[duit] why I am not a qualified trader........

[duit] why I am not a qualified trader

Publish date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017, 10:08 AM
There are plenty of success stories around ... I plan to share unsuccessful story of myself.

Few qualities that I never own in my trading journey which caused great failure to my trading portfolio.

A very good morning to my fellow readers,

As you are aware I have 2 biggest mistakes of FGV-warrant and HSI-H2C trades recently. The cost that I need to pay for my mistake is huge and dont think my silent followers have lesser losses than mine.

Like I say there are plenty of success stories in i3 and newbie and old bird also can read those stories everyday.

Today, I would like to share my bad experience and briefly tell why I am not qualified to be a trader. It may be some reference to newbie should you want to avoid the same mistake like me.


 Ideally, I set 8-12% for my cut loss principle in the risky instrument such as bad sentiment counter (FGV) and highly volatile counter (HSI-warrant). Without cut loss action 12% paper loss might become 25% in the next trading day due to evening futures move against my bet.


It should not "always" & "forever" to disobey the idea of trading to make money but not to trade for the sake of trade. I traded HSI-H2C recently when I was completely not available to monitor. There I missed out most the exit plans.


If I can conclude if a person (like me) within 1.5 year has more than 3 trades need to be auto cut loss by central system mean he/she does not know how to manage tthe trade. Worst still when we have less than 1 trade that successfully cut-gain on T4 day. This imply a person knows how to choose stock but not competent to manage it either gain or loss.

4) wii update more later



Remarks: Dont repeat my mistakes so you are one step nearer to be a good trader .


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2017-07-26 16:53

Alex Foo

can publish a book? can sell oh.....

i got loss in fgv, but made back from sunnyz, actually i earn more from sz i calculate back lol haha

jiayou duit, itu accsoft also huat until no eye see....

for connie post,

add point

9) regularly attend lecture to refresh trading course =D

2017-07-26 17:02

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

thanks connie for further points......


2017-07-26 17:17


Trading is good when it is going up
If trade like Cpteh who like to catch falling knife one need to have very big appetite for risk
Obviously no one else is better trader than Cpteh

2017-07-26 17:25

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香


Can I raise my comment on your No.1,2 and 3.....

If we really want to skip all three(3) mean we are not taking risk in trading but away from the risk. One thing very concur with you is newbie gain no advantage to trade HSI........... Firmly agree on it.

2017-07-26 17:29



2017-07-26 17:29

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

duit is another genuine investor... kaki kong kaki song

2017-07-26 17:32


I lost more than RM30k in FGV alone...Thanks to all the surprised and shocking financial scandals and management tussle. These, we can't analyze from the Financial Statement.

2017-07-26 17:34

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香


Maybank OK ma.....

2017-07-26 17:36


Duit kor, I have the same problem recently. 1 of my trade incur big lose too.
I am starting to practise your advise 1 and 2. This look simple but hard to follow with discipline.
I am with Paperplane are concurring Hengyuan recently. It gives me pretty good return. It should be no problem to recover my lose in short time.
Just know that many heaven weight Sifus ate on Hengyuan. They just pop up in HRC thread today. What a surprise OTB including KYY.

2017-07-26 19:15

Frank Soweto

Good sharing bro - stock market is never easy - even for experienced trader like yourself oso kena sometimes let alone novice like me kena even teruk if I dun becarefool- tat is why I never trade as a trader but sometimes buy long term oso die temporary haha juz like Pantat from making to losing for the longest to finally making back again after upteen years but becoz good com can hold no need to cut kuku n oso enjoy masuk pocket divvy while bleeding :) butt if buy shit longkang like the General Lee's one the stink will still be there even 10 years from now. The important thing is to acknowledge the mistake n move on. I have no doubt u will recover back unlike those delusional bravehearts until today still being sodomised by the big bad General :( Like Charles said some people just like to be cucuk-ed haha

2017-07-27 04:21

Frank Soweto

opps solly I meant my Pantech haha

2017-07-27 04:25


duit .. traders are taking risks all the time cuz the best looking chart / setup may also fail !! but these risks are calculated and manageable aka beyond one's control (it's clearly written in one's trading plan) .. thus, why add on risks that one cannot control esp playing 2 and 3 ? eg buy in anticipation of a sterling QR but the opposite is released .. gap down the next morning with no chance to cut ... then a miserable rebound but not reaching the pre-determined cut loss level ... and finally consolidate for weeks / months at low price before further catalysts kick-in !

Posted by 稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香 > Jul 26, 2017 05:29 PM | Report Abuse
Can I raise my comment on your No.1,2 and 3.....
If we really want to skip all three(3) mean we are not taking risk in trading but away from the risk. One thing very concur with you is newbie gain no advantage to trade HSI........... Firmly agree on it.

2017-07-27 09:38

Pakcik Saham

Good sharing duit.. physiology/ emotion & follow plan your trade is important

2017-07-27 10:16

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

Cheeeers all

2017-07-27 10:18


Thanks for sharing.. duit, connie, rchi sifu.

