DNeX shareholders suffers 70% losses, causing shareholders their livelihood

Publish date: Sat, 02 Mar 2024, 08:58 PM

All shareholders who invested in DNeX shares are suffering significant losses between 50-70%.

DNeX has reported back to back deteriorating financial performance, despite global oil and technology companies recovering, DNeX’s technology division had its losses increased instead.

Recall the management changed its financial year end several months ago, citing the “to enable the management to focus on business plan and strengthen business operation”. Since then, financial performance has deteriorated by 2 consecutive quarters. As such, one has to wonder what kind of plan the management executed during this period.

Separately, in the last AGM session, one of the Non Executive Director publicly posted on her personal Facebook that is a public profile that she “does nothing but look pretty and smile and wave” and “Act Serious, kononnye”. 

The same Director was offered 1.5mil share options

Note that almost all retail shareholders were suffering losses at the AGM.

For their technology wafer division issue with its valuable Chinese partner, most retail shareholders are able to decide for themselves that the management did not perform proper work while reviewing the documents. 

It’s  recently organized an event where on their Facebook, a same picture of the COO is posted repeatedly 8 times. Despite a comment to inform them they had posted it 8x, the 8x COO’s photo remains. Also, this COO’s LinkedIn is updated that he is director of the wafer technology division, where in arbitration announcement, it is announced that there shall be no change in composition of directors (of which he is not part of).

Shareholders continue to suffer, while management continue to earn salary and dilute shareholders.

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Jonathan Keung

Style ada tetapi company gagal

1 month ago


"DNeX may be down trending but prospects look good"
It sounds like "We are licking shit but it taste good!"

1 month ago

Jack Khan

shit still shit no matter how it taste like lol

1 month ago

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