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LATEST ETF to be listed on 15 July 2020.

The TradePlus MSCI Asia Ex Japan Reits Tracker ("Fund") is an equity exchange-traded fund that is designed to provide investors access to the Asia ex Japan REITs market. The Fund employs a smart beta approach to identify quality and high dividend paying REITs to be included in its basket of securities.

This ETF is suitable for those who:
a) wants to invest in a portfolio of REITs beyond Malaysia
b) seeks regular dividend payments
c) wants a hassle-free mid to long term investment
d) have limited capital to invest (the ETF's issue price is RM1)

For more details of the ETF, read here:

To find out more about Smart Beta strategies, read here:
13/07/2020 3:44 PM

2020-07-13 15:50


Introduction to TradePlus MSCI Asia ex Japan REITs Tracker (0837EA.KLSE)

The only REITs ETF in Malaysia, listed back in July 2020, hence we couldn't find any past performance record of it.

However, with a constituents 27 REITs in the basket, this ETF could be a good option.

Click on the link below for more detail:

2020-08-19 15:41


reits market look very weak nowadays

2021-03-10 20:40


This is a good product. Wonder why not much interest...

2021-04-28 11:04


Is it a good time to buy now? Will the impending rate hike in future be a cause for concern?

2021-12-18 17:55


This is a well diversified REIT ETF. The impact will be felt but relatively cushioned.

2021-12-19 08:33


Eh what happened to this ETF today morning? Jump up 5.8%???

2021-12-20 09:32


Market maker fatty finger tekan salah order ka?

2021-12-20 11:37


This etf reit dividend normally how to.calculate

2022-02-11 11:44


The ETF invest in 10-20 Asia ex Japan listed REITS

U buy units of the ETF

then the ETF receive dividends from the 10-20 REITS that it invested in

The dividends are then distributed to unitholders a.k.a. investors

Just think of it like some sort of pooling of investments

2022-02-11 13:01


If we annualise the latest dividend/distribution, current dividend yield of this ETF is 6.25%.

Very attractive, if u ask me. You are owning/holding 17 of the best Asia ex Japan REITs here.

2022-02-12 10:49


1.5 sen x 4

current price 96 sen


2022-02-12 10:49


what happened to 2022 div? REITS ETF surely should have some dividend distribution every quarter

2022-05-18 16:06


Go TradePlus facebook and ask

2022-05-18 16:08


Trailing yield of this ETF as current price is 6.1%. Attractive entry point

2022-12-24 16:10


ALAQAR is better. Dividend 2sen/quarter so yield is 8sen/rm1.21 = 6.6% !

Posted by Pinky > 2022-02-12 10:49 | Report Abuse

1.5 sen x 4

current price 96 sen


2022-12-24 16:41

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