2017-07-27 11:08

Bon Bb

duit, i warn u har, u dun play delete delete har..i like the comment in this post especially our queen eh. let me finish reading first k.

by the way, good luck! i too hit by the off-trading hour movement tat day.

2017-07-27 11:43

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

Bon.. I warn u af... Faster copy I must delete all.. Hahah

2017-07-27 12:03

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

Bon.. Queen is my best fren ever. She always give me support when I fall down... We overcome all the berliku-liku together....

She is my No.1 lover now... Effective today

2017-07-27 12:04


Queen has always been my no.1 all along..you need to q at the back.. wakakaka

2017-07-27 12:33

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

Ok abandaidk..

Since I m late comer. Queen will be my No.1.5 for now on..


2017-07-27 12:39


can still be your no.1 but problem is we are no.1xxx for her mar.. wakakaka

2017-07-27 12:44

Alex Foo

haha....buy queue

2017-07-27 12:45

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香


Abangadik..ao true

Nvm. We invest patience sikit.. Hahah

2017-07-27 12:50


It is not easy to trade
Given the amount of listed company today we have
We not only need to pick the right company we still need to buy at the right price
Only the house win

2017-07-27 13:00

Bon Bb

yea..con is always kind to everyone.

2017-07-27 13:14


Property don't have much diversification
It is also the reason why it is very easy to make money from it
We don't have thousands type of property to choose from we only have less than 10 of the them (condo apartment landed terrace commercial residential etc) and they all serve the same purpose. The odd to win is 100%

2017-07-27 14:13

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

temporary I will skip all property counters....

2017-07-27 14:23


yup, its normal

2017-07-27 15:23

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

so surprised....

write something no good also so many reader?????? not Supposed show off good performance baru banyak readers meh???? so confused

2017-07-27 15:25


it's your affable personality that attracts people la luit.. nice n real gentleman.. u c all those fights in other threads like GADANG this morning and also INSAS this afternoon?

2017-07-27 15:33

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香


but I wrote bad thing and show bad performance ohh...... why U still think its attractive??? so confused more

2017-07-27 15:35


bcs u admit your mistakes n not a proud man, i repeat my statement earlier.. what can we learnt from the fight in the other two threads?: dont b proud & cocky, n stay humble.. u have these traits. & good for u, people like this

2017-07-27 15:37


sunzen how? duit don't Holland

2017-07-27 15:41


hehehe so duit is a cat that meows gently and softly ... not like a dog that either barks or bites :)

2017-07-27 15:43


ha ha u put it v nicely, i love it

2017-07-27 15:45

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

Connie... thanks for ur participation... so much to learn from third party (auditor).....

I lose money till no energy ad... cant ego, cant emo and also cant bark liao...........

2017-07-27 15:45


ha ha n the sense of humour, weeeeeeee

2017-07-27 15:46

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香


tell me which parts U like me the most.. I change... I must improve so U don't like me anymore......... can help??? no cost helping project,,.,. can consider?

2017-07-27 15:48


i just cant think of one, sorry, i think all well n good. to find n make friend, it's not easy. to create an enemy.. very easy; just go and slap him or her, becomes instant foe. or have a heated exchange of words on i3 forum..which part i like the most? honesty

2017-07-27 15:50

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香

GG....try ur best... at least find one... don't be like my duplicate ID sendiri praise sendiri only...... later my mail box penuh all shoot me again..... faster find one

2017-07-27 15:59


i think u post this question to connie better.. being a woman, she'll b a better valuer of oneself than mine.. ha ha

2017-07-27 16:00

稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香


for Connie... I must change to: Connie, U really cant find at least one good character about me????? How about I pay U RM250 u simply create one good point for me....

See....for connie.. the quest will change 360 degree to like this

2017-07-27 16:12


duit .. nobody is perfect !! i embrace all be it your weak points or strong points .. in short, i will always treasure our frenship come what may :) and i sincerely hope u feel the same towards me cuz i am no angel also ..

2017-07-27 16:29


connie dear,i think u spoil ur godson too much..hahaha...tat's y he so manja.

2017-07-27 18:26


tak qualified jagi trader sebab terlalu ikut emosi....biar lambat melabur dan jangan kelam kabut untuk kerja keuntungan....buat kajian yang panjang lebar untuk tempoh 5 tahun....sebab saham adalah untuk mereka dapat menguasai structur ekonomi semasa dan permintaan/keperluan yang lebih memihak kepada laburan untuk jangka masa panjang...tak mustahil sebab aku pun pakai kaedah warren buffet...

2017-07-28 02:55


I used to read your tread.
I'm also about 1 & half year into this hobby.
Sorry to read your story.
Its not end of the world.
Many fell and rose to their feet and marched on including sifu KCChong.
Its a temporary setback, but will remind us to be humble.
You will find your level and hope u hv a bright future from there.
Good Luck & keep posting.

2017-07-28 05:54

Alex Foo

duit, fast sapu HRC. tp 42

2017-07-28 07:02

Alex Foo

then next year about this time post 'why I so clever?' haha

2017-07-28 07:03


My personal biggest mistake is on atta la

2017-07-28 08:27

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