JCY, Notion, Dufu: How many physical hard disks needed in one Data Center

JCY, Notion, Dufu: How many physical hard disks needed in one Data Center

Publish date: Tue, 11 Jun 2024, 12:09 PM
JCY, Notion, Dufu: How many physical hard disks needed in one Data Center, like Google's (case study)

JCY, Notion, Dufu: How many physical hard disks needed in one Data Center, like Google's (case study)

Do we know for One Datacenter building, how many physical hard disks needed in one Data Center? How many physical hard disks that require to meet this massive physical hard disk across the globe?

Let's us use existing one of Google's data center in US as case study and do simple math calculation to estimate is potential as reference baseline

1 pc of HD = 16Terabyte

1 container rack = 16 TB hard drives x 4320 qty to a pallet x 21 chassis = 1.4 exabytes (equal to 1 x 4320 x 21 = 90,720pcs) physical HDD inside a container. This rack has a 6 sq/foot footprint, but require to used about 18sq/feet to estimate the space need to accommodate power, cooling, hot & cold isle space.

Now, for a standard each one Data center storage building require at least ~100,000 sq foot size on each data center (in this case like Google's one data center site location accommodate ~6 to 8 data center buildings), that mean 

100,000sq foot size for one data center building, 100,000 divide by 18sq/ft, then multiply by 90,720 physical HD in one rack

=  504Mil qtys of physical HDDs  

To be conservative, let take 70% of 504Mil = 352Mil of HDD require for each One data center building, that a massive explosive growth on HDD alone. 


[Note: The number of physical hard disks needed in a data center like Google's can vary significantly based on a variety of factors such as the size of the data center, the storage capacity of each hard disk, the redundancy and fault tolerance requirements, the type of data being stored, and the specific infrastructure design being implemented]. Here I'm using the standard Google's one data center 100,000 sqft as baseline!

Since, Google, being one of the largest tech companies in the world, operates an extensive network of data centers globally to support its various services such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Cloud Platform, YouTube, etc. These data centers are known for their scale and efficiency.

As a result, it's important to note that the exact number of physical hard disks used by Google or any other large tech company is proprietary information and may not be publicly disclosed. Additionally, advancements in storage technology and infrastructure design can influence the number of hard disks needed in a data center over time].


According to The “Data Center Market Report - Forecast (2023-2030)” by IndustryARC, dated Apr 27th' 2024

Data center CAGR

The Data Center market size is estimated to reach $418 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 9.6% during the forecast period 2023-2030. The advantages of Data Centers include hyper-scalability, sustainability and automation for modern business processes. It is set to propel the demand for Data Centers during the forecast period. The adoption of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing and Edge computing create immense Data Center market opportunities.

Now, imagine if across the globe, entire data center build starting 2024 till 2030 with CAGR 9.6% annually, starting 2024 till 2030 that will will be another 10,000 data centers new to be build on top of existing 10,978 available data center in the market now. 

With a whooping 89% grow of ~9,770 new data centers to be build in next 6years throughout the globe by 2030, that will be   

Total HDDs = 352Mil x 9,770 =  3,439,040,000,000 which mean in total of 3,439 billions of physical HDDs require once all data centers in the globe are ready, developed & fully operate by year 2030

The demand for HDD reach +1600% from year 2024 to 2029 mainly because of Data Center & AI.

For that, market will shortage of HDD/SDD chip for very long as there is no new player and selling price/profit of HDD increase by 10% - 20%, JCY factory production will increase from 50% OEE utilization to 80-90% operational, expected ready by end of 2024 gradually.


A Question arise to me too, why does big data center corporate still prefer HDD 88% vs SDD 12%, all come to cost & capacity benefit factors

A comparison of HDDs to SSDs 


Power Draw/Battery Life: More power draw, average 6 -7 watts and therefore used more battery

Cost: Only around $0.03 per gigabytes, very cheap (buying a 4TB model)

Capacity: Typically aroiund 500GB and 2TB max for notebook size drives; 10TB max for desktop, Enterprise 16TB for data center


Power Draw/Battery Life: Less power draw, average 2 -3 watts, resulting in 30+ min battery boost

Cost: Expensive, average $0.25 to $0.30 per gigabyte (based on buying a 1TB drive) )

Capacity: Typically not larger than 1TB for notebook size drives; 4TB for desktop, Enterprise remain 4TB max (current SSD's technology restricted)

Anyhow, both HDDs & SDDs are complementary and important for all AI cloud & data center end-customer as their prefer larger HDD,SDD capacity storage unit due to better cost effective, faster, high durability + smaller size per rack storage space which benefit to 1st tier JCY, Notion & Dufu product margin per unit ship to their end-customers Western Digital & Seagate, Kioxia (Toshiba) both sides.


