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Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Koon Yew Yin

Koon Yew Yin
Publish date: Mon, 07 Mar 2022, 09:08 AM
Koon Yew Yin
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My purpose of writing this article is to explain the reasons why Russian President, Vladimir Putin want to invade Ukraine so that you have a more balance view. 

On 24 Feb 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, all the Western media including CNN, BBC, CCTV etc have been broadcasting news about the invasion, giving us the impression that the Russian President Putin is a wicked man, killing so many people and the invasion is unjustifiable. 


The Soviet Union (full name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR) was a socialist state that was created by Vladimir Lenin in 1922. During its existence, the USSR was the largest country in the world. The USSR collapsed in 1991 and left in its place 15 independent states that we know today:


The collapse of the Soviet Union

Former Russian President Gorbachev’s decision to allow elections with a multi-party system and create a presidency for the Soviet Union began a slow process of democratization that eventually destabilized Communist control and contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Following the May 1990 elections, Gorbachev faced conflicting internal political pressures: Boris Yeltsin and the pluralist movement advocated democratization and rapid economic reforms while the hard-line Communist elite wanted to thwart Gorbachev’s reform agenda.

The unsuccessful August 1991 coup against Gorbachev sealed the fate of the Soviet Union. Planned by hard-line Communists, the coup diminished Gorbachev’s power and propelled Yeltsin and the democratic forces to the forefront of Soviet and Russian politics. Bush publicly condemned the coup as “extra-constitutional,” but Gorbachev’s weakened position became obvious to all. He resigned his leadership as head of the Communist party shortly thereafter—separating the power of the party from that of the presidency of the Soviet Union. The Central Committee was dissolved and Yeltsin banned party activities. A few days after the coup, Ukraine and Belarus declared their independence from the Soviet Union. The Baltic States, which had earlier declared their independence, sought international recognition.

On December 25, 1991, the Soviet hammer and sickle flag lowered for the last time over the Kremlin, thereafter replaced by the Russian tricolour. Earlier in the day, Mikhail Gorbachev resigned his post as president of the Soviet Union, leaving Boris Yeltsin as president of the newly independent Russian state. People all over the world watched in amazement at this relatively peaceful transition from former Communist monolith into multiple separate nations.

Dissolution of Soviet Union

With the dissolution of Soviet Union, the main goal of the Bush administration was economic and political stability and security for Russia, the Baltics, and the states of the former Soviet Union. Bush recognized all 12 independent republics and established diplomatic relations with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. In February 1992, Baker visited the remaining republics and diplomatic relations were established with Uzbekistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. Civil war in Georgia prevented its recognition and the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States until May 1992. Yeltsin met with Bush at Camp David in February 1992, followed by a formal state visit to Washington in June. Leaders from Kazakhstan and Ukraine visited Washington in May 1992.

Why did Russia invade Ukraine? 

Russian President Putin framed his decision to invade Ukraine as a last-ditch effort to halt the West’s hostile expansion ever closer to Russia’s borders.

Since the end of the Cold War, a number of countries in Eastern Europe have chosen to join NATO, making them military allies of Moscow’s former adversaries in the West. In 2008, Washington pushed NATO to announce that it might one day consider membership for Ukraine, though Western leaders have insisted ever since that they see little prospect of this coming about any time soon. Especially in recent weeks, President  Putin has called NATO’s expansion a plot to destroy Russia.

In a pre-dawn TV address on 24 February, President Putin declared Russia could not feel "safe, develop and exist" because of what he claimed was a constant threat from modern Ukraine.

Immediately, airports and military headquarters were attacked, then tanks and troops rolled in from Russia, Russian-annexed Crimea and its ally Belarus. Now, warplanes have bombed major cities, and Russian forces have seized control of the key southern port city Kherson. He claimed his goal was to protect people subjected to bullying and genocide and aim for the "demilitarisation and de-Nazification" of Ukraine. There has been no genocide in Ukraine: it is a vibrant democracy, led by a president who is Jewish.


