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Subsector: PROPERTY

Subsector: PROPERTY


Karambunai Corp Bhd is engaged in the business of investment holdings and provision of management services. Its subsidiaries are involved in leisure and tourism business, which consists of resort hotel operation and management, golf and country club operation and management, property development, construction, project contractor and venture capital. The company operates through three segments: Leisure and tourism, which is engaged in the travel and tours agency, golf and country club operation and management, and resort hotel operation and management; Property development and construction, which is engaged in property development, construction and project contracts, and Management services, which is engaged in the investment holdings, provision of management services and moneylending.

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Likely the offerer will delist the company as he has more than 70% shares as for now

2019-10-23 10:57


The NTA is 14c...

2019-10-23 16:48


The independent report is out...it is stated NOT FAIR but reasonable

2019-10-25 17:30


Hi Jack, Where did you get the figure of NTA rm0.25, I thought iT is 0.149. If NTA is Rm0.25, then the offer is very UNFAIR and UNREASONABLE !!

2019-10-28 16:32


Too bad...can understand mandarin...can anyone help to summarise....tq

2019-10-30 09:40


shld be cannot understand

2019-10-30 09:41


The gambling industry tycoon Tan Sri Li Qiangqiang has fully offered the remaining shares of Galab.
KUALA LUMPUR (April 24): The gambling tycoon Tan Sri Tsang Liqiang has fully purchased the remaining shares of Galabu (KBUNAI, 3115, Main Board Industry Group). The independent consultant, Inpac Pacific, believes that the above offers are unfair but reasonable and recommends minority shareholders. Accept the above offer.

Recommend minority shareholders to accept the offer

The independent consultant pointed out that Galabu is a 14 sen or 56% discount on the revaluation of 25 sen per share of net assets, and therefore believes that the stock offer price is unfair.

As for each offer of 3 cents, it is a 62.5% discount on the theoretical value of 8 cents, so it is considered unreasonable.

However, considering the stock price of the whole trading day in the past 5 years from September 20, it has never exceeded the 11-yuan stock offer price, and therefore believes that the stock offer price is 5 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months before September 20 Even for 12 months, it is actually a 17% to 29.4% premium on the average daily trading volume weighted stock price.

In the case of vouchers, based on the above-mentioned voucher purchase price is also a premium of 20% to 100% of the above-mentioned term transaction price, it is recommended that the minority shareholder accept the offer.

Zeng Liqiang currently holds 73.41% of the shares of Galabu, and on September 23 this year, the purchaser wants to purchase the remaining 1,535,606,304 shares or 26.59% of the shares at 11 cents per share, estimated to be 148.67 million. Ringgit carried out this action.

Zeng Liqiang also offered 3 cents for each voucher, and the full purchase of Garab was about 523.5 million voucher.

The deadline for the above offer is November 4.

2019-10-30 10:09


Any updates from Bursa on the status of take over offer?

2019-10-31 11:38


No Updates?

2019-11-01 15:19


can we still sell on next monday?

2019-11-01 23:01


when suspended n no trading?

2019-11-01 23:02


For those who didnt accept the offer earlier .. will the offerer compulsory acquire them and send us the bank draft? acquit acquire

2019-11-01 23:54


Will d offerer compulsory force us to accept n send us d bank draft?

2019-11-01 23:56


how soon the payment be credited? no any statement on this

2019-11-02 20:53


Payment will be credited in within 10 days from the date the valid acceptance(s) is received.

2019-11-03 11:12


we can still sell till 9 Nov

2019-11-03 20:27


this company 10 year not active,why suddenly more volume...

2019-11-04 14:39


any comment for this keep o sell 0.100 better

2019-11-04 15:46


take over offer is rm0.11... can still submit,,,,to be extended for 3 months

2019-11-04 15:48


The offer will be extended beginning next week Notices and forms will be sent to shareholders who are still holding the shares and who wish to accept

2019-11-04 17:34


zolasteven The offer will be extended beginning next week Notices and forms will be sent to shareholders who are still holding the shares and who wish to accept

source of info?

2019-11-05 11:43


WC promotion now?

2019-11-05 11:43


yea, why wc suddenly drop

2019-11-05 11:51


i have received my payment cheque today (issued by BINA Management)

2019-11-05 13:53


Tq kbunai n Tan sri sebab bagi peluang untung cepat.masuk waran tengahari 1.5 sen dan baru ja dapat jual 2.5 sen

2019-11-05 14:54


can someone enlighten me, why there's still some idiots buy WC? or i'm the only idiot who know nothing? what are the remaining possible way to accept WC at 3 sen?

2019-11-06 11:24


Be careful of idiot that only keen on bluffing! (check on the transactions done if u want to verify stupidity of the liar!)

mansaham1972 Tq kbunai n Tan sri sebab bagi peluang untung cepat.masuk waran tengahari 1.5 sen dan baru ja dapat jual 2.5 sen
05/11/2019 2:54 PM

2019-11-06 16:26


this warrants will eventually be come worthless as you will be holding a non listed company warrant.

2019-11-07 09:28


The warrants only expire on 2023. You can still convert to Karambunai corp shares at the convertion price of 13.1 cents. Only problem is that Karambunai is unlisted. I suppose its still worth a gamble to buy the warants at 0.05 cents on hold till 2023 just in case the owner wants to do something big with Karambunai

2019-11-07 15:09


dont buy WC, the share will suspend on next week. @lin heng, if convert wc need 0.13, better u buy mother now at 0.11. who already buy wc better cut lost now, after suspend, u wc b toilet paper.

2019-11-07 16:19


Syndicates....check bursa website on source of info

2019-11-07 16:47


i ingat they will buy at 3 cents so i buy la...Hahahaha Esok kena jual balik la...Stupid me

2019-11-07 17:19


4nov 5pm is the last offer for KBUNAI-0.11/ KBUNAI-WC-0.03. Now already closing the offer, but extend 3month for mother share only, no extend for warrant.

2019-11-07 21:02


no extend for warrant so will be suspend o how

2019-11-07 21:21


Hope uob kay kian will buy lor all remaining warrant

2019-11-07 22:37


They will collect in open market until delisted date

2019-11-07 22:38


any new for warrants

2019-11-08 10:18


why still not receive the subsbription payment?

2019-11-09 16:25


accepted on 18/10, but no any news on payment

2019-11-09 19:46


You may call " BINA MANAGEMENT 03-21471955" to check the status of your payment. FYI. i have received my Cheque on

2019-11-11 10:59


@603Malan, when you submit the acceptance?

2019-11-11 12:33


Eric. I submitted on 18 Oct 2019 thru my stock investment bank. There is another no you can call to check your payment at BINA Mgt (03-77843922)

2019-11-11 14:31


The cheque is issued by RHB

2019-11-11 14:32


Sill trading today.....strange

2019-11-11 14:53


603Malan.. noted

2019-11-11 18:19


Under Nominee account, the bank will not submit for us now....have to wait for another 2 nonths.. anyone

2019-11-19 04:57


603Malan...is your acct under Nominee acct? which bank?

2019-11-19 04:58


This Dr Chen is a crook. Same with Bursa, offer price NOT FAIR BUT REASONABLE. Really fcuk off. NAV 24 cents take over for 11 cents.

2019-11-19 10:55


i was submitting my form on Monday, now only found that the offer form i submitted is the 1st version offer form, i found the 2nd offer form in Bursa now, will my form be reject?

2019-12-05 13:45


anyone know how to contact this company?

2022-02-21 00:49

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