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2023-08-25 13:51 | Report Abuse

Hi Lyon91, Jonathan Keung, Warchest, I love all you guys calls. I hope all these materialize...
It just does not make sense for big 3, especially the TanSri QLC, Hong Leong Big Boss, to have invested in a company @RM1-RM1.2, with no or least return in past 6-7 years...Money is not a matter for QLC, reputation is the most important.

The stock in the end, just my opinion. should, and must exceed its IPO price, even after the all dividends...i beleive this will come very soon based on the recent developments.

Yeah RM 1.2 is a bench mark to decide to sell.....agree with Warchest.

Disclaimer: Just own opinion, not a buy call or sell call...


2023-08-25 11:11 | Report Abuse

Lyuon 91, i hope so, Warchest also hope the same i guess...based on thier announcement yesterday, they mentioned very good sale proceed which generate more cash...so this hints next QR in Sep will be favourable...

remember initially they members all 900 mil as cash back to investors, first tranch of 12.5sen,, in three batches to around 37 sens....Remember thi is mentioned as poprosed.

Now they announce first tranch of 33 sen...which is this is much more than they informed early, so i think in reality they are making good profit and sale proceeds...
As a matter of facts, during COVID-Post COVID, there is no new launch or new construction launch.... i think all completed properties/units before COVID/ during COVID, should be a;ready absorbed well by market buyers...high inflation may trigger interest in investing in property....so...they may have good sale proceeds...

whether they hide it in UK account...we dunno know...but seems like the report should be good...

Just my opinion/guess...not a buy call or sell call....


2023-08-25 11:06 | Report Abuse

RISK8888, you are right always, can u write email/or attend AGM and request full refund? at the end i guess most here will be happy too, i believe all early investor has recoup back after averaging down...so current scenario is pleasing.

Did u recoup ? Did u average down?


2023-08-25 10:50 | Report Abuse

I think, just my opinion, the EWINT is charted by CEO Datuk Chang/Teow/ Tan Sri LKS.
Another big shareholder is Hong Leong Boss Tan Sri QLC....

I think Big share holder, could be Tan Sri QLC wanted to cash back to capitalized on advantageous MYR/GBP exhange rate currently (Multiyear high GBP vs MYR)...

So this is what they have to do to be answerable to Tan Sri QLC who like many of us, invested since 2016 and only gets rewarded with one or two times dividends.

of course the ECOWORLD gengs, Datuk Teow/Chang, TanSri LKS will be happy to keep all cash with EWINT as they are into it, but somewhere outside the management my not want casr reserved to be trapped within the compnay forever.

So it makes senses for me that now after years, and during high GBP/MYR exchange, and during the high interesat Era....to have cash back while remianing some as working capital modal.

Just my guess...I may be wrong


2023-08-25 09:49 | Report Abuse

Warchest--yes...thas what we are pleased, thas why i think most of times, we got blacked out by how rich this company has, as they keep announcing financial loss...not our fault, coz we are in dark, they in light....if they hide thier accounting somwehher in joint venture, no one can see....


2023-08-25 09:47 | Report Abuse

i will only make noise and demand the CEO /management to step down, if the share price is taken down to 20-30 sen...to put all of us in losing stake again...


2023-08-25 09:47 | Report Abuse

I am ok, i beleive most will be happy, if not all (since most of us averaged down already)....if they give 50-60 sen by early next year from 1st and 2 dividend...and since these big owners have 70% equity in the stock, they keep it at 50-60 share price after adjustments, this will equally please we all i beleive...


2023-08-25 09:45 | Report Abuse

Warchest, RISK8888, SENTIGO....all of us are right...no one wrong here, either they close shop give all back, or give 33sen+20-30+ sen, back... and grow the biz...too me all ok.

i am fine they give back say 50-60 sen...and keep the share price above 50-60 sen...and wait for next property boom...


2023-08-25 09:43 | Report Abuse

my broether in construction industry--a technical director in develope+construction for high rise...internatiinal appearance...recently got a job offer, after years of quiet job market...

it seems more contracts are issued, more work are in planning, more projects are in designing now...

which we can expect industry is really plannig for post-high interedst era...
Tonight US-FED gonna announce some hawkist, nevertheless they may give hints on interest slash starting next year.....thas the momemt property waiting....

just my analysis and guess, i hope it will materialize...

so evertyone willl be happy, I one of EWINT investor since IPO, and also averaged down like all of you, i hope all of us get repaid after all these years of clinging in here....


2023-08-25 09:40 | Report Abuse

my guess of fair share price of 50-60 sen is after share price adjustment (after 1st and second interim of dividend) ....this guess i based on NO profit generated all these years...which is very unlikely.

