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Premier: Sarawak’s record RM13.1b revenue in 2023 a result of state govt’s diligence

Publish date: Sun, 16 Jun 2024, 08:32 PM

KUCHING, June 16 — Sarawak’s achievement in collecting RM13.1 billion revenue last year was due to the hard work and diligence of the state government, said Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg.

He said the revenue, which was the highest performance ever achieved by the state, was not something that was attained easily.

“No other state in the country has ever achieved RM13 billion in revenue collection. Even if you combined all the states, they still cannot surpass Sarawak.

“This is because we work hard. ‘Rezeki’ (blessings or sustenance) does not fall on our laps. ‘Rezeki’ only comes when we work hard,” he said at the Gedong district Gawai Dayak Ngiling Bidai ceremony held at RTC Munggu Lalang Hall in Gedong today.

Also present were Deputy Utility and Telecommunication Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Junaidi, Chief Political Secretary to the Premier Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman, Simunjan assemblyman Awla Dris and former Gedong assemblyman Datuk Seri Naroden Majais.

Abang Johari, who is Gedong assemblyman, said he remains unbothered by his critics for everything that he has done for Sarawak has been with utmost sincerity.

He said he is aware of the criticisms some may have against him especially when Sarawak is now often in the limelight for its remarkable progress over the years.

“As we progress, there are bound to be people who are envious of our achievements. It is human nature.

“It’s okay if they want to criticise me. As long as I am sincere in everything that I do, I will receive blessings from God,” he said.

He also said that his good intentions and sincerity in developing Sarawak has allowed him to be blessed with good health in return.

“As a Muslim, I believe that God will help me. At least I’m healthy. I’m 74 years old but I can still stand and walk without the need for a cane. I thank God for what He has given me. I am not rich, but God gave me health and that is what is important,” he said.

Recently, several police reports were lodged against a writer whose online articles were alleged to have slandered and disparaged Abang Johari.

One of the reports was lodged by Political Secretary to the Premier Datuk Nyomek Nyeap last Thursday (June 13), who said the articles demeaned Abang Johari and were made to tarnish the Premier’s credibility.

He also said that the writer’s actions were designed to stir dissatisfaction among the people which could undermine the existing harmony in Sarawak. — The Borneo Post

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