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Slowly distributing and than say good bye! Ha....

2019-08-20 08:05


another set of good results! steady..

2019-08-22 19:03


Indeed.. I will just keep Elk as a mini blue chip.

2019-08-22 20:27


better than many blue chips in the market

2019-08-23 09:03


distributing again! fooling everybody.

2019-08-23 09:31


the hire purchase receivables grow 7.67% this quarter. compare to previous year average quarterly grow rate at 5.32%. expect will have better performance next quarter.

2019-08-23 10:37


wait for 3 more months and continuous distributing...will u hold. ha....

2019-08-23 11:08


i din sell since the day i bought.

2019-08-23 11:28


we got a investor here.

2019-08-23 13:40



so will keep until u die?

2019-09-10 15:22


my way of investment is as long as company still good, and there is no other better investment, there is no reason to sell. unless need $ urgently la.

2019-09-11 09:31


Wait for a year or two and we will all know.

2019-09-18 13:22


Good to see Elk going slow but steady...

2019-10-30 13:11


just patiently waiting for quarter report

2019-11-05 09:46


Double digit growth guaranteed by director.. Let's see

2019-11-18 10:50


yet another set of steady results! good work

2019-11-19 18:45


results is good and steady grow. but dividend is lower than expected. did not meet 60% of the net profit. 3.5sen / 6.25sen (diluted eps) = 56%. next dividend pay out expect to be more

2019-11-19 20:10


Meng:EPS mana ada 6.5 cent? 3.24 only, but give 3.5 div

2019-11-20 12:10


first half year. June and Sept report

2019-11-20 13:55


Hope shareholders are rewarded faithfully

2019-11-20 20:35


ELK-Desa Resources Bhd net profit for the second quarter ended Sept 30, 2019 rose 11.6% to RM9.62 million from RM8.62 million a year earlier, due to the improved performance in its hire purchase portfolio for the quarter under review.

In a filing to the stock exchange Nov 19, the firm said revenue for the quarter rose to RM36.62 million from RM30.99 million previously.

Earnings per share was 3.24 sen versus 2.94 sen earlier.

ELK-Desa declared an interim dividend of 3.50 sen per share for the financial year ending March 31, 2020 to be paid on Jan 15, 2020.

2019-11-21 15:02


The hire purchase receivables increase 77m in first half financial year 2020 (Jun 2019 & Sept 2019), compare to last financial year, whole year hire purchase receivables increase 89m, this year the grow rate is consider super fast. with this rate, i guess this financial year net profit will be very close to 40m, and dividend should be around 7.5 ~ 8sen whole year.

2019-11-23 14:47


Why PH allow monopoly? Their manifestos again lying?

2019-11-25 09:42


ELK-Desa 3rd Quarter Profit Before Tax Jumps by 32%

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 February 2020 – ELK-Desa Resources Berhad (Stock Code: 5228/Sector:
Finance), a non-bank lender focused in the used-car segment, today announced its financial results for the third quarter ended 31 December 2019.

During the quarter under review, the Group registered a 32% increase in profit before tax to RM13.25 million compared to RM10.08 million in the corresponding quarter a year ago. The Group’s improved performance came on the back of higher revenue of RM38.65 million compared to RM31.11 million registered in the same period a year ago.

The increase in both revenue and profit before tax were primarily due to higher contribution from the Group’s Hire Purchase Division during the quarter under review.

As at 31 December 2019, hire purchase receivables was recorded at RM601.70 million, translating into an increase of 32% compared to RM456.06 million last year. Correlating to the increase in hire purchase receivables, the Group’s borrowings and debt securities was 185%
higher at RM287.63 million compared to RM100.90 million a year ago.

The increase in borrowings and debt securities was mainly due to higher drawdown of block discounting facility and the Medium-Term Notes that were issued during the current financial period to finance the increase of hire purchase receivables. In spite of the rise in total borrowings, ELK-Desa’s gearing ratio remains at a low and manageable level of 0.68 times.

On a cumulative perspective, the Group registered a profit before tax of RM38.36million for the first nine months of its financial year ending 31 March 2020. This marked a notable increase of 18% from the profit before tax of RM32.39 million registered in the same period last year. Revenue for the nine-month period was also 21% higher at RM110.47 million compared to RM90.93 million a year ago.

Teoh Seng Hee, the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of ELK-Desa Resources Berhad, said, “The Group is progressing on a healthy growth trajectory that is supported by relatively stable domestic macro-economic factors such as low unemployment rate and
manageable inflation. Based on our performance to date, we believe that we will be able to close out our financial year ending 31 March 2020 on a stronger note compared to a year ago.”

“Moving forward, we are also cognisant of the external headwinds pressuring the domestic economy. These include the potential impact from the Nova Corona virus outbreak and the uncertainties that stem from the on-going trade war between China and the US,” he added.

“While we are paying close attention to these developments, we believe that the Malaysian
economy remains resilient and would be able to withstand the difficulties in the immediate to
medium term.”

