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“Who will be our country’s future Prime Minister?” By R Panier Selvam

Publish date: Sun, 15 Aug 2021, 07:42 PM

OUR country has been in disarray since February. Ordinary people like us, who don’t understand the role of “learned” people like our politicians in planning the COVID-19 pandemic’s covert “coup d’etat“, see it as an odd event to accept.

We therefore accepted their justifications for taking over the Government without having to go through the ballot papers, as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had done. Unlike Tunisia and Thailand, we did not take to the streets to protest.

We had a lot of patience. Despite the many lockdowns and the unnecessary Sabah election held because of a few dishonest persons, the number of COVID-19 cases has increased, we continue to pay attention to the Government’s pleas.

Even while several ministers and prominent people broke the lockdown restrictions, they were only mildly reprimanded, whereas ordinary people, such as the burger seller in Kelantan, were severely punished. We retain the appropriate level of formality.

We, Malaysians, adore our nation and always respect our leaders, even if we know that some of them are unfit to serve this nation. Such leaders are always forgiven and forgotten.

The growth in unemployment, combined with the high rate of suicide in Malaysia, has recently raised concerns about the present administration’s legitimacy. The current Government’s unwillingness to convene Parliament as much as possible casts doubt on its lawfulness as well.

The persistent disagreement between the current administration and the Palace raises further doubts about whether their working compatibility would be sufficient for the country’s decent governance.

Contract doctors’ protests, as well as hundreds of young people’s demonstrations calling for the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to quit, show that people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the current administration.

Who will be our country’s future Prime Minister?

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is the right person to lead our country through this crisis. He is a charismatic leader who is well-liked by people from all walks of life in our country. He is aware of the pain and expectations of the people.

He was a former deputy prime minister and finance minister who successfully managed our country’s finances throughout his time in office. He is always attentive and sympathetic to those in need, particularly the impoverished.

He has also been imprisoned twice and has experienced both sides of life – good and bad. He is well-liked around the world and can entice investors, particularly from abroad, to help revive our economy.

If the incumbent prime minister resigns, the Agong has the prerogative to choose the country’s next prime minister. Despite the fact that we have other candidates, Anwar Ibrahim will be the best fit for the current circumstances.

Various attempts have been undertaken over the last twelve years to prevent Anwar Ibrahim from becoming Prime Minister of this country. Others can hold the country’s highest office, but not him. That was the part that perplexed us the most.

As a result, we implore our Agong to use his great wisdom to appoint a qualified and capable prime minister to lead this country to new heights. – Aug 15, 2021


R Paneir Selvam is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Business, Economic and Accounting/Institute of Crime and Criminology, HELP University.

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If our leaders are smart, they don't call for parliament sitting everyday.

During a pandemic, leaders cannot solve a problem with collaboration?

I thought leaders are supposed to put rakyat in the first place. Can parliament solve any problem so far?

What we can hear so far are mostly the argument about the number of congressman's support. And accusing each other for not doing a good job.

We hear mostly about the power struggle and very minimal about ending an epidemic (pandemic requires worldwide collaboration).

Arguing about the support can help end our epidemic? Buying katak can help Sabah solve epidemiological problem over there?

2021-08-17 13:21


Trust me, if Harapan come back as government, they will give tons of excuses not to hold parliment! Sounds familiar! Ever heard of PN!

2021-08-17 13:23


I can see most ppl is about Me Me Me only, what government can do for me, which guy can prop up stock market even artificially if that means I have a chance to make money.

Najib la go for. What for care about future? It is now, now punya stock market MUST GO UP, BETUL TAK

2021-08-17 13:27


hope the interim PM should be Tengku Razaleigh.. Experience and acceptable by many parties

2021-08-17 13:38


dinosaur-don't want

2021-08-17 13:45


Najib is not bad. I just dislike his habit spending future money, issuing many many bonds with high interest rate.

2021-08-17 13:45


Post removed.Why?

2021-08-17 13:45


KJ is good. He won't get much support from UNO.

2021-08-17 13:46


Post removed.Why?

2021-08-17 13:47


can't believe someone still support cash is king Najib. That explains your personality.

2021-08-17 14:17


How about KJ ?

2021-08-17 14:35


Actually high time for next leaders above 50 to represent us! Please stop voting those 70 and above!

2021-08-17 14:45


I think mat Sabu is a perfect choice for PM. Every factions will agree.