Russia invades Ukraine because it was part of the Soviet Union before. 

After you have read this article, I hope you have a better understanding of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 



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What’s the reason you assume the Japs and Koreans would be so willing to go for ‘Xinjiang like’ educational camps
To learn mandarin and give up their local language, give up their culture and adopt China way

2022-03-12 14:01


No there's not. Malaysia does not forcefully put our minorities into camps and sterilize them.

2022-03-12 14:01


Common law principle: The one making the accusation is responsible for giving evidence. Not the defendant.

And what “evidence” has those accusers given?

“Survivor’s report”, “Leaked diplomat’s report”, “Eyewitness’ report” …. ? - These are just somebody’s words. Anybody can do loads of these if they are paid enough money.
Satellite images? - Don’t make people laugh again.
Is that all? Well, OTOH, counter-evidence is plenty:

No refugees. A “geno …” without refugees is like a fire without smoke. Must be fake.
No Muslim countries are accusing China. Only those Muslim-killing “lying, cheating and stealing regimes” are! Funny!
A two-minute video on what an ex-US army general said about US strategy on destabilizing China through Xinjiang:
Those “lying, cheating and stealing regimes” are so desperate that they resorted to blatant fake news. Watch this 10-minute video on how BBC stole, cut and pasted footage (first three minutes) from China-made documentary (remaining seven minutes) on poverty alleviation, and claimed it as “compelling evidence” on forced labor:

Ugly, isn’t it?

The US and UK are crystal-clearly the “lying, cheating, and stealing regime”

2022-03-12 14:10


China is backing unsubstantiated claims made by Russia that the U.S. has biolabs in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has made unverified claims that Russia has discovered U.S. biolabs in the nation to “develop ethnically targeted biological weapons,” The Associated Press reported.

“This Russian military operation has uncovered the secret of the U.S. labs in Ukraine, and this is not something that can be dealt with in a perfunctory manner,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Thursday.

“It is not something they can muddle through by saying that China’s statement and Russia’s finding are disinformation, and are absurd and ridiculous,” he added.

Headlines by Chinese-backed media have read “Russia reveals evidence of U.S.-funded bio-program in Ukraine,” “China urges U.S. to disclose more details about biolabs in Ukraine” and “US tries to refute ‘rumors’ about its biolabs in Ukraine, but can we believe it?” according to the AP.

Live coverage - Russia strikes western Ukraine targets
The Hill's Morning Report - Presented by Emergent - Russia widens...
The U.S. has been quick to condemn Russian accusations of biolabs in Ukraine and says Russia could be using the allegation as an excuse to launch its own biological attack.

Although Russia has committed to an international agreement not to use chemical or biological weapons, the country is already accused of multiple war crimes against Ukraine and its citizens.

The country has spread multiple lies to justify its war in Ukraine, from the Ukrainian government is full of neo-Nazis to Russia is liberating the Ukrainian people.

2022-03-12 14:12


Now, we finally can grasp US Barbarian why want to control puppet Ukraine- to use it as biological war base against Russia.....second Covid in the making?

2022-03-12 14:15


Russia should release photo and location of military BIOwarfare labs

Will ask my MOSSAD contacts to "investigate"

2022-03-12 14:17


There is so much evidence available. The only reason you don't know any is because you never bothered to look. You didn't even know about the UN committee's report. Any evidence of human rights abuses in Xinjiang provided you all just go "lies lies lies lies lies lies".

2022-03-12 14:20


WHO says it advised Ukraine to destroy pathogens in health labs to prevent disease spread....

2022-03-12 14:20


March 11 (Reuters) - The World Health Organization advised Ukraine to destroy high-threat pathogens housed in the country's public health laboratories to prevent "any potential spills" that would spread disease among the population, the agency told Reuters.