SO it is very realistic and probably , the share price after 1nd and snd dividend, after price adjustment, to be in range of 50-60 sen (so this will please and calm down all investor of buying RM 1,2 IPO price (Tan Sri QLC Hong leong boss will be satified I guess).

And another property boom coming next year or year after, my guess and my hope, will bring the share price after to RM 1++...

Just my guess, not a buy call or sell call...


2023-08-25 09:20 | Report Abuse

So the picture is clear now...
I think the current share price has much space/room to grow again...

Lets see how it turn out...

Above only my own anakysis and guess (not a buy call or sell call) all my opinion....


2023-08-25 09:19 | Report Abuse

and if the ineterest rate flatten out start to drop next year with end of inflation era (expected to happen in US)...property can boom again, the share price may be back to rm 1++ (my hope and my guess)....so this is a justifiable future trend for investor, for Tan Sri QLC Hong Leong boss....


2023-08-25 09:17 | Report Abuse

its very unlikely all these years they don't profit from property biz...so the share price could be worth even more than 50-60 sen...after all dividend announced...which justify the initial IPO of RM 1.2 invested value....


2023-08-25 09:16 | Report Abuse

more sharing, not a buy call or sell call..

with this 1.3 bil in thier capital ---even they do not make profit all these years (which i dooubt....my guess is they hide it somewhere in UK/Australia accounting...

They launched most projects before COVID and sold most before COVID, so the COBID and high interest rate borrowing cost has minimal impact on them in fact...so we we consider they do not make profit at all, so the worth of one share would be 2.3 b / 2.4 bil of share, which means each share price should worth rm 50-60 (after share adjustment), even after they dipatch 1st interim dividend (33 sen), and second interim (expected 20sen ++)....


2023-08-25 09:13 | Report Abuse

Just sharing my opinion, not a buy call or sell call, remember they informed they will set aside 1.5 bil capital reduction...now only 790 mil declared as dividend, so, it means some more gonna be dispatched by this FY (if they announce right)....

set aside the cost of capital reduction, repay borrowing and some working capital...there should be still quite some left to dispatched in 2nd interim dividend...

like many suggested, if the 2nd interim dividend is 20+sen, then overall, they are giving back around 50-60 sen, which is half of the initial IPO price....

the current share price of 60-70 sen certainly in my opinion has much legs room to grow...and if we take initicial capital investement of 1.20 IPO x 2.4 bil of number of shares, the total capital could be RM 2.8 bil they have gathered, and returning 1.5 bil means they still have around 1.3 bil left with them...


2023-08-25 09:08 | Report Abuse

JUst my opinion to share:

There should be plenty of upside room for the stock, today may goreng abit and hold back, next two weeks till x-date can expect some more gains..

When I read the report carefully, it says the remaining to be distributed in FY2023...Guys EWINT is gonna accounce 3Quarter Financial report in Sep, and 4th Quarter Financial Report will be by year end...so I would expect the 2nd INterim to be dispatched by end of the year of early next year....


2023-08-13 09:03 | Report Abuse

@risk8888, if there is any bi-election, only possibility is from another side, they are known to jump ship...already did two times, one time jump from umno, one time jump from PH coaltion....so this is the fact...so with 32 PH, no matter how, Selangor is STABLE and SAFE till next GE/PRN.


2023-08-13 09:02 | Report Abuse

So RISK8888, do more study, accept the fact, the unity gorment and Selangor, NSembilan, Penang will stay till next GE/PRN...same as Kelantan Kedah, Terengganu.

Status quo till next election...so best result outcome for market to response, if it does not response tomorrow, it will response by year end..


2023-08-13 09:00 | Report Abuse

and even if they jump ship, you look at the how majority they won for PH....got chance for anotehr side to win with katak ?

PH mostly win big majority...and bi election, no chance...


2023-08-13 08:59 | Report Abuse

how this 4 seat will letak jawatan and relection? Federal gorment is unity gorment...not another sides, so why these 4 seat letak jawatan...all katak aleady jump ship to anotehr side before GE 15, those left are those hardcore royalist...so how possible for them to jump ship...Katak are all in another side don;t you think so?


2023-08-13 08:33 | Report Abuse

Every body know now the fed gorment gonna stay till next GE 16...so politically its stable now....market will response positively!


2023-08-13 08:31 | Report Abuse

NO change in state govenrment, status quo, all status quo for another 4-5 years...foreign funds like this...market should response positively, if not on monday, the whole year market should response more and more positively...everthing is normalized now...

The talk on Aug change in power didn;t happen, and never will hapen until next GE 16.

So lest stay waiting for SAP to recover.