2021-08-17 14:50


KJ is young but a lots of scandal haunting him. He also doesn't get much support from his fellow UNO members.

2021-08-17 14:51


If Noor Hisham's number is below 20k today, MyHiadi still got chance.

If you know Noor's tactic, he is good at manipulating numbers.

2021-08-17 15:11


gohkimhock....Cash is always King...dats y we r in Bursa now to earn more n more RM

2021-08-17 15:43


health DG must bye bye as well...

2021-08-17 15:47


No UMNO members as PM will be good for Malaysia.

2021-08-17 16:06


pls don't vote semua orang pening sop as PM

2021-08-17 16:23

Michael Kwok

The PM is from UMNoAlready 80 percent sure.Only the annoucement.PN had 115-125 MP.Majority.
Not Anwar.Anwar promise 2 deputy post before one for the Malay and Chinese.Anwar had forget Chinese help.Chinese had the larger MP then Warisan.

How come Warisan get the deputy post.Should have 2 because Chinese view must be listen and appease the Chinese.The news already say one deputy post.

2021-08-17 18:22


"Only the annoucement.PN had 115-125 MP.Majority."

LOL, 222 parliament seat, from where you get 18 extra??

2021-08-17 18:30


The turtles will migrate if Sabri becomes PM

2021-08-17 18:43


Gara gara ancaman hebat covid, kerja beroperasi PM terpaksa dibahagikan kepada 2 shift. Ismail penyu, PM shift pagi (8.00 pagi sampai 8.00 malam). sementara, Anwar PM shift malam 8.00 malam sehingga 8.00 pagi). Sekian, terima kasih.

2021-08-17 18:59

Michael Kwok

PN not fall yet.Only want Muyiddin off.
If already break then Anwar is the next PM on Wednesday.

But is not.PN not break yet.Having majority 115-125 MP.Ex.not all listen to Zahid in Umno is also same not all PH MP listen to Anwar.Anwar assume 100 percent PH MP will listen to him.

2021-08-17 19:23


Post removed.Why?

2021-08-17 19:23

Michael Kwok

PN and PH who will win???

2021-08-17 19:25


Wehhh...Bila masa saya pilih Sabri?

2021-08-17 19:34


I choose Lim Guan Eng as PM

2021-08-17 19:35


Who cares who becomes PM.

Malaysian politicians are thrash.

2021-08-17 19:54


Malaysian politician = sampah masyarakat.

2021-08-17 20:03


Sabri Ismail as PM and Deputy PM from Bersatu. Others supporters like PAS, MIC, MCA, etc etc would follow suit. From news report.

It would be like a PM and cabinet re-shuffle.

Nothing would change except for the faces and special report to Agong every week.

** Same old story but... This time UMNO would lead the show.

2021-08-18 07:59


Sick with oldie politicians, when can our country like France and NZ whereby new and more longer vision young politicians emerge to replace those old politicians??

2021-08-18 08:05


BN uno back to power? Same old story like 80s and 90s? Good luck.

2021-08-18 08:20


Shafie Apdal as PM??!!! you gotta be kidding.... Cant even managed Sabah!!!

2021-08-18 08:26


If there are no better options, AI is a better "stock" to trade!!

2021-08-18 08:31


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Posted by leno > Aug 17, 2021 6:41 PM | Report Abuse

Okay the poll is on :
Fact 1 : Nobody care who u want.

This poll is not about which lancau u think will become PM ?

This is based on the votes the lancau can get.
Not based on your vote.
Your vote doesn't count okay.

U like or don't like the fellow also not count.
Nobody give a fak who u like okay.

2021-08-18 09:47


Time up. 4 pm. Who is the PM?

2021-08-18 16:13


from 8.0 Am to 8.00 PM, Ismail penyu as PM. From 8.00 pm to am- Anwar....Two shifts PM...

2021-08-18 16:15


You need to give Agong time to calculate. He is not your employee. There will be meeting this Friday.

2021-08-18 16:15


Give him a chance lah!

Respect lah!

Forget & forgive lah!

This Ismail sabri the new PM u know or not ?

2021-08-18 16:23


Sexual assault suit: Writ and statement of claim submitted to Anwar's legal firm today
TheEdge Wed, Aug 18, 2021 10:25pm - 2 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 18): A suit filed by a former research assistant to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim against the PKR president has been delivered to the legal firm representing him by hand.

