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132 Million


325 Million

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0.39 - 0.42

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30-Sep-2023 [#3] | 29-Nov-2023

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31-Dec-2023 | 28-Feb-2024

T4Q P/E | EY

-11.04 | -9.06%

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0.00% | 0.00%


0.32 | 1.26

T4Q NP Margin | ROE

-57.01% | -11.40%

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Gunung Capital Bhd is an investment holding company, primarily engaged in chartering out land-based transportation assets and specialty vehicles, including coaches, city bus, mobile clinics, vans and four-wheel drives. The company along with its subsidiaries is also involved in the development of mini-hydroelectric power plants, property development, and construction. The operating segments of the company are Transportation services, Hydropower activities and Investment holding and others. The group operates in Malaysia and generates the majority of the revenue from the Transportation services segment.

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Renewable energy projects in Sabah? Most probably hydro power plants.

2021-08-13 19:45


Signing of REPPA with TNB for 10 MW hydro power plant near Lenggong, Perak.

2021-08-19 20:04


Karlos I am with you! The fundamentals are solid, the business is lined up, there is value in its listed share portfolio, and as a shareholder, we need an attractive share price now, to approve and subscribe to GCap's proposed rights issue. We need to make money as a GCap shareholder, so we can support GCap more!

2021-08-19 23:41


In investing we look forward to the future. The past and even the present can only give you some guidance at best. Understanding the biz and its biz model is critical in your decision to invest or not. Never allow yourselves to make decision based on emotions but should be based on facts and your own analysis and understanding. And you would always remember to be patient and as it will be your competitive advantage as most people expect good things happen instantly.
Always keep your head as others around you are losing their's !

2021-08-20 08:11

Bgt 9963

Post removed.Why?

2021-08-20 08:52


Y long time no comment?

2021-10-07 12:02


come on , i at RM1 high floor .. any stuppit wanan eat my ticket ?

2021-11-02 13:50


looks like this counter a quiet chat room, got rebound also nobody discussed it...lol

2021-11-08 11:47


erm...poor closing today...another con counter...lol

2021-11-08 17:28


Don't buy until stable..bodoh share

2021-11-08 17:49


This is a goreng counter only...sure like this....set cut loss point

2021-11-10 13:03


Any one taking up Rights Issue ? Not attractive at all. Wonder who would subscribe?

2021-11-24 17:42



2021-11-30 08:37


No buyer in this counter. So sad. I’m stuck too @ > RM1.0

2021-12-02 10:41


no volume

2021-12-08 11:30


stuck 99 at level 0.70

2022-01-27 08:52


wonder how many stuck at high level penthouse

2022-03-10 10:42


say this and that solar project etc...but not showing increase at counter price !!

2022-04-28 16:02


Another con-struction com-pany

2022-05-03 11:15


pls run before too late, dun kena con

2022-05-11 15:11


On behalf of the Board, KAF IB wishes to announce that Bursa Securities had vide its letter dated 27 June 2022, decided to grant an extension of time until 6 December 2022 for GCAP to complete the implementation of the Proposed Rights Issue.

Right issue date non stop delay.
Guess no one wan subcribe also

2022-07-01 15:26

Gem Man

so long never goreng

2022-08-06 23:46


Nice bottoming is forming on its chart but need to TP quickly as well because of its past history LOL!

2022-11-10 07:39


Ahahaha cantik!

2022-11-15 15:05


G Capital Bhd has entered into a 21-year renewable energy power purchase agreement (Reppa) with Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB).

2022-12-16 09:58


Reppa was inked via G Capital's 74.64%-owned subsidiary Hydro R E Sdn Bhd (KHRE). Under the deal, TNB will buy electricity from KHRE at a feed-in-tariff (FiT) rate of 24.61 sen per kilowatt hour. Reppa's tenure will start from the commercial operation date, which is scheduled to be May 11, 2027.

2022-12-16 09:59


KHRE was granted in May this year the feed-in approval by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia for a two-megawatt high-head mini hydro water plant in Sungai Geroh, Perak.

2022-12-16 10:00


The group is targeting to complete and commission the plant on or before May 11, 2027, envisaging a potential revenue of RM53.09 million to the group over a span of 21 years based on the FiT rate of 24.61 sen per kilowatt hour and [an] estimated annual production of 10.27 gigawatt hours of electricity to be generated from the plant

2022-12-16 10:00


Heard that gov is supporting them. Wah time to buyy the stock!

