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Posted by ooihk899 > 2021-11-27 17:24 | Report Abuse

Ya, there is a bonus issue. I think pending announcement of ex and entitlement date. But with new Covid variant, Omicron which is causing
almost all major market sell off. I doubt this counter will be able to go up.


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Posted by Goh123 > 2021-11-27 18:04 | Report Abuse

opportunity to buy back

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2021-11-27 20:52 | Report Abuse

Dont be too worried about omicron..
Vaccines work...
Buy the dip...


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Posted by serbatipu > 2021-11-29 11:51 | Report Abuse

how low it can drop , 3.00 ?

Posted by Iseeyoubuy > 2021-12-02 11:14 | Report Abuse

Another good time to enter; Don't miss it


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Posted by Traderjoes > 2021-12-15 14:49 | Report Abuse

hi, does anyone know if rce's loans to their customers variable interest rates or is it fixed?


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Posted by smartsing > 2021-12-22 13:33 | Report Abuse

agm ? 22/12/2021

Posted by wallstreetrookie > 2021-12-25 18:43 | Report Abuse

Investing in Bursa Small and Mid Cap Financials Guide 2022

1. Aeon Credit Bhd. 2. RCE Capital Bhd. 3 OSK Holdings

Posted by wallstreetrookie > 2021-12-27 14:43 | Report Abuse

Getting a little sleepy today

Posted by wallstreetrookie > 2021-12-27 18:59 | Report Abuse

If you can identify the list of companies acting as clients of RCE Capital Berhad, you truly understand the catalyst behind the stock. No need to perform fundamental analysis anymore.

Posted by wallstreetrookie > 2021-12-27 19:06 | Report Abuse

Mostly growth SMEs and startups


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Posted by blackchicken > 2022-01-03 11:37 | Report Abuse

Highlight - Analysts stay overweight on banking sector on solid November loan growth - http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/analysts-stay-overweight-banking...

Loan growth is good for RCECAP.


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Posted by blackchicken > 2022-01-03 11:47 | Report Abuse

According to her, the variance is due to a strong pickup in business loans since economic activities resumed as well as a turnaround in some key consumer loan segments, such as personal loans, purchases of securities and hire purchase.

Posted by Iseeyoubuy > 2022-01-06 06:30 | Report Abuse

Another good time to buy in...


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Posted by ss2760 > 2022-01-07 17:35 | Report Abuse

when are we expect the bonus share in our account ?


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Posted by Moolala > 2022-01-07 23:07 | Report Abuse

17 jan


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Posted by mf > 2022-01-16 23:31 | Report Abuse

Dow Jones 35,911.809 -201.81 0.56%

Posted by Iseeyoubuy > 2022-01-17 14:58 | Report Abuse

I will accumulate this share for the long term. Expecting strong recovery for 2022.


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Posted by blackchicken > 2022-01-28 11:21 | Report Abuse

The Japanese Nikkei 225 index is up 2.1% now...

Posted by wallstreetrookie > 2022-01-31 05:50 | Report Abuse

An MSCI gauge of Southeast Asian, or Asean, equities fell less than 2% this week and rose to an 18-month high relative to the Asia benchmark, which slumped almost 5%.

“Asean is now less vulnerable than in the past as current account balances have improved and valuations on equities, bonds and currencies are less demanding,” UBS Group AG strategists including Niall MacLeod wrote in a note Thursday. “Markets are in a much better position relative to 2013.”

Bloomberg | Markets

Posted by Iseeyoubuy > 2022-02-03 09:36 | Report Abuse

After CNY, RM2.5-RM3, everything increase after CNY even Tenaga stock buy call

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2022-02-07 18:02 | Report Abuse

Very good price to top up

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2022-02-09 10:12 | Report Abuse

Undervalued gem.
Buy and hold


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2022-02-09 12:25 | Report Abuse

Wah, unker is back le, huat lo.


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2022-02-09 12:27 | Report Abuse

Unker, why ppl flag you in UP forum?

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2022-02-09 14:10 | Report Abuse

Cos i ask good question on UP.
I asked why up got so much money in cash never do anything for shareholders.
Never give us back n never buy back shares
So people angry..

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2022-02-09 14:13 | Report Abuse

I got UP wont sell just keep in freezer but not happy with it.
Cos their management dont care for shareholders...only care for employees


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2022-02-09 15:38 | Report Abuse

Not true ma, now they have dividend policy wor. 80% profit distributed lo. Must keep some for future acquisition of plantation like Pinehill estate in 2019 ma.


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2022-02-09 15:39 | Report Abuse

unker, RCE you dare to keep in freezer or not??? hahaha

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2022-02-09 17:53 | Report Abuse

UP tipu la. They wont do. Lies.
Their management good planters but bad fund managers. Cheats.
Rcecap can keep long term cos nice dividend too n price stable.

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2022-02-09 18:08 | Report Abuse

UP got very high cash u check..
Better buy klk n invest in that the potential.is much much more they oso big dividend now


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2022-02-09 21:52 | Report Abuse

Unker, UP cash only 560m only ma. Keep for expansion lah. Like Pinehill already cost them 400+m lo. Unker, if want talk about UP we go to UP forum better lo.


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Posted by Dakewlest > 2022-02-10 01:43 | Report Abuse

Sifu, just wondering, with interest rate hike, how this going to affect rcecap?

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2022-02-10 10:04 | Report Abuse

Rcecap will increase income.
Its positive.
Cos our rates likely capped at 3 to 3.5%


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2022-02-10 12:11 | Report Abuse

Wah, good to see Unker talk like Sifu now.

maximus .

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Posted by maximus . > 2022-02-17 20:47 | Report Abuse

wondering when the digital banking license annouce....


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Posted by alexnada > 2022-02-18 18:42 | Report Abuse

Next month


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Posted by blackchicken > 2022-02-24 18:24 | Report Abuse

good QR results


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Posted by Moolala > 2022-02-24 19:42 | Report Abuse

results ok, financing receivables picking up again, looking forward to future QRs

Posted by supersinginvestor > 2022-02-24 20:42 | Report Abuse

Good qr..

Posted by unicornbird > 2022-03-05 12:28 | Report Abuse

Will government allow more competitors to lend to civil servants? If so, RCE's monopoly status will be gone?


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2022-03-05 12:35 | Report Abuse

????? Bro, do your homework before comment. Better stay out of the market now if you don't have a clue.

Posted by Iseeyoubuy > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

Buy in now!!!! Last call...


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

Iseeyoubuy, please share the info why buy in now.


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Posted by sheldon > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

Anyone has any idea as to the amount of ESOS outstanding.


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Posted by alexnada > 2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

Major shareholders are buying again. is this a sign that RCECAP is performing very well?


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Posted by ooihk899 > 2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

He made several purchases in September last year. After that, the price shot up, announced bonus issue.... Hopefully this time will be the same.

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