KLSE (MYR): GIIB (7192)

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0.00 (0.00%)

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0.075 - 0.085

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Market Cap

47 Million


591 Million

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4 Weeks Range

0.075 - 0.09

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0.075 - 0.14

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0.075 x 2,877,200


0.08 x 249,000

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0.075 - 0.085

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Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date

31-Dec-2023 [#2] | 15-Feb-2024

Next QR | Est. Ann. Date

31-Mar-2024 | 29-May-2024

T4Q P/E | EY

14.18 | 7.05%

T4Q DY | Payout %

0.00% | 0.00%


0.08 | 0.95

T4Q NP Margin | ROE

-2.34% | 6.68%

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Company Profile



Subsector: AUTO PARTS

Subsector: AUTO PARTS


Goodway Integrated Industries Bhd develops, manufactures, and markets rubber compounds and rubber related products in Malaysia. The company operates through the segment of Rubber Compounds, Retreading Services, and Property Development/Construction Trading segments. The firm offers its products primarily under the Supercool, ToughTread, and Rübtek brands, as well as through Supercool Retread Franchise. It is involved in the retreading of tires for motor vehicles and earthmovers, and trade of tires related products. Geographically it operates through the region of Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. The organization generates most of its revenues from Sale of rubber compounds in Australia.

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Memang gila..duh

2022-05-30 18:41


Giib-wa kasi lompat tinggi2

2022-05-31 08:56


GIIB lousy management led by typical chinese pariahhh lorr. Just like PUC. These typical low educated chieseb shd be replaced by more professional chinese lorr

2022-05-31 10:15


Professional masuk nanti kasih naik kaw kaw ?

2022-05-31 14:29


when the company's has vision and clear biz direction then it will good for company for mid and long term lorr

2022-05-31 16:28


Suda beku meh?

2022-06-01 14:06


GIIB delays audit appointment, says still finalising scope of probe into suspicious deals
KUALA LUMPUR (June 1): GIIB Holdings Bhd has delayed the appointment of an independent audit firm to look into suspicious transactions flagged by its previously terminated but now reinstated director, saying it is still finalising the scope of investigation.
In a filing Wednesday, GIIB said its audit and risk management committee is finalising the scope with shortlisted firms, and that it expects to finalise the appointment by early June.
GIIB is in the midst of investigating the claims raised by its director Wong Weng Yew of dubious transactions in the company totalling RM11.49 million.
Wong previously served as the company's executive director but was suspended in April and then terminated in mid-May from his position as the company alleged him of misconduct. Wong, on the other hand, claimed the company took action after he raised questions about several transactions that he found to be suspicious in nature.

2022-06-01 23:21

Icon 888

Delist Soon ya

2022-06-09 02:06


Who will still buying it ?

2022-07-06 12:59


target 0.200
grab on rumor

2023-01-09 19:48


Another Serba in the making?

2023-01-19 19:20


i also heard,this counter will grg

2023-02-14 13:36


Went in.

2023-02-17 16:20

Icon 888


2023-04-18 05:00


waiting for good

2023-05-17 17:32


Mafia Korporat: Selepas Lim Kok Han Kuasai Kepentingan GIIB Holdings, SPRM tahan pengarah eksekutif kes pecah amanah RM 500 Ribu


2023-06-02 13:36


Orang kanan KJ letak jawatan Pengerusi Green Packet, bersekongkol Mafia Korporat Lim Kok Han rampas GIIB Holdings Berhad

2023-06-06 10:14


kalau berani ikut style anak vsolar....pecah record lo

2023-06-08 09:28


Dying counter.. so many court case

2023-06-14 00:28


lol fast fast transferred all his shares to his son

2023-06-15 19:16


KUALA LUMPUR (June 16): Hildrics Asia Growth Fund I’s wholly owned subsidiary HAGF Investment (I) Pte Ltd emerged as GIIB Holdings Bhd’s substantial shareholder after acquiring 48.61 million ordinary shares, or an 8.221% stake.

