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[5281] ADVANCECON HOLDINGS BERHAD [ADVCON] : From Earthworks to Solar Power

Publish date: Mon, 12 Jun 2023, 03:59 PM
You Never See It Coming...

In the dynamic world of construction and infrastructure development, one name stands out in Malaysia - Advancecon Infra Sdn Bhd. With a rich legacy spanning over a quarter of a century, Advancecon has carved a niche for itself as a leading light in civil engineering and infrastructure works. This ISO certified, CIDB G7 accredited establishment has been the backbone of numerous landmark projects, transforming the Malaysian landscape while setting benchmarks for excellence.

Advancecon's expertise extends beyond the ordinary. It's not just about building structures, it's about creating a robust foundation for the future. From preparing building platforms and embankments to engineering activities for infrastructure construction, Advancecon's work is a testament to the company's commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

The company's team of seasoned managers, engineers, and professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that every project is executed to the highest standards. As a Grade "7" contractor registered with CIDB under SPKK, Advancecon has the capability to tender for Malaysian Government projects of unlimited value, demonstrating its capacity to handle projects of any scale.

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On 13th Jan 2023, ADVCON proposed to undertake a private placement of up to 20% of the total number of issued shares.


In terms of financial details, the private placement is structured with a clear allocation of funds. The majority of the proceeds from the private placement, amounting to RM 21,690,000, will be directed towards the development of a solar photovoltaic energy generating facility. This project is expected to commence within 12 months from the receipt of the placement funds. In addition to this, an estimated sum of RM 110,000 has been earmarked specifically for expenses associated with the Proposed Private Placement. These expenses, which will be incurred upon the completion of the Proposed Private Placement, include professional fees for advisers and placement agents, regulatory fees, and other incidental expenses related to the Proposed Private Placement. This strategic financial planning underscores the company's commitment to efficient resource allocation and sustainable growth.

On the 28th of March, 2023, a resolution was passed to establish the issue price for the Private Placement. It was decided that each Placement Share would be set at a price of RM0.215.


​In a significant development in Malaysia's renewable energy sector, Fabulous Sunview has been awarded a contract worth RM93.83 million. The contract, received on October 25 last year, was awarded by LSS TPG Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Advancecon Holdings Bhd.

The contract entails the development of a large-scale photovoltaic (PV) plant with a capacity of 26 MW. This project marks a significant step forward in Malaysia's commitment to renewable energy and sustainable development.

The large-scale solar PV plant project underscores the growing importance of renewable energy in Malaysia's energy mix. It also highlights the role of private sector companies like Fabulous Sunview and Advancecon Holdings in driving the growth of the renewable energy sector.

This contract is a testament to Fabulous Sunview's capabilities in the renewable energy sector. It also signals a vote of confidence in the company's ability to deliver on large-scale projects.

For Advancecon Holdings, this project represents a strategic investment in renewable energy, aligning with global trends towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. It also showcases the company's commitment to contributing to Malaysia's renewable energy goals.

Reference: Sunview secures RM58.9 mil banking facility to finance solar PV plant in Kuala Langat

In a strategic move, Advancecon Holdings Bhd's subsidiary, Spring Energy Sdn Bhd (SESB), has clinched a RM11.54 million subcontract for the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project. This lucrative deal, involving the construction of subgrade earthwork, is set to bolster Advancecon's future earnings and has already positively impacted its share value. Funded through internal resources and external borrowings, this project underscores Advancecon's robust financial strategy and its growing influence in the infrastructure development sector.

Reference: Advancecon bags RM11.54 mil ECRL subcontract

​In conclusion, Advancecon stands as a beacon of excellence in Malaysia's construction and infrastructure development sector. With a rich legacy and a forward-looking approach, the company has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver high-quality projects, making it a compelling choice for investors seeking exposure to this dynamic industry.

Advancecon's strategic investments in renewable energy and infrastructure projects, such as the solar photovoltaic energy generating facility and the East Coast Rail Link project, highlight the company's commitment to sustainable growth and innovation. These initiatives not only contribute to Malaysia's renewable energy goals but also provide a robust platform for Advancecon's future earnings growth.

The company's recent private placement, with a clear allocation of funds and a strategic issue price, further underscores Advancecon's strong financial planning and management capabilities. This, coupled with the company's ability to secure lucrative contracts, makes Advancecon a promising investment prospect.

As Advancecon continues to carve its niche in the industry, it offers potential investors a unique opportunity to be part of a company that is not just building structures, but shaping the future of Malaysia's infrastructure landscape. With its strong fundamentals, strategic investments, and commitment to excellence, Advancecon is well-positioned to deliver solid returns for its investors in the years to come.

It is my hope that the information provided in this article will be useful for all investors. My intention is simply to share information about a company that has the potential to bring profit to investors. Ultimately, any decision made is up to the individual.

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