Hong Kong trouble / suicide

Publish date: Fri, 26 Jul 2019, 10:20 AM
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Thank you all for reading the post on Hong Kong trouble / suicide and comment.

Here is a reminder of Hong Kong importance to China:

So the fight for ?!?

Yes as a financial centre, Shanghai is catching up fast. Maybe surpass Hong Kong already.

So what, one get this freedom and that when the importance of Hong Kong to China become just that - nothing eventually. So, what is important? Food on the table or the right to free speech, what is free speech?

This fight between China ideal and the Western model is being played out on the street of Hong Kong.

(Thanks qqq3 for the link, much appreciated)

Just like BREXIT, London as a financial center to Europe become irrelevance then to the world too sooner rather later. Now with a leader who looks like lost in his own world, a lesson for all.

I hope to see this fight (China vs West) to some conclusion in my life-time.

Government of the peopleby the people, for the people


OF THE 1%, BY THE 1%, FOR THE 1%

Have a good weekend all.

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