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Company warrants are issued by the company and give the holders the right, but not an obligation, to subscribe for new ordinary shares at a specified price during a specified period of time.

Structured warrants are proprietary instruments issued by a third-party issuer, namely an eligible broker or financial institution that give holders the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call warrants) or sell (put warrant) the underlying instrument in the future for a fixed price.

A call warrant is in-the-money when the exercise price is lower than the price of the underlying share.

A put warrant is in-the-money when the underlying share price is lower than the exercise price.

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supper laggard

2021-11-04 01:07


bad QR coming?

2021-11-05 16:06


True ..just hold they have a mega project sooon

2021-11-06 12:19


Happygroup is now officially a sombregroup.

2021-11-08 09:24


Only know to go down only then forgot the way up

2021-11-09 23:51


This week QR will be out. Hopefully QR is good as many Semicon company listed at NASDAQ post a good QR result

2021-11-15 13:30


强烈支持。 我们应该期待好消息很快就会公布.

2021-11-20 00:57


可以预见马六甲选举后国家政治趋于稳定。 像柔佛和霹雳这样摇摇欲坠的州将会冷静下来,因为没有人敢再像马六甲那样犯同样的错误。 这向投资者发出了稳定国家政治的良好信号,并将吸引投资者回流。 我们等待下周 KLSE 大收获时刻. 让我们拭目以待

2021-11-21 13:13


收集当人不想购买时。 只有在达到合理的价格时才考虑卖. 让我们拭目以待

2021-11-23 18:59


我们准备好接季度报告了吗?,,,,, 希望 FPG 送最好的 QR。让我们拭目以待

2021-11-24 08:27


Time is coming.....

2021-11-24 11:24


According to the trend of share price, the QR will not be very outstanding.

2021-11-24 15:50


As i mentioned, QR not good at all. Share price will move first before any announcement.

2021-11-24 17:22


I see the results ok la, how can making profit and you say not good at all, it is just an almost flat comparision qr with lower ends partly due to MCO.

2021-11-25 06:00


This QR comes with 100% profit from Dynamic Stencil since the acquisition has been completed on 21 July 2021. However, the profit remain bearish. So for me, this QR consider quite bad actually.

2021-11-25 10:14

w m wai

According all the report and the information i refer can imagine coming next few quater will be continue worse….

2021-11-25 16:42


F**CPaku is dieing slow slow ,, the BIG snake is now on the loose,, I estimated this happening long ago,, maximum by mid next year this company will fold..or price will be 20sen.. cheaper than ice kosong.
U all beter run.. later uderwear oso no have.

2021-12-10 12:56


come , faster drop to 0 cent, i want see how bad luck am i


2022-01-14 10:27


come on i dare u ib shark , dont be pu**y ,
drop to zero

2022-01-14 10:48


PUI.... pull down the price for the company to buy ..
why dont pull down lower ...

2022-01-14 17:39


Give you chance to buy cheap..

2022-01-15 10:03


Buy the fear, sell the greed

2022-01-15 21:53


Managed to tp up some tickets at RM0.58.good luck guys.

2022-02-11 11:14


QR soon?

2022-02-11 17:16


I think will be so so only from the share price movements

2022-02-16 06:14


Results not bad, can tahan

2022-02-22 19:59


Best Revenue ever, profit not bad could be better. Promising.

2022-02-23 11:49


wow 52wks low at 0.495....mari mari 0.45

2022-03-03 16:13


What is going on?

2022-03-04 11:52


no need ask lor..bought in at 0.445

2022-03-04 16:36


2nd day of sbb.

2022-03-04 19:38


Sbb again.

2022-03-07 19:21


Managed to top up some tickets at RM0.46.good luck guys

2022-03-18 12:12


this counter like heading south already

2022-03-30 15:36


what happens to this counter ?

2022-03-30 23:50

Investor M

This counter got suspended?

2022-04-01 10:20


Buy buy buy

1 month ago


Why buy

1 month ago


This quarter's result sure below expectation!

1 month ago

Kim Poh

Is this a growing counter ?

1 month ago


Malaysia is expected to garner RM14.62 billion in new investments from the United States (US) following the Trade and Investment Mission (TIM) led by Senior Minister and International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Azmin said many US-based companies had expressed their commitments to expand their operations and footprint in Malaysia during his 10-day US TIM which began on May 8.

"We are going to make some major announcements in the next few days in terms of the total new investments that have been committed by these companies," he told Bernama and TV3 reporters here, Tuesday.

Thus far, Azmin had met several high-technology (hi-tech) companies such global semiconductor company Texas Instruments Inc. and global materials supplier to the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries Indium Corporation, and he is scheduled to engage with more hi-tech industry players on his next visits to San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

1 month ago


i don't think this company can get any goodish from the above announcement.

1 month ago

Fear Trend

as long as semiconductor they will benefit. most resilient company. Good or bad product u still need a tester

1 month ago


The problem/concern with this co is their shrinking profit margin...another low this Qr

1 month ago


Shrinking profit margin is TEMPORARY matter, it will revive in medium term..

1 month ago


Good price now

1 month ago


Interest rate up or not... all countries are fighting to secure chips supply, and especially with the polarization between Us and China, Malaysia is in good position to benefit from it......

4 weeks ago


The semiconductor sector continues to be favoured by analysts, especially the outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (Osat) providers.

The Osat companies have got it going with a strong sales pipeline and earnings growth prospect, anchored by their expansion roadmap and robust balance sheet, said TA Securities Research in its latest report.

“We also expect them to continue benefiting from the global structural growth in chip demand, alongside the ongoing acceleration in digitalisation and proliferation of secular technology trends like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, robotics and vehicle electrification,” it said.

It maintained its “overweight” stance on the technology sector
The star 10 June2022

3 weeks ago


KUALA LUMPUR (June 14): Global fab equipment spending for front-end facilities is expected to increase 20% year-on-year (y-o-y) to an all-time high of US$109 billion in 2022.

In a statement on Monday (June 13), the US-based Semiconductor Equipment Materials International (SEMI) said this marked a third consecutive year of growth following a 42% surge in 2021.

SEMI in its latest quarterly World Fab Forecast report said fab equipment investment in 2023 is expected to remain strong.

2 weeks ago


stock price now RM0.395 *sighs*

2 weeks ago

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