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2022-12-30 20:33 | Report Abuse

Hi Mr.Tan im no.10 2022.
My stock selection is simple. it either has huge room of growth or dirt cheap vs its future earning or clarity of earnings for the sake of dividend cash flow. I'm also trying my best to choose the same stock for at least few years because i feel it defeats the purpose of investing if the time frame is so short. therefore for the purpose of consistency and the reason of long term investing ill try my best to compete with the same stock for years or at least until the value is reflected.

CCK - 30%
MYNEWS - 15%
QL - 10%
GAMUDA - 10%
HEVEA -10%

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2022-11-30 18:49 | Report Abuse

nice in bad times u can see whos really good

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2021-12-31 17:49 | Report Abuse

Cck 30%
Mynews 10%
Hiaptek 10%
Annjoo 10%
Armada 10%
Geshen 5%
Ql 10%
Ranhill 15%


2021-09-29 20:47 | Report Abuse

probability 60m - 66/3 (excluding write back of impairment) = 38m PAT for the current qtr

Its still superb...

its a clean 100m/quarter if theres no mco


2021-07-01 13:14 | Report Abuse

the share conversion is really hurting hiaptek


2021-06-23 08:41 | Report Abuse

best thing they can do now is just open book la. why waste time.


2021-06-23 08:36 | Report Abuse

lol at least i wont get burn in this fraud company unlike you


2021-06-23 08:34 | Report Abuse

Posted by OrlandoOilSemiconIoT > Jun 23, 2021 8:31 AM | Report Abuse

No by the audit stage KPMG should hv shown its IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE

this gentleman here ask his driving license examiner give evidence for failing them.


2021-06-23 08:17 | Report Abuse

Materials on site

Ambank has talked like 100% of d materials on site is thin air whn in fact d 2020 balance is almost d same as 2019 balance whc were audited n found ok by KPMG

In any case why can't KPMG verify n come out wit irrefutable evidence?

Present IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE n end of the audit

its not the auditor job to give evidence. its like asking your teacher to give evidence for failing you


2021-06-22 14:47 | Report Abuse

Lower impairment loss on investment in subsidiary by RM5.18 million in current year quarter

how do you perceive the meaning of current year quarter?


2021-06-21 17:59 | Report Abuse

good result. excluding impairment 5.84m iqgroup making 5.5mil


2021-06-02 08:52 | Report Abuse

31/05/2021 11:29 AM

Where is your track of record

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2021-05-03 14:24 | Report Abuse

he sell call means? glove will up?


2021-04-27 14:37 | Report Abuse

Posted by wallstreetrookie > Apr 27, 2021 12:55 PM | Report Abuse

Careful Choivo bought around 0.4-0.5

ppl like u are da ba zai. why not share something meaningful and if u have nothing to share pls scram


2021-04-10 18:27 | Report Abuse

When the potential upside is at lesst 3billion? What's the reason to sell


2021-04-04 21:52 | Report Abuse

Yes u don't have to voice out the obvious. U think 90%+ shareholders here are amateurs?


2021-04-03 16:24 | Report Abuse

i3lurker I have not seen any MyNews outlets making money

hmm i guess the cash flow drop from sky


2021-04-01 23:42 | Report Abuse

i dont think u know what u are talking familymart was making losses during 1st 2 years with teething problems, trial and error


2021-03-26 11:02 | Report Abuse

Only u think will drop I think it will continue up and break 1.00 at least


2021-03-26 09:45 | Report Abuse

Bro no need to entertain the bilis in this forum. Obviously there's big interest buying in. Save your breath


2021-03-25 20:44 | Report Abuse

jokers all over this forum


2021-03-25 20:42 | Report Abuse

Keyman188 MyNews Holdings sinks into the red in 1Q with RM8.94m net loss

(theedgemarkets.com / March 25, 2021 19:22 pm +08)

bro ur as short sighted as my baby penis


2021-03-23 20:41 | Report Abuse

Nepo Me too.
Miss the boat..
Hopefully huge correction coming after agm

slowly wait


2021-03-23 08:34 | Report Abuse

if buy at 60c,70c,80c,90c can get 1 fold return s still hope can buy cheaper? it means u dont know the value of this company


2021-03-23 08:27 | Report Abuse

last year many site unable to open. 15m profit excluding impairment is not that bad. look further


2021-03-22 17:36 | Report Abuse

Choivo Capital investment banks and funds waking up d.

more like they have finish accumulating from small fishes

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2021-03-03 00:37 | Report Abuse

little bro investing is about projection into the future. we already know the future asp is going to normalized why still bother take account into asp of unnormalized period.

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2021-03-03 00:36 | Report Abuse

Based on financial analysts' projections, the net profit of Top Glove will be approximately 50% in 2021, 30% in 2022, and 20% in 2023. Let's assume it will go down to 15% in 2024, and 10% in 2025. In this case the net profit for each calendar year should be:

CY2021 = RM12.503 billion

CY2022 = RM5.844 billion

CY2023 = RM3.097 billion

CY2024 = RM2.319 billion

CY2025 = RM1.572 billion

The company also has RM1.21 bill


this is somewhat correct but the profit is still too high for 2025. u make a grave mistake. u know the company is declining but u chose to add all 5 years instead of the normalized year profit.

