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Daily Futures Trading Strategy 5 October 2022 (Local Market)

Publish date: Wed, 05 Oct 2022, 02:54 PM
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We track market on a daily basis and we adjust our planning according to the market movement. It is very vital for traders to adapt and react to changes.We have prioritized group that gets our first hand info on trading. If you are interested, please drop us an email at futures.coin@gmail.com for further detail. On the other hand, please follow us at our blog http://futurescoin.blogspot.com/ as posting will be early in our blog than I3investor.



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FKLI ended higher bolstered by the improving global sentiment and bargain-hunting activities in selected heavyweight stocks.

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Plan A : Consider long if the market stays above 1411. Targets are 1422 and 1434.
Plan B : Attempt short if the market stays below 1404. Targets are 1399 and 1388

FCPO surged up during the opening of the first section and supported above 3699. FCPO market still moving upwards during the second section. Dalian closed for the week while soybean oil traded +0.13 at 65.15.
Ringgit strengthen to RM4.63 against the greenback.

To subscribe to a real-time signal, email us at futures.coin@gmail.com for details. Sign up today for your Sep subscription.

Plan A : Long if market retraced and supported firm above 3742. Targets are 3772 and 3799.
Plan B : Short if market failed to support above 3742. Targets are 3728 and 3694.
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