2023-04-19 13:07


Huge Project! GCAP maklumkan projek stesen hidroelektrik 300 MW dijangka hasilkan around RM12 bilion. WOW

2023-04-19 13:19

Kamarulfitri Kamarudin

"On the RCULS, GCAP said it will pay quarterly coupons, amounting to 8% per annum through its 5-year tenure." - https://www.theedgemarkets.com/node/662287

2023-05-02 10:22

Kamarulfitri Kamarudin

Wah! 8%

2023-05-02 10:22


Syed Saddiq also supporting GCAP! https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS8KkjSeu/

2023-05-05 11:27



KUALA LUMPUR (May 10): The government is lifting an 18-month ban on renewable energy (RE) exports — a move to allow the country to tap the rising demand in Singapore and subsequently accelerate local RE generation capacity.

2023-06-06 10:51

Kamarulfitri Kamarudin

Anyone wants to read more about GCAP, I wrote a blog about them:

G Capital Berhad – A Hidden Gem with Potential to Generate Big Returns

Company Background
G Capital Berhad (GCAP) is a public listed company (KLSE Code: 7676) with stakes in more than 20 companies from various sectors across the country. GCAP has evolved from its roots in latex concentrate trading to expanding into land-based passenger transportation and, more recently, renewable energy (RE). The Group started its venture into the RE sector in 2013 by acquiring Perak Hydro Renewable Energy Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (PHREC) and is now known for its active involvement in the development and operation of small hydropower plants in Perak, Pahang and Sabah. GCAP is already in the midst of developing an approximate total installed capacity of 300 Megawatts (MW) of hydropower plants in Perak and Pahang, with the potential of generating not less than RM 12 billion in revenue in Perak alone, and plans to start developing another 200MW in Sabah in the very near future.

Perak Hydro Renewable Energy Corporation Sdn Bhd (PHREC)
PHREC is a joint venture company owned by GCAP and Menteri Besar Incorporated (Perak) on a 60:40 basis. PHREC is an exclusive concessionaire mandated by the Perak State Government to be the master developer and overall coordinator of the development of small hydropower plants in the Perak state.

A brief overview of their small hydropower projects: -
-3 active sites (29MW) in operation and generating stable revenue.
-10 sites (84.05MW) in various stages of development with secured 21-year renewable energy power purchase agreements (REPPA) with Malaysia’s largest electric utility, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)
-More than 200 MW to be developed

GCAP's close ties and strong connections with the Perak state government are evident through PHREC. As the dominant player in the RE sector in Perak and substantial presence in various other states, PHREC enjoys a virtual upper hand. This privileged position gives GCAP a distinct advantage, as they can leverage their exclusive access to development opportunities and favourable government relations to generate considerable returns. With a stronghold on the Perak market, GCAP is poised to unlock significant growth and capitalize on the untapped potential of the region's RE sector.

Future Prospects
The recent approval by the Malaysian Cabinet of various measures and initiatives, jointly proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry of Economy, underscores the government's commitment to bolstering the local RE sector. The government's unwavering commitment, coupled with the implementation of favorable policies and incentives, presents a golden opportunity for GCAP to soar to new heights in its endeavors. With the country poised to witness a surge in renewable energy projects, GCAP’s alignment with the national focus on increasing RE production and reducing carbon emissions positions the company for tremendous growth and success.

As Malaysia aims to achieve 70% renewable energy in its energy mix by 2050, there are ample opportunities for companies like GCAP to contribute to the country's sustainable energy goals and concurrently drive the company’s growth as a key player in the industry. This optimistic outlook not only offers GCAP the chance to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for Malaysia but also presents the opportunity to generate significant returns. While GCAP capitalizes on the supportive government policies and taps into the growing RE market, the company stands at the forefront of the nation's transition towards renewable energy, fueling its own growth and success in the process.

2023-06-07 16:10


45MWp solar power plant in Muda, Malaysia.... i can see a lucrative returns

2023-06-13 11:40


2027 laughters. Give it a rights issue before that, we can cry.

2023-07-04 09:16


Heard that GCAP signed RM688 million deal with TNB for small hydro in Pahang.
Buy it now

2023-07-04 11:46


RM688 million deal with TNB for small hydro in Pahang??? What a huge project!


2023-07-04 11:49


limit up this evening

2023-07-04 12:21


Read, wait till 2027.....is not now.
Already built & running?

2023-07-04 16:24


tunggu datuk yap and his husband push tomorrow

2023-07-04 19:18


people collecting

2023-07-10 18:25


The Group Finance Chief selling at 0.425 sen yesterday!

2023-07-18 08:36


The insider, the Group Finance Chief continued selling 500,000 at 0.425 sen yesterday! Something interesting?

2023-07-21 08:33


falling 😥

2023-07-21 09:38


Itu RCUL tak baloi ?

2023-07-27 00:07


Pattern same same, all kena.
2027 laughters. Give it a rights issue before that, we can cry.

2023-07-04 09:16

2023-11-20 15:40

Saiful Nazim Sulaiman

strong government support for gcap hydro. yesterday usahawan and koperasi minister ewon benedick visit slim river plant. good news

2 weeks ago


Right issue cancell alr?

1 week ago

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