“In view of this, the Group intends to maintain its strategic direction to grow its hire purchase portfolio dynamically while paying close attention to safeguarding the quality of its assets. We remain confident that there is still a lot of room to grow in the underserved second hand car hire purchase financing segment and we will continue to invest in the talent and processes to manage
credit risk and enhance credit recovery,” Teoh concluded.

2020-02-18 19:53


overall another good quarter report. hire purchase receivables growing very fast, more than 8% compare to last quarter on September 2019. there only slightly higher impairment and higher tax causing net profit lower than last quarter. overall business still maintain to grow very stable. management really do a nice job.

btw, i also noticed some new term loan in the balance sheet. maybe they still continue to explore for better gearing methods. seems to be a good sign.

management also hints that next quarter business is still grow stable.

2020-02-19 09:24


maintain target 40m net profit for financial year 2020 ended next month. looking forward to get 4 ~ 4.5sen dividend next quarter

2020-02-19 09:47


Collected more Elk during panic selling sale yesterday. Glad to know that I was doing this alongside with the big boss.

2020-03-10 18:23


although i don't think there will be any impact to the company next quarter report from the current market conditions, but i personally don't think now is the time to collect more.. it is cheap, but overall market not good

2020-03-11 14:53


there will be no collection for 6 month ?

2020-03-30 12:42


does it apply to hire purhase also?

2020-04-01 10:30


ELKDESA has a current ratio of 2.449 times in 2019 indicating that the company does not face any liquidity issue as it BOLEH paying back its liabilities (RM71.9 million) if sesuatu berlaku. ELKDESA is able to do so by using current assets such as inventories, other assets, trade receivables, hire purchase receivables, other receivables, deposits, prepayments, current tax assets, short term funds, cash and bank balances amounting to RM176.1 million. Kemungkinan juga also indicate that the company is not efficiently using its current assets or its short-term financing facilities.

2020-04-17 10:18


Elkdesa is not governed by Bank Negara so at least not affected by moratorium. Their previous clients still need to pay loan, in short they don't have to provide deferment plan like bank hire purchase. Btw, I am still collecting bit by bit.

2020-04-27 13:11


Estimate price will come back slowly after lock down.

2020-04-27 13:14


the second hand car sales on April were too little. expected for the quarter April to June of 2020 will be a big impact to the company. meanwhile we all know the customer base of the company is those who unable to optain loan from banks, thus the chance of becoming bad debt will be higher especially within the MCO period. for the coming quarter results on March may not see much impact, but i rather wait 3 more months to see the report of June. we won't know how much loss will suffer from the lower new loan, and higher impairment. lucky that gearing is not high, that's the only thing feeling safe.

2020-05-28 01:45


No worries. This is a good counter. Dividends up despite of Pendemic Covid 19. Where to find ler? I have been holding it until now. Just keep for long term. Sooner or later everything will recover.

2020-06-10 13:29


" As at 31 Mar 2020, the Group's profit before tax decreased by 20% to RM9.16 million as the MCO disruptions had severely affected the Group's result in the month of March due to significantly higher impairment allowances incurred for the hire purchase segment. " (based on latest report)

In my opinion, it is just going to get worse before it gets better because Malaysia MCO only started on 18 Mar 2020, and as at 31 Mar 2020, the result already showed "significant high impairment."

Coming quarter results and prospect will only gets worse ... and brutal...

at least the board is being honest of the outlook.
page 11 of the quarter report .

"Impairment allowance increased by 40% to RM23.66 million. Credit loss charge (i.e. impairment allowance over average net hire purchase receivables) increased from 3.8% to 4.2%. The higher impairment allowance and credit loss charge were mainly due to a significantly larger
hire purchase receivables portfolio and higher expected credit loss provisions in view of the uncertain economic effects arising from the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. In addition, the unprecedented MCO has disrupted our hire purchase operations and the payment behaviour of
our hirers.

According to the Bank Negara Malaysia, the unemployment rate is likely to surpass its earlier forecast of 4% issued in April 2020, amidst a complete halt in economic activities under the first three phases of the MCO from 18 March 2020 to 3 May 2020 ... "

2020-06-10 14:47


the dividend is lower than expected. i expected to have at least 4 sen. the lower dividend due to the revenue and profit didn't meet the grow that it supposed to. due to the COVID19 outbreak issue, the revenue dropped compare to last quarter report. Revenue is mainly from the payment of the hire purchases interest, revenue go down meaning ppl din pay in time, that not just lower the revenue, but will increase the impairment also, as the payment didn't made by customer, the amount become bad debt and continue become impairment after period of time. with just beginning of the outbreak and 2 weeks of MCO, already see the impact to the quarter report. the next report surely will be worst. things didn't turn better until June. with the current market conditions, those bad debt will be hard to recover. we can foresee the next quarter will have more impairment at once. with higher impairment and slow business, hire purchase receivables will be lower than this quarter, then the revenue onwards will be affected. need to get the next quarter report to evaluate the value of the company.

