Story of 3 little pig & the Big Bad Wolf: Or Wolf of wall street is the FED: and 3 Little stocks: 1) Tech. 2) Common Stocks: 3) Palm Oil., Calvin Tan

Publish date: Sat, 12 Feb 2022, 11:41 PM
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Hi Guys,

I have An Investment Approach I which I would like to all.

Hi guys


Morale of the Story


1st Little Pig is Tech stocks build by straw with frothy P/E above 50 to 100

Now FED is huffing, puffing up interest rate & BLOW on Tech the house of Straw

Gone case soon


2nd Little Pig is Common Stocks. Crash of Tech will pull down common stocks the house of sticks


3rd Little Pig built on Rock Solid Palm Oil Survived

Palm oil survided the 1997/8 Asian Financial Crisis

Palm oil did very well during the Subprime Crisis of 2008/9








Warmest regards

Calvin Tan


Please buy or sell after doing your own due diligence

Why Palm oil Bull Run is not Game Over like Gloves? After the pullback it Shall Rebound Up Again, Calvin Tan

Created by calvintaneng | Jul 02, 2022

Why Palm oil Bull Run is not Game Over like Gloves? After the pullback it Shall Rebound Up Again, Calvin Tan

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Plantation stock rally has just begun in Feb 2022. It appear to me that there is a lot more steam for this rally to continue for months. Like many other stock rallies, we may see some plantation's share price surge pass triple digit % increase. I will just lock up my plantation stocks to enjoy the once in a lifetime superb return.

GLOVE rally lasted 4 months to reach its peak (Apr 2020 to Aug 2020).
Supermax share price was around $1.63 (2/4/2020) to around $23.00 (7/8/2020), increase of 1,311%
Topglove was $6.40 (2/4/2020) to $28.00 (7/8/2020), increase of 338%
Harta was $6.80 to $21.00 , increase of 209%

STEEL rally lasted about 6 months to reach its peak(Nov 2020 to May 2021)
Anjoo share price was $0.60 (2/11/2020) to $3.10 (10/5/21), increase of 417%
SSteel was $0.42 to $1.20, increase of 186%
Melewar was $0.20 to $0.72 , increase of 260%.

2022-02-18 06:35


Yesterday was a slaughter day by the Wolf

Tech pig more than 2.8% or more than 400 points

Common stock dow pig loss over 600 points for the biggest drop in Wall street for year 2022

But soybean went up slightly when everything crashed left and right

This is it!!!

Build on the safety of Palm oil best

2022-02-18 06:54


Are you overweight on large cap plantation or small caps? I need to know, thanks.

2022-02-18 06:56


@Johnzhang @calvintaneng

I have solid knowledge of the sentiment among foreign investors in plantation. A lot of them are dubious and concerned with the ESG risks. The issue is, the large increase in profits posted by these companies especially KLK was too good to ignore. Which explains the surge in volume and share price for the past 8 trading days.

2022-02-18 06:59


Overweight in Mid cap and small cap

(Big caps only good during bad times)
,(In bad times buy good defensive palm oil stocks but in good times you must go for unloved lower liners and midcap)

These are the top picks

Tsh resources (a must have)
Thplant (best because cheap )

Others will come later

Above are low hanging fruits and all got over 200,000 acres of palm oil bigger than Singapore landmass of 180,000 acres

2022-02-18 07:11


Ok I will do more research on small cap plantation. Will let you know soon and discuss further. Pick one that has not exploded yet and preferably with a smaller float

2022-02-18 07:14


Any plantation stocks that have better charts than Thplant and Bplant with a recognisable name? Please let me know besides Ta-ann

2022-02-18 07:15


My own pick FGV, THp, SOP and BPlant

2022-02-18 07:19


After all low hanging fruits with best potential have gone up I got another list

Will share this 1st in Eagle Vision First Mover

2022-02-18 07:25


Ok, I don't really have time to check later. Do private message if available. We can discuss further

2022-02-18 07:31


Wallstreetrookie, I brand those blind ESG followers especially the local IBs and sovereign funds as ESG hypocrites . If those hypocrites are serious in driving changes, they should engage with the businesses or even increase their investment in these companies to exercise greater ESG influence .
Rakuten’s Vincent lau has said yesterday “while ESG concerns are increasingly relevant, the financial performance of the companies will be the primary factor driving investment decisions. Profit is still paramount. The financial picture is still the top driver “
Aun Rand in her novel Atlas Shrugged,said modern business people run their firms more to please the ethical judgment of intellectual and politicians, rather than looking at their customers and at the economic sustainability of their project.