What's are the projection of HDD, SDD volume shipment throughout year 2024 till 2029?

HDD, SDD volume shipment projection 2029

Then next Question arise, why Western Digital & Seagate capable to increase ASP price & adjustment will be frequent in future to their end-customer (ex: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Meta, Nvidia, other AI cloud enterprise customers etc), all due to sudden unplanned demand & lead to extended delivery lead times.

[Cited source from Trendforce, dated April 9th & 22th ' 2024]

'The demand for large-capacity HDD products driven by the artificial intelligence market has caused overall HDD prices to surge. According to the latest updates, American memory giant Western Digital confirmed for the first time on April 8th that there is a supply shortage for both HDD and SSD. They issued formal customer letters notifying of ongoing price adjustments for NAND Flash and hard drive products.

Western Digital stated that the demand for both flash memory and hard drive products has exceeded expectations, leading to supply constraints. These challenges in the electronics industry’s supply chain further affect availability. This quarter, they will continue to adjust prices for flash memory and hard drive products, with some changes taking immediate effect.

These updates apply across the company’s entire product portfolio, Western Digital & Seagate indicated that pricing adjustments will be frequent in the future. Additionally, the company’s ability to handle unplanned demand and orders is quite limited, so any order changes require early notification. They also anticipate that unplanned demand may lead to extended delivery lead times.

TechNews’ report further point out that, combining current market reports, the overall price increase for HDDs has accumulated between 10% to 20% from the third quarter of 2023 to the first quarter of this year, due to memory manufacturers implementing production reduction strategies aimed at quantity-based pricing.

Industry sources cited by TechNews’ report anticipate that the tight supply situation for large-capacity HDD products will continue into this quarter and potentially extend throughout the year. Specifically, HDD prices are expected to continue rising in the second quarter of this year, with an anticipated increase of 5% to 10%.'

Stay Happy, Stay Invest!

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from 2012 to 2019
projected growth 1,600% in 8 years or 200% growth demand by AI and New Data Center

HDD/SSD still in a sun rise industry

just buy and hold Jcy, Notion and Dufu for the long boom

1 week ago


which industry got 200% growth per year yearly for the next 8 years ?

We have clarity of Vision ahead

1 week ago


DC not going to use physical hard disk. They are using ssd which JCY, Notion and Dufu are not involving coz they only doing HHD

1 week ago


You wrong lah

According to Seagate (World largest manufacturer of Hdd and Ssd

DC storage will consist of 90% Hdd and 10% SSD

1 week ago


These all data, figure, estimation based on expert, analyst, banker in most reputable source of information Trendforce, Forbes, IndustyARC, etc throughout many years of experience with data support on customer-end
prospect future trend. I believe they shared with tons of data, statistical analysis & figures with industry experts before publish to entire world.

Believe or not, it depend on each individual person. However, I do invest based on facts, figure & data with baseline through power of research in hope for many years for multibaggar return

1 week ago


Miss the boat
So very sour grapes
Pouring cold water everywhere

1 week ago



1 week ago


oh just saw the years not 2012 to 2019

but 2022 to 2029 sales chart increased by 1,600%

1 week ago


Ask hdd/ssd makers like Seagate to get the correct answer rather arm chair bank analyst who are not expert in the data storage industry

1 week ago


A good example of storage is the Noah's Ark
When God sent a universal Flood on Earth He told Noah to build an Ark for Storage.

