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DoE, Cenviro Sdn Bhd monitor air and water quality following chemical storage facility blaze

Publish date: Sat, 13 Apr 2024, 01:05 PM

SEREMBAN: The Department of Environment (DoE) and the waste management centre Cenviro Sdn Bhd (Pusat Kualiti Alam) are monitoring the air and water conditions in their vicinity following a fire at a scheduled chemical storage facility at the centre yesterday.

Negri Sembilan State Committee on Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Climate Change, Cooperatives, and Consumer Affairs chairman S. Veerapan in a statement said his team had visited the scene to gather the latest information on the incident.

"The Fire and Rescue Department is investigating to determine the cause of the fire after receiving a call from the scene.

"The fire has been successfully contained from spreading to other areas, and we are still awaiting an assessment of the damage from Pusat Kualiti Alam."

Veerapan said further investigations are being carried out to identify the exact cause of the fire.

"We want to ensure that local authorities and the state government take responsibility for handling this incident efficiently and effectively.

"We are still awaiting detailed reports while Pusat Kualiti Alam monitors the air and water conditions in their vicinity."

Meanwhile, Veerapan said Cenviro also calls the public to remain calm as they work to contain the fire at the centre.

"Relevant authorities including the fire brigade and the police are at the scene and managing the situation.

"All employees have been safely evacuated to designated meeting points, and the public is advised not to panic or spread false information on social media or messaging apps," he said.

Yesterday, a fire ravaged the 6,500 square metres of Shed A storage facility for scheduled chemical waste at Cenviro Sdn Bhd (Pusat Kualiti Alam).

The state Fire and Rescue Department said following an emergency call regarding a fire at the Cenviro Sdn Bhd premises at 5.58pm yesterday, four fire stations namely from Seremban, Seremban 2, Rantau and Port Dickson with a total of 66 firemen were mobilised to respond to the incident.

It was later around two hours later at 8.20pm.

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