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Sabah PKR chairman calls Sabahans to reject using non-citizens to rally for rights

Publish date: Sun, 16 Jun 2024, 04:01 PM

KOTA KINABALU: Sabahans should reject any individual, organisation or party that involves stateless people or non-citizens in efforts to voice out issues or state rights, says Datuk Mustapha Sakmud.

The Sabah PKR chairman and Deputy Higher Education minister said no one should involve non-citizens in efforts to fight for state rights.

He regrets the recent peaceful demonstration by Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) students and residents as non-citizens were involved.

"I read from newspapers and from the leader of the student body who took part in the demonstration that they brought stateless people to be part of the rally," Mustapha said.

He said this during the PKR 25th anniversary and Kaamatan celebrations here on Sunday (June 16).

"For me, I think they shouldn’t have brought the stateless or illegal immigrants or non-citizens to be part of initiatives to fight for Sabahan rights," he said.

Mustapha said some Acts and laws allow for peaceful rallies to be carried out, but organisers must get the permit, follow the rules and be rational in their actions.

"We want our voices to be heard and we want to fight for our rights," he said.

However, he called for the people to reject individuals, non-governmental organisations, political parties or any efforts to use the issues at hand for their own agendas and involve non-citizens in these attempts.

Mustapha said any investigations pertaining to the ‘Kami Mahu Air’ (we want water) peaceful rally should be left to the cops to handle.

During the two-day demonstration, a total of nine undocumented people were arrested while the others ended the rally without handing over a memorandum on their demands to end water woes in UMS and its surrounding areas to the Chief Minister.

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