. Subsequent to the divestment, Vincent Tan is left with 12.25% direct interest and 13.29% indirect stake in BCorp. In order to meet S92 FSA requirements, Tan needs to sell another 2.25% direct interest or 129 million shares in BJcorp. The FSA does not allow any individual to own more than 10% stake in a financial institution.

The divestment seems to be part of a bid for the billionaire to pare down his shareholding in BCorp, and pave the way for the group’s potential acquisition of a financial institution. Shares of BCorp closed half a sen or 1.7% higher at 30.5 sen while BJLand closed at 26.5 sen on Friday (Jan 6).

Berjaya Corp current activities includes stockbroking, asset & land management and lottery operations under Berjaya Land. Berjaya Corp is also involved in provision of insurance via its 30% stake in Berjaya Sompo Insurance Bhd. Sompo Holdings (Asia) Pte Ltd owns the remaining 70% stake. In addition, it wholly owns a stockbroking arm — Inter-Pacific Securities Sdn Bhd.

For sure, Tan’s cashing out his 440 million shares in Berjaya Corp would help make up the loss of steady income from its 10-year warrants, which have expired. With the cash from the share sale, Tan can buy more shares in Berjaya Land. Infact, disclosures to Bursa indicated Tan has been acquiring BJLand shares almost on a daily basis through Berjaya Retail Berhad which is controlled by Tan and operates the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores in Malaysia and markets consumer durable products under the Singer Group. It is also of interest Tan has been agressively acquiring 7Eleven shares recently together with BJLand, which now is a substantial shareholder with more than 5% shares in 7Eleven.

Why Berjaya Land?

If Berjaya Corp becomes a financial services provider, it can’t hold a banking license and at the same time, a gaming licence under its major subsidiary, Berjaya Land. As such, Berjaya Corp may have to hive off Berjaya Land's 40% interest in Berjaya Toto to another entity probably under Tan’s control. Investors are probably better off putting their money in Berjaya Land for better upside compared with Berjaya Corp. Currently BJLand is trading at 26.5 sen a discount of 13% to BJcorp closing price of 30.5 sen on Jan 6.

There are plenty more speculations on Tan’s next moves and investors would likely place their bets on the tycoon once the deal has been firmed up and viewed as a beneficial move. Latest moves by Tan includes appointing Farhash Wafa Salvador, Anwar's former Political Secretary and Loyalist as Chairman of 7Eleven, replacing Vincent Tan's son, Robin Tan Yeong Ching who is the current Chairman of STM Lottery (Formerly BToto).

2023-01-07 13:50


Good analysis by Bettyem.

VT has got over RM120 million cash from disposing of 440 million shares in BCorp, there is still plenty of room for him and BJLand to increase stakes in SEM.

2023-01-07 17:10


the only way to beat Vincent Tan is to buy this stock on weakness. Never chase on Friday.

2023-01-09 22:05


I've learnt the hard way trading Berjaya Corp in 2020 - 2021. This flying fox will dispose on retail investors whenever he can. Buy on red, sell into strength on T+1.

2023-01-09 22:06


-20% correction = Buy
50% pump = Take profits

2023-01-09 22:06


Forget about fundamentals when trading Vincent Tan companies. Only technicals matter. You will lose money if Vincent Tan has bad mood and wants to sell. I am not kidding

2023-01-09 22:07


touch RM2.00 first target. Next RM2.40

2023-01-18 20:42


VT the crooked business man pumping again?

2023-01-20 09:29


Whether it is VT pumping it up again and then dumping it later, or whether it is the case of more smart money buying up SEM due to its strong growth prospects and deep value in the pharmacy chains, it doesn't really matter.

The fact is that the share price has gone up by 30% since I made a call again to buy at around RM1.60-1.65 one month ago.

My advice is that do not let past experience or your emotion control you, but try to make objective judgement. Why did he let SEM do the company buyback to the max 10%? and then let the share price to drop back to RM1.60 again?

