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4 weeks ago | Report Abuse


Dear dragon328,
Kindly send me a copy of Macquarie report.
Thank you.


2023-09-03 09:02 | Report Abuse

Dragon328 where can we track telcos number of subscribers and average spend per user?


2023-05-27 16:17 | Report Abuse

Nu Bank of Nu Holding, Brazil's digital bank is profitable for 2 quarters already due to low costs and many products. Fast penetration rate.


2023-04-21 19:06 | Report Abuse

Thank you so much. Very informative research. Great to see forecast with EPS 14 sen, cash dividend 8 sen FYE June 2024


2023-04-20 21:02 | Report Abuse

Will that be possible to post lastest HLIB report in i3. Thank you.


2023-04-17 18:18 | Report Abuse

Thank you so much. You are always well researched. Xiexieni.


2023-04-17 14:41 | Report Abuse

If YTLPOWER have 500MW solar power in Kulai in 2025, will that be second largest solar power owner after Cypark? I would be very appreciative if someone could enlightening me. Thank you.


2023-04-07 13:19 | Report Abuse


Brabazon 19,000 capacity arena required £100 million (MYR548M) construction cost with expected completion beginning of 2026. Any idea how are they financing ? Have they raised bond ? What is the expected payback period?


2023-03-28 00:33 | Report Abuse

Can i inteprete this way:

Probably the tax is 30%. YTL Power failed to get the 50% capital gain (discount) tax relief.


2023-03-27 22:03 | Report Abuse

Can anyone explain: Transaction costs of RM1B inclusive of provision of tax, commission, legal, advisory consultation and facilitation fees?


2023-03-27 22:00 | Report Abuse

Annual Report @ 30/6/2022 page 214 disposal of Australia’s ElectraNet
Note 15
(b) Investment in associates (continued)
(i) Divestment of an associate

On 23 March 2022, YTL Power Investments Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company disposed of its 33.5% interest in ElectraNet Pty. Ltd. for a cash consideration of RM3.222 billion (AUD1.024 billion) resulting a gain on disposal of RM1.272 billion.

The disposal had the following effects to the financial position of the Group for the financial year:

Sales consideration net of transaction costs. 2,196,575
Less: Carrying amount of loan notes (230,007)
Consideration received. 1,966,568
Less: Net assets disposed.(665,198)
Gain on disposal before reclassification of other comprehensive income items 1,301,370
Reclassification of hedging reserve (38,452)
Reclassification of currency translation reserves 9,341
Gain on disposal 1,272,259


2023-03-22 13:21 | Report Abuse

Thank you for the update and prompt response. If it is completed method as you mentioned, 2024 onward will have higher profit from property development. However, there is zero for property development cost in assets, and can not track AP for the progress payment received (liabilities) in the balance sheet.

I think there,are 2 portions of the property here, 1 for residential & commercial properties for sales; 2 Entertainment Arena and Sport facility (i think for lease).

1 Brabazon - you may trace from the launching of the recent property.


2023-03-22 09:55 | Report Abuse

Dear Dragon or any who can assist

I have read all your 3 reports regarding YTL Power detailed analysis. Thank you for the fantastic hard work· But Brabazn land was not included in the valuation or may be i missed.

1. Are they using percentage completion method or completed method in the financial statements? I am not good enough to track on the income statement and balance sheet for development cost and land cost.
2. I also could not track the land was purchased in 2015 or 2009 (can not track in balance sheet).
Thank you so much.

Basic information:
Stated in the 2021 annual report: The first phase Brabazon residential property, comprising 302 units apportioned to 127 landed and 175 apartment units has been sold and targeted to be
completed in stages in 2024.

This 354 acres Brabazon land has a GDV of £2.5B (myr 13.67B, this is substantial) comprises approximate 3,675 homes, including studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as two, three, and four-bedroom houses, 62 acres of commercial space, and community facilities such as three schools, a library, a doctor's surgery, 17,000 capacity entertainment arena (3rd largest in UK) and sports facilities. (Wonder the financing for the arena is completed.)

Understand YTL Development UK, a wholly-owned subsidiary of YTL group, acquired the disused Filton airfield and the nearby Brabazon Hangars in 2015 from BAE Systems. But BAE disclosed 2009 the hangars was sold for £120 million.


2023-03-08 21:13 | Report Abuse

HLIB report June 2024 RM985M or EPS of 12 sen should be quite close for the confirmed projects.


2023-03-03 13:39 | Report Abuse

Too all the sifu sifu May I have the link to crack spread Singaore historic chart ? Thank you so much.


2023-01-31 11:39 | Report Abuse

140% profit is sufficient for me. Thank you.


2023-01-09 14:35 | Report Abuse

If Chung, Jakel, Abdul Malek all same same, what is the TP ?


2023-01-05 15:30 | Report Abuse

Will that be possible to advise how to sell 176 million shares in the market and not disclose in the market ?


2022-09-21 21:34 | Report Abuse

MR CHUNG CHEE YANG became second largest shareholder in Cypark


2022-08-31 11:46 | Report Abuse

Other Receivable & prepayment increased from $133,518 @ 31/12/21 to $1,675,720 @30/6/22, anyone know what is that for?


2021-11-13 15:31 | Report Abuse

Should not spend money on share buy back. Should expand more and more furnaces at this time to enhance long term profit growth.

I attended AGM 2 years ago. I trust the management is smarter than me to manage their business for few decades.


2020-12-04 22:39 | Report Abuse

DK how are you?


