NOTION (0083)- Fong Siling latest choice of stock.

NOTION (0083)- Fong Siling latest choice of stock. Don’t miss the hidden gems in 2020 for Value Investment!

Publish date: Mon, 04 May 2020, 05:43 AM

NOTION (0083) started their business with 4 machines back in 1995, listed in ACE market on 16th June 2005 with the IPO price of RM 0.63. Over the year of aggressive transformation, it had successfully progress from ACE market to Mainboard in the Technology sector. In Bursa, a few successful companies with similar transformation from ACE market to mainboard with outstanding performance. The most prominent one is Vitrox (0097) that listed with IPO price of RM 0.60 in 2005 and now RM 8.29 (1300% rise). There is one thing common in Notion (0083) and Vitrox (0097), both are very profitable business as their retained profit is very handsome compare to their share capital.

Compare the PE among these two, VITROX (PE 49) versus NOTION (PE 15). What will be the NOTION stock price if the PE goes up a little bit more, for example 30? The reasonable stock price will be around RM 2.18 (that is a whooping 100% potential from current price of RM 1.09)

Our reputable value investor – Mr. Fong Siling added NOTION as part of his portfolio in December 2019 and December 2016. If you click the link below, you will notice NOTION was his latest stock that he bought.



The next question we would want to know is why our Malaysia’s version of Warren Buffett bought NOTION?

Below is the RUG quote from his book published in 2018.

  1. R (Recovery Stock) – Notion had a fire incident that significantly impacted Notion VTec’s operations since FY2018.

The company slipped into the red with a net loss of RM4.4 million for the nine months ended June 30, 2019 (9MFY2019), against a net profit of RM8.2 million in 9MFY2018, partly due to the relocation and moving expenses incurred.

But after the relocation, NOTION showed improving net profit earning. The latest Q1 2020 QR showed a remarkable 753% improvement EPS compare to Q1 2019. There is a potential further growth of the EPS in the coming quarter.

  1. U (Undervalued Stock) – NOTION current price at RM 1.09. NTA 1.26 (price have 15% upside potential) or compare with Peer PE around 25-30 (If NOTION goes up to RM 1.83 to RM 2.10, this stock have 68-100% upside potential)

  2. G (Growth Stocks) – Explained by net profit growths from the chart above. In we take into the profit generate from NOTION recent Healthcare venture as stated below. The growth will be even better.


Given recent COVID-19 , do you need to worry about business impairment?  

In their recent announcement. Executive chairman Thoo Chow Fah says Notion is expecting to produce 150 million pieces of three-ply surgical face masks per year, with annual sales estimated at more than RM100 million.

The ventilator components are expected to garner sales of RM10 million to RM15 million over the next two months,” he tells The Edge.

If we refer to their annual report 2019 for their whole year revenue

The new revenue of RM 110 mil (RM 10mil from ventilator sales and RM 100 mil from surgical mask) will contribute another extra 46% of the company revenue based on the total income of RM 237 mil in 2019

With the diversification of NOTION business, the risk of reduce order from Dyson (which belongs to others business) can easily balance by other aspect of business (ie. HDD, automotive, camera and healthcare product).

Furthermore, NOTION is one of the companies that got approval from MITI to allow partial operated during MCO period and fully operated since 28th April 2020.

NOTION also fulfil Warren Buffett stock selection criteria  

  1. Business model is easily understand. The structure of the business is self-explained by the chart below with the new venture into healthcare (surgical facemask and ventilator). 

  1. With favourable long-term prospects. Looking into their prominent clients showed below from their official website, all are reliable customer that will stay for long.   

  1. Operated by a competent team – all their directors have been working in the company since NOTION listed in 2005 for the past 15 years. In terms of experience and capability, that had been showed with their business expansion, transformation the company from ACE to Main board and create a good opportunity to venture into healthcare in this business crisis period.

  1. Available at a very attractive price- as mentioned above, with current stock price of RM1.09. If compare to the NTA 1.26 (price have 15% upside potential) or compare with Peer PE around 25-30 (NOTION can goes up to RM 1.83 to RM 2.10, this stock have 68-100% upside potential)

This can easily be another VITROX, DUFU, PENTA that you may not want to miss. Given the recent announcement bonus issue, NOTION will surely be another star in the market soon.





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Tho is the biggest manipulator in Notion.

2020-05-04 06:58


If you publish this report when Notion when 50 - 60c, then OK. Now you can ask you mother, father, brothers, relatives, friends if you have any, to borrow as much as possible & use the money to buy.

2020-05-04 06:59


Post removed.Why?

2020-05-04 08:39


If you track back all the comments / recommendations by this "value_trading" were very2 bad calls. Followers would have lost till pants down, cock also disappear.

2020-05-04 08:43


So called wonder stocks must scruntize with a fine comb and do your homework { price vs peer comparison and current scenario } before ploughing it. Remember promoters always tell a good story

2020-05-04 08:48


I dont know what you guys think. but companies have their factories burnt down normally isnt a very good sign of management / integrity. Yes there are cases were it was due genuine cause of fire but these are more rare if u ask me. Remember this is a low risk industry for fire.

This is just another contract manufacturer using CNC machines with no real technology

2020-05-04 10:41


After minus insurance claim, the company is damn high PE and nothing is attractive

2020-05-04 12:38

Armada An Quantum Leap Stock In 2019/2020

Below its nta still...

2020-05-04 12:54

Armada An Quantum Leap Stock In 2019/2020

Got to hild lah !

2020-05-04 12:54


WOW,,,,, lot of people promoting this counter now, even writing up a lengthy research report!!! After pumping up,... now what? DISTRIBUTION is on now! Be careful!!!

2020-05-05 08:22


NOTION making the HDD parts, a sunset industry. Digital storage are migrating to SSD...

2020-05-05 08:34


T+2 over. Should look favourable 2day

2020-05-05 08:38


lol, if 0.8 ok lar, 1.2 ... sorry lar .. this is price before covid started

2020-05-06 12:34

Sebastian Power

this is another FabcXX.. When 50cents diam diam no promote, after up then shout!

Sorry lo.. 48-50cents I masuk enough liao..If you want I can sell you.. hahahah

2020-05-06 21:28

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