Every living beings were sent to the Ark for Storage
The Ark was built for the sole purpose of storage and not for navigation since the entire Earth was flooded and there was no where else to go

So is a Data Center
Its sole purpose is storage unlike laptop

1 week ago


Lol if the data center owner is the big tech in US I'm sure they will source their materials from Taiwan such as SuperMicro their Rack builder and supplier are all Taiwan based...Malaysia side winning on supply for Land Lease and selling property assets only 😂

1 week ago


The very core of Data Center is the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and SSD (solid state disk) drive

only these 3 control all ( not Taiwan, China, Japan or even USA )

these are the sole monopolies

1. Seagate 43%
2. Western Digital 37%
3. Toshiba 20%

So things are already fixed and therefore Jcy, Notion and Dufu being their major vendors will benefit

1 week ago


And don't be mistaken

Taiwan Tmsc does not make HDD or SSD disk drive

they only make chips

Totally different stuff

just like For Corovirus New Zealand woolen glove (to keep warm) cannot protect you from Covid 19

only Medical surgical gloves were in demand during glove bull

1 week ago


AI needs high speed data transfer as SSD not HDD. This is why phison came to Malaysia to launch their 30TB SSD to DC. HDD tak main lagi in AI lah. In term of power consume, transfer rate, noise, space occupied etc. if you keep saying HDD is important for AI. Then i have nothing to say lo

1 week ago


Don't know how many times need to say a DC need 90% of HDD and 10% of SSD because of the cost effectiveness, still don't understand some people still so dumb or act blur?

1 week ago


Cost Effective?? HDD Consume 90% more power than SSD. For the long run. DC choose HDD or SSD?

Now we know who acting dump and blur

1 week ago


Talking to a dumb people really wasting alot of energy and vomit blood

1 week ago


Sorry caused you vomit blood. I just telling the facts. So that everyone here know the true.

1 week ago


Don't mislead investor, there is no doubt SSD is better than HDD, more durable, faster, efficient vs HDD for high transmission data.
Both has it's advantages and disadvantages. You need to understand, since AI require massive of ton exabyte data, some need fast execution speed to operate like SSD, but majority huge data need to be store as raw data storage, only need when required to retrieve.

Question here, why data center still prefer HDD 90% : SSD 10% as data center require larger capacity memory like HDD with ~8x times cheaper than SSD to store as raw data.
Other high speed, fast transmission data require even better like HBM (High Bandwidth Memory), eNVM SSD or ultra NVM SSD but that only for inter-transmission btw AI GPU, CPU & NPU data execution processing data in trillion parameters data transfer only, but it come with super high expensive capacity which take less than 10%.

In terms of data center storage on bigger picture overall, it prefer to use HDDs as it way cheaper than SSD + larger capacity storage, unless in future SSD equal to less 3x vs HDD, then SSD is preferable. For now HDD still use for larger capacity storage, cheaper for raw data storage memory.

Hope it helps to explain some of it.

1 week ago


quite simple if you understand from personal use and business Enterprize

a person using PC at home might prefer to pay more and use SSD which is faster

but A Data Center exists to make money

so it cannot use SSD unless customers want to pay very high fees for it's Servers

Also can see this example

we know things or people send by Airplane is much faster than by sea

it takes 7 hours to fly from Japan Narita Airport to Singapore Changi International airport but you pay Rm2000 to Rm3000 per person for economy

if 1st class pay more

now you can also send lorries, buses, cement, cars, scrap metal, rubbish by plane also

pay few millions to send

why pay for things at so high price ??

faster lah

for what?

you can sell at a much higher price

if a business overpay and cannot earn back then it will go bankrupt

so is a Data Center

if they only use SSD they ask just waiting for bankruptcy

see my website www.inspiretopray.com

this is free of charge since I started this with the help of my son

at first small fees

lately they raised the fees to the sky 😱

since I never charge any money for 15 years I bear all the cost

my joy to share freely

so I found another host for a cheaper server

1 week ago


Sifu Calvintaneng and master kkwang, very funny at this stage still got some people talking about SSD more than HDD usage in DC but JCY already 0.90, we are making money and some one still want to act blur to mislead others

1 week ago


Vstecs ,ranhill the real benifitor behind DC ,AI ,5G bandwagon ! Vstecs rm 3 - 6 - 11 - 50....
Ranhill rm 5

1 week ago


kkwong13 The logic is always use SDD for boot up but for storage always HDD which is more cost effective.

1 week ago

Ravi Kumar

Uncle and aunties kena cuci run away with underwear and panties lol

5 days ago

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