Hildrics Asia is a Singapore-based private equity fund managed by Hildrics Capital Pte Ltd, which was founded in 2021 by Choo Kee Siong and Wee Teng Chuen, according to a statement on Friday (June 16).

Hildrics Capital primarily focuses on direct investments into mid-sized companies with high growth prospects in Southeast Asia, it added.

“We are pleased to partner with GIIB, a leading Malaysian rubber product manufacturer with an established track record of close to 30 years and extensive presence across 60 countries, to support its next growth phase and expansion plans,” said Choo, who is also the CEO of Hildrics Capital.

The investment activity with GIIB marks Hildrics Capital’s first investment in Malaysia.

Following the investment, HAGF is now the second-largest shareholder of GIIB, after Tai Qisheng who holds an 11.45% stake, according to Bloomberg data.

Qisheng is GIIB’s executive director and the son of GIIB executive chairman and chief executive officer Tai Boon Wee.

Qisheng became the company’s biggest shareholder after his father transferred 45.81 million shares or a 7.775% stake to him via an off market transaction on June 13, 2023.

Meanwhile, Boon Wee is left with 9.6 million shares or a 1.62% stake.

“We warmly welcome Hildrics Capital as our shareholder, which is the first foreign institutional fund to invest in us. With a shared common vision and goals for the group, I look forward to working with them to scale our group to the next level,” Qisheng commented.

GIIB shares remained unchanged at 9.5 sen on Friday, valuing the company at RM56.2 million.

On Thursday, GIIB announced that Boon Wee and two other executive directors had been remanded by the MACC on May 31 for investigation of unlawful activities.

Activities that are being investigated were in relation to the issuance of invoice and proceeds banked into GIIB's account, inflation of debts of a subsidiary company in a Bursa Malaysia announcement and unauthorised payments to persons unknown.

2023-06-16 21:16


wow Wee Teng Chuen is from the Wee family of UOB Singapore

2023-06-16 21:28


Tai Booi Wee Pengerusi dan CEO GIIB Holdings Berhad membuat laporan polis diatas ugutan jenayah yang diterimanya dari seorang ahli perniagaan terkait Mafia Korporat Dato’ Sri Andy Lim Kok Han dan Datuk Choong Men di Social Bar Publika Kuala Lumpur 6 jun lalu.

Menurut salinan laporan polis yang diterima, Tai Booi Wee pengadu telah membuat dua laporan polis iaitu di Ibu Pejabat Polis Dang Wangi dan Petaling Jaya selepas menerima ugutan jenayah terhadap dirinya.

Di dalam laporannya itu, Tai Booi Wee menyatakan bahawa beliau telah hadir untuk satu mesyuarat yang mendesak beliau melantik dua pengarah baharu ke dalam syarikatnya iaitu GIIB Holding Bhd.

Katanya ketika itu juga, Dato’ Sri Andy Lim Kok Han atau Dato’ Teleng telah menunjukkan sepucuk pistol yang terselit di dalam seluar yang dipakainya dengan aksi mengangkat tangan selama 5 minit seolah-olah mengugut dan membunuhnya.

Lim Kok Han turut menyatakan bahawa nasib baik pistol itu berlesen, kalau tidak berlesen sudah pasti akan menembak beliau katanya dalam laporan itu.

Sementara itu, di dalam satu laporan polis berasingan pula ahli perniagaan itu mendakwa telah dikasari di bahagian mukanya.

Katanya pada 14 jun 2023, Dato’ Sri Lim Kok Han dan Datuk Chong Loong Men yang sama telah memanggilnya untuk bertemu di Hotel Sheaton di Petaling Jaya.

Dato’ Teleng dan Chong Loong Men
Sekali lagi Lim Kok Han menggesa pelantikan segera Lembaga Pengarah GIIB Holdings Berhad termasuk dirinya sambal menampar Tai Boon Wee di bahagian pipinya.

Lim Kok Han sekali lagi membuat ugutan dan menyatakan jika ini bukan hotel, “saya akan hentam kamu dan be carefull“ sementara Datuk Chong Loong Men bersamanya menahan dirinya dari meneruskan pergaduhan dengan Lim Kok Han yang menampar pipinya.