2023-08-13 08:25 | Report Abuse

@RISK8888, how Selangor can fall???
PH itself having 32, how to fall, even in very unlikely case, UMNO jump seep, PH still has 32 out of 56, how to fall????Remember now has Anti Hopping law to prevent Katak...

So how to fall, even PH inside want to jum also cannot jump, how to fall????

Please study first before comment.


2023-08-13 08:24 | Report Abuse

Shold be whole market hailing good the PRN outcome...we all already know greenwave...and the outcome now is much better than worst predicted...foreign fund see the the no change in state government and federal gorment, for another at least 4 years...So this is big boost for economy..


2023-08-04 19:36 | Report Abuse

Anyone attending thier annual meeting, please request them to close shop, or return them to answer! the management CEO are answerable.


2023-08-04 19:35 | Report Abuse

2017-2023....its already 6 years, 6 years x 5% =30 % return...2.8 bil +30%....this should be the net value of this company, anything lesser is a loser....

so here you can see RISK8888 is damn right...


2023-08-04 19:33 | Report Abuse

next time, just becareful with TanSri LKS companies...think twice before investing in any company by this guy and his geng...


2023-08-04 19:33 | Report Abuse

unless thier accounting has some other cash hiding on UK/Asutralia vensture, which add up more to 2.8 bil, otherwise, RISK8888 is damn right, it is a money losing company, only fat the management, every year dunno draw how much directors fees and salary.
Pity TanSri QLC....he becomes water fish for the ecoworld.


2023-08-04 19:31 | Report Abuse

What I don't understand is the QLC owned Guoco Group, has invested so much in here since 2017 IPO time, and leave aside the annual return, now the company dunno left how much with it...so very pity QLC group...they lost in this lsoing company run by TSri LKS and the geng...so Tan Sri QLC even worst here guys


2023-08-04 19:29 | Report Abuse

RISK888 is right, Warchest is right, most of us here are all rigt.

The fact they have taken RM 2.8 bil from all share holders, rolling over the years, leave aside the annual return, the management has done super lousy jobs...

I wonder why GLC group don't take any action on the management of this company...

However, I am also very sure everyone include RISK888 has averaged down to lower investement price, so, anything they cash out, or close shop now, for us is a happy ending.


2023-07-20 16:35 | Report Abuse

so it only make sense for the TSRI LKS to take the price slowly up to where it belongs too...
he has to face a even bigger tycoon than him....imagine he upset the TSri GLC, than his future housing project where to take loan??


2023-07-20 16:34 | Report Abuse

the TS LKS cannot just leave this stock like nobody stock and remain 20-30 sen++. GuocoLand has invested in there since IPO, and they cannot ignore the GLL... GLL owner is a banker, if TS LKS (the ECOWORLD owner) keep the stock price this low ...GLL will be affeccted


2023-07-20 16:31 | Report Abuse

i think, just my own opinion, not a buy call or sell call ya, just my opinion, and you can call this my dream....the share price may sstill possibly go some higher, say to >70-80 sen++.

This is because the IPOprice were rm1.2, so they gotta make sure the share price + capital reduction gain exceeding the IPO share price rm 1.2...

Disclaimer: Personal opinion.


2023-07-20 16:28 | Report Abuse

those who realixe the share price bottom at 20-30 sen, are normally long term investors who have inevsted since early days and therefore they keep monitoring and were able to buy back at lower price...


2023-07-20 16:27 | Report Abuse

i believe many who invested earlier at during IPOtime, has more or less averaged down now, so its not very far compared to current price...and I think also not many just bought at 20-30 sen...coz those who keep following the share price movements, normally are those who invested since early days...we cannot be that lucky to have bought at lowest 20-30 sen only...


2023-07-04 09:16 | Report Abuse

Good to know QLC is in charge...hope they can bring some more good news to the investors...HOpe they can slowly cash out and pay back to long term investors, nevermine 300/900/1500 mils...as much as they can... hope they materialize what they openly declare.


2023-07-03 19:03 | Report Abuse

RISK8888 has his points, but we cannot dictate how the compnay want to push thier way forward...best is they distribute as much as they can back to investor....

i don;t agree, its a crazy idea to let them to roll for few more years waiting for recession to become over and next proerty booom....we don;t even know if recession has started or not...


2023-07-03 19:01 | Report Abuse

i heard someone have had 6 digits unrealized gains, and after years of holding it, now losing most of his gains and at paper loss now...

so to let them to contonue to roll with the cash reserve, its crazy idea and one tusnami, the whole stock can go holland...


2023-07-03 18:58 | Report Abuse

@patient investor, the longer we hold on in the share market, we may lose all the profit we used to have....

share market simply cannot hold too long, a very bad idea if they hold the cash reserve and continue to roll in the property....


