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G20: US and China 'will impose no new tariffs'

Publish date: Sun, 02 Dec 2018, 10:33 AM
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Chinese state TV says agreement has been reached with the US not to impose any additional trade tariffs after 1 January and talks will go on.

It made the announcement after US President Donald Trump met China's President Xi Jinping for the first time since a trade war erupted this year.

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US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have agreed to halt new trade tariffs for 90 days to allow for talks, the US says.

2018-12-02 12:28


The White House says this move is now suspended for 90 days but adds, "If at the end of this period of time, the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the 10 percent tariffs will be raised to 25 percent."

2018-12-02 12:29


U.S. wants an immediate start to talks on Trump's biggest complaints about Chinese trade practices: intellectual property theft, non-tariff barriers and cyber theft.

After 90 days, if there's no progress on structural reform, the U.S. will raise those tariffs to 25%.

2018-12-02 12:37


Kasi u hapy 90days dulu la. After tat, market crash again. Kikiki

2018-12-02 13:16


There must be some compromises from both sides before Trump agreed to cease fire for the time being. It is a good start.
No one expect the trade war will stop totally and immediately through one meeting. This outcome is considered very good liao.

2018-12-02 13:31


What happened to Trump tarifs? why? he scared?

2018-12-02 13:33


that bully will still come back and disturb things.....until he is removed.....

2018-12-02 13:34


What if truce achieved, open trade back to normal, but our bursa is still dying under Pakatun? wakaka

2018-12-02 13:36


March.....Trump will double down.....

Trump has no choice....China card is his only popular card for his supporters.......the racists and the ignorants.....

2018-12-02 13:42


as for China...China have to prepare for the worse and hope for the best.....

hopefully , one or two weeks, market can be good......

2018-12-02 13:45


Trump thought that he can use the same tactic as Bush senior did to Japan in 1990. Xi is not Jiang or Hu . Japan suffered zero growth for almost 30 years when she had no choice but gave in to the demamd of US.
Both Trump and Xi know this trade war will damage both sides.

2018-12-02 14:01


The boss are the people. If people no happi, they vote u out. So the leaders cannot be too dictatorial in their actions.

2018-12-02 15:42


don't be too excited, markets viewed no new tariffs for 3 mths as expected, no surprise at all.
dt is well known good in nothing but can turn the table up side down anytime, so don't see any upside catalyst for bursa market

2018-12-02 17:25


Us market orwdi up a lot ahead of tis,news

2018-12-02 19:58


Us market orwdi up a lot ahead of tis,news

2018-12-02 19:59


I hate it when people implies Xi had any thing to do with it.....Xi and China is just an innocent victim.....

2018-12-02 20:06


Art of the Deal.....

Trump created the crisis, he pulled back and then becomes People's easy wonder he calls it Art of the Deal.....

very bad role model....As bad as najib's Cash is king........

so what is Art of the Deal?

It is nothing but bullying, may even be described as immoral.....It is very different from Christian values and Confucian values and all the good values that we are used to. It is very different from Rule of Law.

Trump's Art of the Deal is Rule of the Jungle, not rule of law. , he started the trade war....and he declares truce and becomes hero?

Not so simple......Trump's only popular card for his base is his racist anti China policies....He cannot just give it up....Trump will have to double down later......

2018-12-02 20:07


The Celestial Dragon mauled the Bald Eagle! Great job for Xi and Team China.

2018-12-02 20:18


I am with the dragon.....

2018-12-02 20:20

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