Bcoz he wanted to accumulate more shares below RM2.00 with his own acct and BJLand. Why he continues buying up to RM2.07 now? He definitely sees huge upsides ahead simply he is the major shareholders and he knows well before anyone else how the company was doing for the Dec 2022 quarter, and how the negotiation for disposal of Caring Pharmacy is going.
Whether he will dump the shares later is anybody's guess. To me, I see no reason for him to dump the share price again if he manages to accumulate enough.

Don't fight the trend and don't fight with your own money.

2023-01-24 16:44


OMG! SEM up 2sen
means investors are ok with microwave being clean by floor mop
guess it is common practice to clean with floor mop

2023-01-25 09:01


investors maybe OK with cleaning microwave with mop
but speakup will avoid all 7-11 stores

2023-01-25 11:22


Wow, I will not patronising SEM lagi. Yucks.

2023-01-25 12:19


Accumulation in progress

Huat chaiii

2023-01-26 12:23


passed by my normal 7-11, look like nobody

2023-01-26 13:47


think 7-11 really suffering from the mop issue, nampak macam few ppl go 7-11 now

2023-01-30 14:47


Back from holiday. Hello guys

2023-01-30 15:08


Ever since mop incident, speakup no more patronize 7-11 anymore

2023-02-11 22:35


The Mop of the Year Award. Haha

2023-02-12 05:15


actually mop issue is big issue because many ppl dont go 7-11 anymore
because media didn't play up news like MyEG, SEM didn't drop
but for sure SEM profits will affected because less ppl go 7-11 now

2023-02-12 14:55


Don’t do this to your mop. Safety first.

2023-02-12 14:57


Vincent Tan will never let his company to be taken control by a Taiwanese Company

2023-02-15 10:16


speakup havent visited a 7-11 ever since the mop incident. same for my friends

2023-02-16 07:33

dont underestimate the Floor Mop incident. Banyak dah boycot 7-11

2023-03-01 07:42


wow 2.04

2023-03-13 15:14


Lesser ppl go 7-11 nowadays

2023-03-30 20:18

James Yeo

7-Eleven Malaysia (7E) recorded a high return on equity of 61.0%, with a market capitalization of RM2.2 billion.

2023-06-06 14:19


Whenever I think 7-11, the first thing comes into mind is 7-11 use Floor Mop to clean the Microwave and other things 😡

2023-06-29 10:59


Huat ah...

2023-07-21 15:45


The news reinforced my earlier view that SEM was grossly undervalued.

2023-07-21 17:10


No it isn't

2023-07-21 18:59


PE 47x
NTA only 14¢

2023-07-21 19:00


7-11 is trading as if it is a tech stock, which it isn't!

2023-07-21 19:01


Microsoft PE is 36x
7-11 is 47x
is 7-11 malaysia operations worth more than Microsoft global operations?

2023-07-22 11:56


Red red red

2023-07-24 15:49


Kan speakup dah kata, this 7-11 is filthy overvalued. Fair value 50¢. Not more than that

2023-07-24 18:22


Price Target

7-Eleven Malaysia - Disposing of Caring Pharmacy
Source : KENANGA, Price Call : BUY, Price Target : 2.59

2023-07-26 16:07


Looks fishy af

2023-07-26 16:07


why fishy? support support !

2023-08-02 15:25


US 30 35,480.3 -150.4 -0.42%
US 500 4,550.8 -25.9 -0.57%

2023-08-02 15:26


gila ke this SEM? PE 40x!
Apple PE 32x, Alphabet PE 27x, Microsoft PE 33x
Is SEM a super high growth tech stock like Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft?

SUPER OVERVALUED! Funds must short this SEM kaw kaw!

2023-08-06 18:27


the 7-11 operator in Japan is only trading at PE 18x!

SEM at PE 40x is super overvalued!

2023-08-06 19:05


@speakup byk retailer skrg suka tengoh jenama saja x tengoh harga haha, asal boleh beli 7-11, peduli dia apa tu PE apa tu NTA lol

2023-09-01 12:05


Support Israel still up? Abah or Dr Sam better become PM 11 next.

2023-12-08 23:15

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