2023-07-03 18:56 | Report Abuse

we simply cannot predict if we are at end of this recession, or recession is not started even, i am sure we all no want our investement here get drag for at least another 5years++


2023-07-03 18:55 | Report Abuse

think we are fine with both way, cash out all or at least cash out some...If they cash out all and payback investors, many willl be happy, somewill be ok too for thier current proposal to cash out partially...

But to let them to keep all and continue to roll...better not, the longer they roll, the higher the risk....

there are too much uncertaintly, and they should just dispatch most of their cash reserve, no doubts, they should do it...no one can tell when is next economy crisis


2023-06-28 17:15 | Report Abuse

@warchest.....share value post adjustment...i thought the capital reduction exercise does not involve share price adjustment? they do mention in thier announcement that the capital reduction does not involve share price adjustment...

Not like dividend, as share price will adjustment... this one done through reduction of capital + reduction of share number?

I could be wrong, but i see somwhere they mention no share price adjustment?

Can correct me?


2023-06-28 11:56 | Report Abuse

@RISK8888, you are right, two sides, those went tin around 20-30 sen, those bought IPO...two extreme...but i believe those bought 20-40 sen, they also invested at much higher price...i also beleiev those inevsted at 1.20 IPO price, they have also averaged down the way...so i think the share price of 60 sen++ is actually attractive, given thier promised pay out of at least 37.5 sen by 2023....

Disclaimer: own opinion/analysis ONLY, not a buy call or sell call.


2023-06-28 11:53 | Report Abuse

@Risk8888, furtunately their construction not begin in COVID...if they tag the house price before COBVID, and construct the house/condo units during COVID/post COVID, then they could be in big trouble now...

But I think they are not....its thier luck they build before COVID mostly...and thier selling price cannot be too lower too, because of people recognition the impact of inflation globally...So i don;t think they sell much below market price...there isn;t that offer post COVID/russia war, due to high material costs, so i beleive they will still make good profit despite so call attactive offers to sell thier units...

Post COVID, inflation gone up too high, cannot expect much below market price property, especially in Australia and UK...

I hoope I am right


2023-06-28 11:02 | Report Abuse

And they also realized the tough market and uncertainty ahead, therefore, they pul the brake recently and movng for capital reduction to pay off, while keeping just some for future opportunty without...

this is a good sign... as they decided to cash out and pay back share holders....and only keep some for future opprotunty....

Where this capital reduction, plus the share worth of the company , can compensate the initial IPO value, it remain to be seeen.....

And whether there is a risk or reward down the road...no one can tell for sure lah...

We just have to decide, either to sell or keep, or buy....al risk on own loh...

if you think company is not doing well, can just sell at this current price also can...since its aleady up from 20+ sen...

Disclaimer: only own analysis here, not a buy call or sell call....above serve as own opinion only


2023-06-28 10:58 | Report Abuse

But on other hand, if i recall right, all thier properties in Australia and UK, or most of these houses/condo units they built, they done completion, or near completion before COVID/before US hike the loan interest, or before the high inflation hitting us globbaly...

In this case thier construction cost are not affected much due to COVID/inflation/high interest/....Only affected is the sale....therefore the sale is dragged on abit...

This is the possitive side


2023-06-28 10:55 | Report Abuse

Hi @RISK8888,

there is no absolute winning formula in share investment...properties, morgages are not like before 2016 where property market is sky rocketing, these last 2-3 yearr properties badly affected plus high bond yeild, interest rated by US side and all over Europe, property market is very very tough...construction cost is super high, plus loan installment interest is also very high...

These are the risks in property stock i think


2023-06-28 09:53 | Report Abuse

above is only my guess, we will have more facts in September/December...


2023-06-28 09:52 | Report Abuse

they have made several announcement dividends will be at least 900 mil in 2023....if we look at the timelines---Third Q end July (report out Sep), fourth Q ends October (report out Dec)....These could be the final timelines they finally dispatch our dividends.....if they hit the jackpot, they may dispatch more than 900 mil, which means we will be getting more than 37.5 sen ...

Say if we finally get 37.5 sen...share price remain 50-60 sen...thas still a lucrative deal for those recent buyers (orther than IPO buyers), they do mention, there is no adjustment of share price,,,,,and one of the investment bank analyst keep taget price of 60+ sen....50-60 + sen and dividend of 37.5 sen...still acceptable....except for those IPO buyers....

Disclaimer: Just my own analysis, not a buy call or sell call...


2023-06-28 09:48 | Report Abuse

I would only worry if they no keep thier promises by this year, citing different reasons to delay dividend payment...if that happen i will be worry...but so far in different announcements, they stick to thier words mentioning dividends to be paid by 2023