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Tackling Zero Waste Food One Bite at a Time

Tan KW
Publish date: Tue, 16 Apr 2024, 03:54 PM
Tackling Zero Waste Food One Bite at a Time

16-Apr-24 12:00

Justin Cheah, Marketing Director, Kechara Soup Kitchen Society

Food waste represents a significant challenge, particularly during festive periods when celebrations often lead to excessive food production and consumption. In Malaysia, as in many parts of the world, festivals such as Ramadan see markets and households overflow with food, much of which unfortunately goes to waste. This not only impacts the environment through increased landfill use and greenhouse gas emissions but also represents a considerable economic loss.

Addressing this issue requires a multi-faceted approach involving consumers, businesses, social enterprises, nonprofits and government bodies. Additionally, innovative solutions and strategic partnerships are also essential for effective management and reduction of food waste. Technology, for instance, can play a pivotal role in tracking and managing food inventory more efficiently during peak festive seasons, helping to align supply with demand more accurately.

Public awareness and behavioural change are also critical and should be promoted through educational campaigns and community engagement, to alter public perceptions and habits regarding food consumption and wastage.

In this episode, we speak with Justin Cheah, the Marketing Director of Kechara Soup Kitchen Society, to explore the topic of food waste and how by implementing targeted interventions, there is potential to make substantial progress in reducing food waste, especially during Malaysia's vibrant festivals and beyond.

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