Like many other countries, Ukraine has public health laboratories researching how to mitigate the threats of dangerous diseases affecting both animals and humans including, most recently, COVID-19. Its labs have received support from the United States, the European Union and the WHO.

2022-03-12 14:24


so USA torture centre locate in low human rights countries is true

2022-03-12 14:25


UN committee's report?
Can you provide this report here?

2022-03-12 14:26


You mean Guantanamo Bay detention camps? Yes, it is true. UN Human Rights Committee confirmed that human rights abuses are being committed there. Former US president like Obama also said confirmed it. He tried to close it down, but politics in the US prevented it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DMhb1FWHso

2022-03-12 14:33


As I've said, it's not the Chinese that are committing genocide. It is China's government that is doing it. The Chinese people are innocent. They are kept ignorant by the CCP censorship so that the chinese people won't find out. Because if they do, the Chinese people will revolt. Look at Taiwan, ethnically chinese people, they have the BEST AND MOSt progressive democratic culture in all of Asia. Look at the student protesters new Tiananman Square, they fought for more freedom to participate in their country's governance until they got shot. Chinese people are not bad. It's CPC that is bad.

2022-03-12 14:44


The Chief of WHO also a CIA operative?

2022-03-12 14:45


Anyway, sometime this year, the UN Human Rights Office is going to release their overall report on human rights abuses happening in Xinjiang. As a member of the UN and of the UN Human Rights Council, even China cannot simply say "lies lies lies lies" to this report. I urge you all to read it and share the findings with the China's citizens if you can. Thank you for the discussion. Have a good day.

2022-03-12 14:49


The report:
So did the report concluded China guilty of genocide?

Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

1)Killing members of the group;
2)Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
3)Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
4)Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
5)Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

2022-03-12 14:54


Have stolen some bioweapon lab floor plans what to expect in each floor locations

Will break into the building soon to retrieve bio bomb

We came back to save Ukrainians

2022-03-12 15:06


Guantanamo Bay detention camps? Yes, it is true. UN Human Rights Committee confirmed that human rights abuses are being committed there. Former US president like Obama also said confirmed it. He tried to close it down, but politics in the US prevented it.

So UN did not punish or saction those committed Guantanamo Bay detention camps human rights abusers ?
Is it because those so called free democratic countries are free to commit human rights violation, crimes against humanity and wage war?

2022-03-12 15:08


Gave up on US and EU leaders! Total dumbass! I mean, you sanction crude oil from Russia and you replace it from Venuzela and Iran! Next thing you know, Biden will deal with another 2 dictators! Same with EU! Germany used to have 17 nucklear power plants! They replace it with coal power plants! If only they maintain nucklear power plant, i think they can easily cut crude from Russia!

2022-03-12 23:38


And then you have this comedian Zelensky! He keep dragging everybody into this civil war! Why can't he negotiate with a deal that can save Ukraine!

2022-03-12 23:39


Well the great benefit of this war is the pictures of destruction and death. Now more Europeans and Asians will know what the China-Russia axis is capable of

2022-03-13 10:00



War in Ukraine: 'No one wants to die' - meeting Ukraine's teenage soldiers
By Jeremy Bowen
BBC News, Kyiv
8 hours ago

Not much, but it is human nature to feel scared, and of course deeply in my soul I feel a bit scared, as no one wants to die, even if it's for your country. So, death is not an option for us."

Dmytro and Maksym talked about their dreams for the future, fun with friends, finishing their studies, careers and eventually families. Their parents must be praying that their sons' plans, energy and even their lives are not smashed by the brutal realities of war, like so many in all the other generations of young men who have joined up to fight in Europe's wars.

2022-03-13 16:55


Ukraine is a wasteland due to Russian bombs financed by China

2022-03-13 19:06


Post removed.Why?

2022-03-14 08:30


Why need to go to war to have free sex?
Need to learn from Malaysia how to DIY and siok sendiri for free.