2020-11-25 20:28 | Report Abuse

If AA pokai, Airport will need to restructure AA debt. They are in the same chain.


2020-11-24 19:52 | Report Abuse

Balance RM618 million cash in the balance sheet. Last Q net decrease in cash equivalent was RM1998 million. Will need a cash call.

News & Blogs

2020-06-03 20:45 | Report Abuse

Should ask where Mr Ang came out the money to subscribe all the rights previously and now.


2019-10-02 08:34 | Report Abuse

HK JINRUI YANDETANG GROUP LIMITED (2745443) - Hong Kong Business Directory

Incorporated only one year


2018-06-06 13:50 | Report Abuse

Genting is said to have placed record US$164.6m bid for Andorra's first casino licence - The Edge Markets http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/genting-said-have-placed-record-us1646m-bid-andorras-first-casino-licence#.Wxds-VcVhWM.whatsapp

Andorra is a tiny, independent principality situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains. It’s known for its ski resorts and a tax-haven status that encourages duty-free shopping. Capital Andorra la Vella has boutiques and jewelers on Meritxell Avenue and several shopping centers. The old quarter, Barri Antic, houses Romanesque Santa Coloma Church, with a circular bell tower.

Capital: Andorra la Vella


2018-05-21 16:47 | Report Abuse

Is the Hiap Teck LA ex date interest 1.25 cent on 31-5-2018? Payment date 23-6-2018?


2018-05-21 09:40 | Report Abuse

Iron ore hits a multi-month high

MAY 15, 2018, 7:35 AM
Iron ore spot markets surged to fresh multi-month highs on Monday, helped by improved confidence about the demand outlook in China.
• Chinese iron ore port inventories fell last week as steel mill demand improved.
• Chinese iron ore and rebar futures rose in overnight trade, pointing to early strength in spot markets today.

Iron ore spot markets surged to fresh multi-month highs on Monday, helped by improved confidence about the demand outlook in China.
According to Metal Bulletin, the price for benchmark 62% fines jumped 2.3% to $68.93 a tonne, extending its rally over the past three sessions to 3.7%.
It now sits at the highest level since March 16, a two-month high.
Both lower and higher grades rallied on Monday, albeit by a lesser margin.
58% fines added 1.6%, settling at $40.70 a tonne. 65% fines was the relative underachiever, rising only 1.3% to $87.20 a tonne.
Further signs of strengthening demand may have contributed to the broad-based rally.
According to Reuters, citing data from Mysteel consultancy, the utilisation rate at blast furnaces across China rose to 69.89% last week, its highest level since early November last year.
Iron ore inventories at 45 major ports in China also fell, dropping nearly 1% last week to 158.76 million tonnes.
“The fast pace of reopening at steel mills and falling inventories at ports indicate strong restocking demand,” an analyst at Orient Futures said in a note.
The strength in spot markets was replicated in futures trade on Monday.
In Dalian, the September 2018 iron ore contract closed at 488 yuan, just off the two-month high of 490 yuan level struck earlier in the session.
Coke and coking coal contracts also rallied, closing at 2,084 yuan and 1,260.5 yuan respectively.
Rebar futures traded separately in Shanghai rose by a smaller margin, finishing the day session at 3,667 yuan.
However, as seen in the scoreboard below, both iron ore and rebar futures continued to rally in overnight trade.
“The increase in operations at steel mills in China following the winter-induced production curbs has seen demand pick up strongly in recent weeks,” said analysts at ANZ Bank. “Combined with the better-than-expected economic data, this has boosted sentiment in the steel sector.”
The strength in futures suggests spot markets will follow suit today, at least in early trade.
All Chinese commodity contracts will resume trade at 11am AEST, one hour before the release of Chinese economic data on industrial output and fixed asset investment in May.


2018-05-17 11:15 | Report Abuse

April production is double the average production of Oct-Dec 17. If April - Jun 18 persist to have 33k cu m , agar revenue 100 mil , PAT 8-10 mil, EPS 1 cent that Q. Wait for 2 more months same production level , TP will revise to 40 cents

my guestimate only. Do to your Due Deligent.

monthly production report M3
April 32,800
March 24,846
February 18,061      
January  15,450.33

December 15,631.66
November 18,475.64
October 14,741.74
September 9174.89
August 9212.15
July 14,429.11
June 9,732.30
May 8,375.46
April 11,323.26
March 14,517.17
February 11,459.54
January 4624.84

December 6145.83
November 6360.70
October 9263.16
September 801.09
August 8176.98
July 8777.87
June 5931.11
May 3471.31
April 4211.52
March 2021.42
February 0 no logging
January 4734.62

December 2496.28


2018-01-29 15:34 | Report Abuse

Next Genting call warrant expired is 31-7-18. Is that good?


2018-01-24 21:30 | Report Abuse

i3gambler Thank you very much! A bit deep and theoritical. I understand the logic.


2018-01-18 18:09 | Report Abuse

Genting WA at 10 cent discount, Any sifu can advise this can invest?


2017-11-11 22:42 | Report Abuse

Mine is hovid wb only have 1 more year lifespan. If they privatised, i have to top up Rm 0.20 1 year later to exercise. Too risky for me. I take profit to invest somewhere. I bilis can't fight with shark .


2017-10-26 21:04 | Report Abuse

Hovid should be sending the GO offer letter 21 days from date of notice 9-10-17, that is 30-10-17 Monday


2017-09-28 14:18 | Report Abuse


This is a foreclosure sales. GCB seem to be getting cheap sales. The nephew company JB Coccoa is the back up bidder as well.