The suit was submitted by Muhammed Yusoff Rawther as the plaintiff on July 14 on claims of sexual assault on him at Anwar’s residence three years ago.

Counsel Mahajoth Singh, who is representing Muhammed Yusoff, said the writ and the statement of claim had been submitted today to the lawyer representing Anwar from the legal firm, Ranjit Singh & Yeoh, at its office in Solaris Dutamas here.

"The court also set Sept 9 for further case management," he said when contacted by reporters after case management via e-review before High Court deputy registrar Idamasliza Maarof, today.

In his statement of claim, Muhammed Yusoff, 28, alleged the sexual assault took place on Oct 2 2018 at the residence of Anwar, 73, in Segambut when he was asked by Anwar’s private secretary Shukri Saad to deliver the text of a speech in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi organised by the Indian High Commission to the defendant.

The plaintiff alleged Anwar sexually assaulted and molested him while he rejected the defendant’s moves and asked him to stop committing the act.

He claimed the defendant then appeared upset and disappointed and before leaving the defendant told the plaintiff, "I want to do this again" in which the plaintiff replied that he would never be alone in a room with the defendant.

After the incident, Muhammed Yusoff claimed there was no communication between them for about a month, even though the plaintiff was still working with the defendant in the office before being shifted to Yayasan Aman.

The plaintiff, who resigned from Yayasan Aman on June 24 2019, said a police report was made against Anwar on Dec 7 2019 and the plaintiff took a polygraph test at the police headquarters in Bukit Aman on Dec 17 the same year and claimed the defendant declined to take the test.

According to Muhammed Yusoff, the Attorney-General’s Chambers had issued a media statement that there was insufficient evidence to charge Anwar.

The plaintiff alleged that as a result of the incident, he was accused of plotting to bring down and destroy the political career of the defendant apart from causing mental health issues to the plaintiff from criticism from political leaders supporting Anwar as well as members of the public.

As such, the plaintff is claiming compensation for special, general, aggravated and exemplary damages and interest as well as other reliefs deemed fit by the court.

2021-08-19 00:36


Wow today this news also out. Why in January 2019 this news not reveal? Why only today this news is out?

2021-08-19 00:41

Michael Kwok

This is PH play from inside.Anwar dun wan LGE PM;LGE dun wan Anwar to be PM.Over 80 percent problem usually come internally.
Not LGE not good but made too much silly mistake;
I) Ask allocation from PN but not for whole Chinese but only for Penang
II) Buy vaccine Sinovac not for all Chinese or Malaysia but for Penang only
III)Say appologize if the Sinovac vaccine prove to be fake but till now not even Public Applogise.
IV) Say recognise Chinese school exam but not even one yet.
V)Covid 19 not even coming out a lot to show example and direction but....

2021-08-19 21:03


micheal...its a PN coup, nothing to do with Anwar or lge. ...but court cluster will be free lge go to jail.

2021-08-19 21:09

Michael Kwok

No.Its own people play.Let wish both side PN and PH the best on their day.No point shouting and banging thing.
Life just tht.No 100 percent perfect.A normal people will not do thing like tht.Shouting and banging thing.

2021-08-20 16:21


PN stayed together like wolves because its feeding time.

its a malay unity government and what is a few Chinese MPs doing there? any country , there are some traitors, a few....micheal one of the few?

2021-08-20 18:32


in time Bersatu will merge with UMNO and that is the end of Bersatu.....the revival of umno is complete and nobody can challenge malay unity and win.....................who ever can claim to represent Malay unity will win in any future election in Malaysia. ...for GE 15, there will be no more Bersatu....and I guess PKR/ DAP will face disasters too.............

2021-08-20 18:39


qqq3333, they want to cari makan also. MIC also there. Sabah party also there.All supporters. Csh is truly king to mca, mic, a few Sabah and Swak MP? Betul?

Posted by qqq3333 > Aug 20, 2021 6:17 PM | Report Abuse

PN stayed together like wolves because its feeding time.

its a malay unity government and what is a few Chinese MPs doing there?

2021-08-20 19:01


Posted by trum > Aug 20, 2021 6:53 PM | Report Abuse X

I heard in i3 possibly rm10 conversion kambing a few years down the road lah?
All Sifus winnings in Bursa here will be depreciated to from 4.25 to 10.00 conversion rate?. This is the end game?

2021-08-20 19:04


1 usd : rm6
1 yuan : rm1
coming soon.

2021-08-20 19:53

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