JOHOR BAHRU: DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang says the Johor state elections results would have been different if parties had been given an extra week to campaign.

“Barisan Nasional (BN) will not have won if we had had an extra week of campaigning,” he told reporters at the Pakatan Harapan (PH) war room this evening.

2022-03-14 09:42



So you admit that China censors its news to only talk positive about China, and you admit that you only read news that you like to hear, yet you call BBC bias. Lmao.

2022-03-14 13:56


If you want Chinese to also be bad like the CCP and not one good and one bad, speak for yourself, not the rest of the ethnic Chinese people.

2022-03-14 13:58


You wouldn't know if it's really bias or not. As you said so yourself, you only read positive news that you like and that talk good about China.

2022-03-14 15:09


"Chinese people and Chinese government is one"

Nope, Taiwanese don't want to be under the CCP.

2022-03-14 15:11


Same for Global times la. You read their sentence already know they google translate

2022-03-14 18:21


The BBC once insulted and criticized the UK for brutally stealing stuff from other countries during colonization era. You call that protecting the "British Empire" ?!?

It seems you're the one who don't know anything about the BBC. Read pro-China news only you know what to do.

2022-03-14 19:07


"Global Times is created to spread China 's views to the world." Aka, propaganda.

There, you admit again that Chinese news media is for spreading propaganda.

2022-03-14 19:09


Global times is accessible in UK, but BBC is not widely accessible in China.

It seems China only wants its views to be spread to the world, but it doesn't want outsiders views to spread into China. They're scared that's why. CCP cannot control the Chinese people without censoring what they can read/write/say/hear/watch. Dictatorship!

2022-03-14 19:23


And what do you know about what is facts and truth if you only read pro-China news site that YOU ADMITTED is biased.

2022-03-14 19:26


"BBC objective is the destruction of China"

Lmao...You and your imagination. i3Investor is also banned in China, yet you're using it. You praise China's censorship yet happily use websites that the CCP doesn't want people to use. Hypocrite.

2022-03-14 20:28


Few Hundred Years? The BBC is not even 1 hundred years old yet.

2022-03-14 20:29


As I said, what do you know about the BBC or anything about China, if you only read china positive news that you admitted is bias?

2022-03-14 20:29


"we know....as Chinese people know.....the Chinese people are well served by Chinese media."

Lmao, speak for yourself lah. Other Chinese people don't want to be under Chinese censorship and only have bias chinese media to read.

2022-03-14 21:17


If Chinese censorship so good, why you watching youtube? Why are you in i3investor? CCP said not good.

2022-03-14 21:17


You don't either.

2022-03-14 21:22


When did the Taiwanese said they are well served by CCP media? Stop lying lah.

2022-03-14 21:25


If Chinese censorship so good, why you watching youtube? Why are you in i3investor? CCP said not good.

2022-03-14 21:30


"taiwan? taiwan is unfinished business from the civil war. Will have to be finished one day."

Nope, that war is over. If the PRC really wanted Taiwan, they would have done it many decades ago. It's been 70+ years since the CCP took control over mainland China, 70+ years! The only reason the PRC is making all kinds of noise now is because Taiwan is proof that Chinese can do better, and be more prosperous, without the CCP. The ancestors of the PRC chinese chose the wrong side of the civil war. They should have followed the KMT to Taiwan.

2022-03-15 01:03


There you g,o posting youtube videos again.

If Chinese censorship so good, why you watching youtube? Why are you in i3investor? CCP said not good.

2022-03-15 01:03


qqq3333 loves going to Australia and enjoy western liberty, so don’t have to take him too serious

2022-03-15 01:22


Lmao, alright then.

2022-03-15 02:06


The problem with the world is because there are more showman than statesman

2022-03-15 13:05


Too many leaders claim that their leadership and ideology are the best. That's the problem. The ego.

2022-03-15 14:44

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