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2021-03-03 00:30 | Report Abuse

pls challenge my figure after 6 months

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2021-03-03 00:29 | Report Abuse

Based on the aforementioned ASP projections, and based on average utilization rate of 86%, we get the following sales revenue projections for each calendar year (+ in RM, assuming USD1 = RM4):

CY2021 = $6.251 billion (RM25.007 billion)

CY2022 = $4.870 billion (RM19.480 billion)

CY2023 = $3,871 billion (RM15.484 billion)

CY2024 = $3.866 billion (RM15.462 billion)

CY2025 = $3.929 billion (RM15.715 billion)

this figure after 2021 is wrong in many ways. only time will tell whos right.

my figure

65.4(100% absolute peak at 2021) 39.5 (60%) 25.9 (40%) 23.0 (35%) 21.5 (32%)

assuming rm25b is absolute peak. in 5 years, revenue drop like this 25b>15b>10b>8.7b>8b. Historically tg margin is around 7-9%. I assume its 9%. and i give it a fpe 25 okay? its very optimistic. 8b(0.09)(25) = 18billion market cap. at its current valuation i dare to say it will drop by another 50%.

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2021-03-02 08:33 | Report Abuse

the thing is oil price is highly volatile


2021-03-02 08:32 | Report Abuse

MM78 As oil prices improves and possibly hold steady in this pandemic recovery in near future , oil and gas companies will have more offshore activities which bodes well for the OSVs service business. Less chance of future impairment risks on OSV assets in Armada; FPSOs are the cash cows that will pare down Armada’s loans and help cut down down finance costs. A virtuous cycle to be unfolded in coming quarters. A 10 sens EPS in FY 2021 would be a great milestone , even 8 sens EPS are good for more optimism among investors of Armada. Traders may miss the big gains next few quarters for enjoy KFC too fast. My 2 cents to share....... PE of 10 not unreasonable given the latest Armada’s performance ?
02/03/2021 6:33 AM

definitely very undervalue if this oil cycle maintain for longer period


2021-03-01 17:10 | Report Abuse

no buying interest

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2021-03-01 16:57 | Report Abuse

try hard koon. idk how ppl lose money in 2020 and 2021


2021-03-01 11:14 | Report Abuse

I don't care whatever people said,I will buy according to company cash available in hand in coming 3 years since the gloves been good demanding by 2023.Even the demand of glove drop tremendously after 2004,it doesn't effect on the cash position. My target price is Rm 4.64

The derive are as follows

Currently company shares issued~8.2bil
New shares listed in HK~1.5bil

Total shares after HK listed 8.2+1.5=9.7bil shares

A)Current company cash~ RM1.2bil
B)Fund raise from HK share ~1.5 x 5.20=RM 7.8bil
C)Company profit in coming 3 years~
RM 3 bil per Qx 4 Q x 3 years~RM 36bil

Total cash available after 3 years ~1.2+7.8+36=RM 45bil

Cash/share after 3years~Rm 45 bil/9.7bil =Rm 4.64/share


so what kind of gain are u looking at at this price assuming your calculation is correct? and company profit in coming 3 year same as this year? i can gamble my whole asset that u are wrong hahaha


2021-02-28 20:03 | Report Abuse

beginner @ken
Currently company shares issued~8.2bil
New shares listed in HK~1.5bil

Total shares after HK listed 8.2+1.5=9.7bil shares

A)Current company cash~ RM1.2bil
B)Fund raise from HK share ~1.5 x 5.20=RM 7.8bil
C)Company profit in coming 3 years~
RM 3 bil per Qx 4 Q x 3 years~RM 36bil

Shares: 209m
Cash: 968.12m
Your price: 968.12 / 209 = ~rm4.63
but today mpi is RM37, RUN!!!!!!


this is why u are beginner


2021-02-27 18:02 | Report Abuse

kenanga is being overly too conservative focusing only on histroy


2021-02-26 13:49 | Report Abuse

good result definitely demand higher valuation


2021-02-25 23:23 | Report Abuse

Posted by themeg > Feb 25, 2021 11:20 PM | Report Abuse

AA don't dare to release their financial results. Hand shaking.


so what if their quarter is red? small kid also know its red? then? u think it will go down?


2021-02-25 21:03 | Report Abuse

give dividend already then what? continue drop?


2021-02-25 21:02 | Report Abuse

Bullrunrun Tan Sri LWC said that if BURSA allows him, he will announce earlier this QR on this week.

It is believed RM 3 billion profit not a problem the nitrile glove price surge from USD 70 to current 100-140 per 1000 pieces of glove.

Dividend confirm for this will will be about 74 cents according to PUBLIC Mutual fund manager..

BUY now

so what? even rm5 billion so what? what's after that


2021-02-25 20:55 | Report Abuse

why are u guys so optimistic. real profit after one off impairment 13m+


2021-02-22 22:36 | Report Abuse

u trust ib u no need to make money in klse


2021-02-22 22:36 | Report Abuse

that bullcrap also give annjoo 50c tp look at the price now


2021-02-22 22:30 | Report Abuse

10% also so happy lol