2022-02-18 08:19


Haha calvin is finally back to promoting Thplant .. same same as promoting Bplant , Wtk , Tdm many years ago .. 2017 , 2018 ke ...

Bplant is stagger up with 3-4 sen a day ..

18/2 : 0.96 , Vwap 0.953 , 0.925 -0.97

Hope is not like Scomies ....

2022-02-19 09:47



Mickey mouse is here!

bulldog and Mabel asking for you in Fgv forum

Go there and see how they so happy now

Thplant also up and up so much now

All palm oil companies share holders are sooooooo sooooo happy

2022-02-19 11:42


HAHA bulldog n mabell hv been asking for me in TDM also .. why bother ..

2022-02-21 07:04


Haha kon mabell is delusional oredi .. see his posts in SD until jail 2 times even is during suspension times ..

Promote TG from 7.25 .. now is 2.06 ..

Promote SD in TG at 0.57 n 0.42 ..

2022-02-21 07:08


Haha Thplant ? Out of the IB analyst mentioned 7 plantation stocks .. only Thplant is recommended “ Sell “ ..

2022-02-21 07:11


Haha bulldog is just copy n paste , calvin has been posted in TDM also .. bulldog famous wording .. “ Uptrend is Stoppable “

2022-02-21 07:16


Never listen to IB on palm oil. They gave out Palm oil call warrants to bet against palm oil

Also never listen to mickey mouse because during Supermax's glove bull run in 2020 he posted negative stuff on Supermax when it was Rm3.00

Fortunately, we closed our ears to Mickey and held on our Supermax from Rm3 to Rm24.44 in the most powerful upside

So will be Thplant. Thplant is full of palm oil lands at 240,000 acres strong

Thplant will be a star performing palm oil stocks we should hold

2022-02-21 07:24


As we get nearer to March 2022 the fear index of FED raising int rate will cause market to be extremely volatile

Palm oil and farm lands being in a completely different category of Common or Tech bubble stocks will be very defensive

Stay safe

Safest is palm oil now

2022-02-21 08:31


Haha just like con artist callvin is promoting NFCP : Netx saying here ppl , remisier r bodo ...

Haha Kon mabell is still Trap in FGV .. refer to when is he started promoting .. same same as in SD ..sleep like a baby .. hahaha

2022-02-21 11:55


Haha recalled Calvin is promoting Jtiasa started on August 2017 until 1Q of 2018 .. what is the price then ??

WTK .. same same ?

TDM .. same same ?

Thplant .. same same ?

Bplant ... same same ?

haha anyway as said to Pretender sslleee in Insas , hope his posted Gain is true , not to be kon for life ...

2022-02-21 12:01


Haha Goreng is Rugi today lah :

Bplant : 0.93 with VWAP 0.963

Thplant : 0.86 with VWAP 0.901..

2022-02-21 15:52


Big bad wolf turn into Mickey mouse when PALM OIL WILL REBOUND!

All Tech and common stocks will be left behind

2022-02-21 16:24


Haha what happen to Thplant that at last calvin is promote after hidding behind bplant .. calvin did promote Thplant many years ago ..

2022-02-23 09:52


Bplant price n VWAP

18/2 : 0.96 , Vwap 0.953 , 0.925 -0.97

22/2 : 1.00 , vwap 0.994 , 0.935 - 1.04

Thplant :

22/2 : 0.895 , vwap 0.898 , 0.825 - 0.935

2022-02-23 09:53


Bplant has crossed Rm1.00 chun chun

2022-02-26 09:19


Jaya Tiasa has followed Bplant crossed Rm1.00 as well

2022-02-26 09:19


SOP almost reaching Rm6.00

2022-02-26 09:20


All the targets are being fulfilled one by one Chun Chun in Bull's eyes!