Tai Booi Wee kemudiannya membuat laporan polis ekoran berasa terancam dengan keselamtan dirinya serta keluarga ekoran kejadian itu.

Mafia Korporat mahu rampas GIIB Holdings

Semua hanya satu sebab iaitu mahu menguasai syarikat GIIB Holdings Berhad.

2023-06-17 21:53


hehe huat ah

2023-06-19 09:53


manage to get some at 0.12. let see how high can it go

2023-06-19 10:32


Green Packet related to GIIB ….? then sure next play up

2023-06-19 10:56


Shunxing Holdings Welcome to the new major shareholder of Lion City private equity fund purchase of 8.22%
(Kuala Lumpur, 16th) Shunxing Holdings (GIIB, 7192, Main Board Industrial Product Service Group) has re -equity. Singapore HAGF Investment Corporation purchased 48.6300 shares, equivalent to 8.22%of the company, and rose to become the company's major shareholder. According to a statement, Shunxing Holdings ushered in Singapore's major shareholders today. Singapore HAGF Investment today bought the above -mentioned equity through overseas transactions. The company is a subsidiary of Hildrics Asia Growth Fund VCC, which is the latter by private equity fund Hildrics Capital Company Managed. The shareholders of Hildrics Capital Corporation are Zhu Zhixiong and Wei Tingjun (the names are all transliterated), and the two parties each hold 50%of the equity. According to reports yesterday, Shunxing Holdings confirmed that the executive chairman Dai Wenwei and the other two executive directors were also investigated by Malaysia Anti -Corruption Association, involving invoicing and depositing income into the debt of Shunxing Holdings, subsidiaries, and unauthorized unauthorized Payment 3 allegations to unknown people. Later, the directors have made it clear to the investigators that the allegations are malicious slander and have no basis, and strongly deny the above allegations. After the incident, the company reported to the exchange. Dai Wenwei transferred 45.81 million 2,192 shares to his son Dai Qisheng (transliteration) on June 13, and was no longer the company's major shareholder. After increasing the shareholding of these equity, Dai Qisheng held 67.68541 shares or 11.447%of direct equity.

2023-06-19 12:36


Lim kok Han arrested

2023-06-19 12:58


why arrested

2023-06-19 13:00


good good. fly higher soon

2023-06-19 13:08


Ini boleh pi lagi jauh ke....

2023-06-19 15:27


Nowadays lots of booby traps. They just want your one sen difference.

2023-06-19 16:32


bahaya kalau turun mendadak...

2023-06-20 08:56


Die deep deep

2023-06-26 15:36

Icon 888

Gone case

2023-06-26 16:09

Icon 888


2023-06-26 18:11


Will test 0.06??

2023-06-26 18:17


Possible down to 5sen?

2023-06-26 22:29


Who bought at 0.12 Holland coming


2023-06-26 22:29


Whenever see mafia lim kok Han Victor Chin run fast fast vroooooom


2023-06-26 22:29


i'm the one bought at 0.12, fuyoh, now already 10 sen
tmr DCA become 11 sen

2023-08-09 00:19


KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 24): Two former top officials of GIIB Holdings Bhd, namely former executive director Wong Ping Kiong and former CEO Tai Boon Wee, were on Tuesday discharged and acquitted by the High Court of charges related to the furnishing of fake documents to the company’s auditor Grant Thornton Malaysia PLT over the sale of RM2.95 million worth of machinery that allegedly did not exist.

2023-10-24 15:42


tmr goreng

2023-10-24 19:01


Next QR green or red?

2023-11-14 22:02

Icon 888

Con stock now

2023-11-16 23:50


-wa 0.015 sudah bottom
macam menarik je untuk dapat 100% @ -wa 0.030 tahun ni

1 month ago

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Gone case

2 weeks ago


Got a chance....
Quarter Result on 31-Dec-2023[#2] QoQ - UP 859.15% YoY - UP 119.37%.

2 weeks ago

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