2020-06-11 11:13


bear in mind the incident this time will have permanent impact to the company revenue onwards. it will not recover and restore back to previous state immediately after MCO ended. company need to accumulate the amount of hire purchase receivables back to previous state in order to gain back the revenue and profit it supposed to have. and maybe need more due to lower interest rate now.

2020-06-11 11:25


unless the company can manage to keeping the customer continue to pay and recover those impairment, then only will be able to ensure the revenue will not have big impact

2020-06-11 11:37


Stocks to invest for massive future growth (Higher growth = higher revenue = higher stock price), Semi-Conductors, Internet of things, A.I., and Industry 4.0 stocks. These companies export their products and services all over the world, they are not limited to the small Malaysian market, therefore the growth potential is enormous once the economy rebound.

✓ Growing Revenue + Growing Market + Growing Profits = Growing Stock Prices
✓ USA Vaneck Vectors Semiconductor ETF Index Fund (SMH) is breaking out and on uptrend.
✓ These companies are "Buy and hold" type, for long term capital gains, not for trading or speculating.
✓ These companies are well managed and profitable, reasonable PE for tech, low debt or net cash.
✓ CoVid has accelerated the adoption of tech.
✓ Semi-conductor and internet will be the next stock rally once the glove bubble pops.
✓ Please use dollar-cost-averaging investment strategy, don't gamble, don't use margin.

>>> FRONTKN 0128 [ Precision Cleaning Services ]
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TSMC's subcontractor (Biggest chip manufacturer in the world), Frontken services their chip making machines. Apple outsource their chips to TSMC, and Apple is moving towards their own Apple Silicon chip, this means even more business in the coming future. A growth stock. Will we be using more or less chips? If the answer is more chips in everything from cars to smartphones, from TV to aircon, then invest now for long term growth!

>>> DUFU 7233 [ Cloud Hard Disks ]
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Hard Disk Spacer maker for Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital. HDD is slowly being replaced by SSD, but with the super growth of cloud computing, HDD will still outsell SSD in the enterprise market because a 16TB SSD is 10X more expansive than a 16TB Enterprise HDD, and High Performance HDD for cloud servers uses 3 or 4 times more spacer components than the typical consumer PC. It is Estimated that Enterprise HDD market value will double from 2020 to 2025. Massive growth as more people get used to the internet lifestyle after lockdown, from paying bills online to scanning your location via app, everybody is forced to use the internet even if they don't want to. Will we be using more of less internet? If the answer is more and more people will use the internet daily, then invest now!

>>> PENTA 7160 [ Robotic Automation ]
>>> NOTE: 4th August 2020 - Bonus Issue, Ratio 1:2 [ Price Will Increase! Buy Now! ]
They are hardware makers, automation is one of their key selling point. As labour becomes more expensive, automation is the solution. They are the biggest robotic automation company in Malaysia with a global footprint. Study shows world population will decline in 2050, we are entering an aging population, this means we need more automate machines due to the lack of labours. Currently they are expanding into the medical industry by offering automated medical equipment, potential growth.

>>> FPGROUP 5277 [ 5G Networks ]
They make key test components for 5G. In the next few years, we will be moving towards 5G networks, this means guaranteed growth as the entire world gradually move towards 5G. Unlike 3G or 4G, the 5G network requires even more towers, this means the demand for their product will be high. Will the world upgrade their networks to 5G or continue to use 4G forever? If the answer is we will move to 5G, then invest now!

>>> TIME 5031 [ Submarine Cables / Cloud ]
They own quite a number of international submarine cables around the world. As more and more people uses the internet, this means they earn even more money. They are continuously expanding their international submarine cable system around the world. They are also moving towards cloud computing, data cloud storage, online securities and more. Potential growth as more and more companies adopt the internet first policy. Will everyone be using more internet or less internet? If the answer is more, then don't wait, invest now!

P.S. For supporting documents, links and images, visit my i3investor blog. Thanks.

2020-07-20 16:34


as expected, a big impairment in this quarter report.. hope this is the worst scenario already.

2020-08-13 20:05


Same like aeoncr , quarter to quarter will improve

2020-08-13 20:59


Despite its high impairment and foreseeable more impairment, the stock price is doing very well.
Have to admit it's hard not to like this company. even if more people can't pay back it's loan, the price will keep going up! Stronger than banks. Much better than all banks. See eg. CIMB stock price chart, still under pressure...

2020-08-21 12:09

sense maker

This is like Ah long biz, super high margin. The only worry is widespread default, which could be just starting. Impairment of receivables can wipe out Current and previous profits in coming quarters.

2020-11-04 12:29


they also do furniture business..

2020-11-24 22:44


Seem quite here

2022-05-23 16:21


bonus 1 for 2

2022-11-16 20:31


1 new for 2 existing

2022-11-16 20:32


announe 37min ago

2022-11-16 20:33


pricing to dropping

2024-01-16 10:15

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