We are in the most powerful Palm oil Super bull of the Century

Don't miss now ! Now!! NOW!!!

2022-02-26 09:22


Yesterday Tech laden Nasdaq collapsed by more than 3%

The fate of Tech bubble imploding will mirror glove stocks collapse

Still got anymore cash left in Tech better take it out and run to the house of Rock for safety which is Palm oil

2022-03-08 07:43


Tech dead cat bounce is final opportunity to get out and get into the safety of palm oil

2022-03-28 08:57


These are very strong warning signs to get out of Bloated Tech stocks

1. USA banned palm oil products will lead to Very very high food inflation and other by products of Vege oil in over 50% of USA Supermarkets

As a result Inflation in USA is not 7.9% but real inflation is 15%

As such according to Robert Kiwosaki 50% Of USA people will fall below poverty line and go bankrupt like Sri Lanka

2. To prevent very high inflation which will destroy the livelihoods of people USA must now raise interest rates to above 10% to put out inflation fires

3. By so doing Nasdaq which depends on "future" profits will now see very high present interest rates which will compound up and they will not survive like those days when borrowings with almost free interest
Nasdaq will then collapse by 70% to 80% and by proxy all Klse Tech stocks will collapse like the house of straw

Get out of Tech now Now NOW!

Go buy palm oil for utmost safety

You have been warned !

2022-04-18 00:08


Day of reckoning today

Over 700 Klse stocks down in tech crash carnage while palm oil is up

All stubborn techies are caught by the marauding Wolf

Those bought palm oil has found safety

2022-04-25 10:07



2022-04-25 10:18


Correctloh.....Cpo cash mkt up more than Rm 500 to more than Rm 7400 loh!

The future july up more than Rm 380 to more than Rm 6700 mah!

Very bullish price upgrade mah!

Big profit coming loh!

2022-04-25 13:12


Very Hot Loh!
Average CPO prices below:

Now July22 fut 6754
Q1 2022 6,197

Q4 2021 5,194
Q3 2021 4,466
Q2 2021 4,195
Q1 2021 3,938

Q4 2020 3,401
Q3 2020 2,783
Q2 2020 2,301
Q1 2020 2,673

Q4 2019 2,522
Q3 2019 2,053
Q2 2019 2,008
Q1 2019 2,089

2022-04-25 13:22


nasdaq collapsing

house blown away

2022-04-26 22:37


Nasdaq crashed by over 4% to end at its worst since 2008

All kena caught by wolf of wall street Fed puffing up interest rate

Tech depending on "future cash flow" cannot stand high int rate

Sell all Klse Tech stocks on market opening and "All in Palm " for safety in house of Rock

2022-04-30 04:45


Tech dropped 5% now

all shivering in panic

2022-05-06 00:12


tech crash will drag down dow

Dow dropped 1100 points in panic sell

2022-05-06 00:13


only safety = palm oil

2022-05-06 00:13


bull run to oil counters lo.... will be back to palm oil after the profit announcement

2022-05-06 09:15


Palm oil panic sell

TSH now selling RM1.65. Bought at RM1.843. Sad.

2022-05-06 09:32


Today market bearish but IBs stop (or temporary?) shorting TSH instead. Weird.

2022-05-06 10:10


Today in USA (18 May 2022) another petrifying panic as wolf has caught many die hard Tech zoombies

Tech down will drag dow and s&p as well

Only Rock solid safety still palm oil

2 months ago


Correctloh Palmoil plantation is the best way to hide mah!

U r effectively involve with food production mah!

2 months ago


Fed turnes from QE (quantitive rasing) to QT (quantitative tightening)

Very very bad for Tech stocks

only safety left is pa oil

2 months ago


Fed turns from QE (quantative easing) to QT (quantitative tightening)

Veryy very bad for Tech stocks

Sell all Tech stocks

But palm oil for dafety

2 months ago


buy palm oil with high dividend yield

2 months ago



hs plant


innoplant/tsh resources


all give good dividends

later Thplant, Sop, Jtiasa, simeplant, fgv, ioi corp all will also give good dividends

2 months ago

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