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[GENTING] Final Dividend on 20-Mar-2024

Announcement Date: 29-Feb-2024
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FY: 31-Dec-2023

RM 0.0900

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GENTING BHD announced a quarterly dividend of RM 0.0900 per share. The dividend is payable on 19-Apr-2024, while the ex-date will be on 20-Mar-2024. This is higher than the previous dividend of RM 0.0600 per share, with ex-date of 11-Sep-2023 and paid to the shareholders on 06-Oct-2023.

Ann. Date Ex Date Amount Payment Date

Genting is a diversified holdings company primarily operating in the resorts and casinos industry. The company?s primary business segment is Leisure & Hospitality, but the business has several smaller segments: Plantation, Power, Property, Oil & Gas, and Investments & Other. The Leisure & Hospitality segment operates numerous resorts worldwide, many of which have casinos, theme parks, concerts, restaurants, and retail shopping locations. Additionally, the company has diversified segments, which control farmland, oil and gas, and real estate. The company generates the vast majority of its revenue in Malaysia.

How to be entitled
To be entitled for any of the above, you need to purchase the shares one trading day before the ex-Date. You will not be entitled for the above if you purchase the shares on or after the ex-Date.

On ex-Date, the price will be adjusted to reflect the theoretical market price of the stock after the entitlement. You can sell the shares on / after ex-Date and still be entitled to the corporate exercise. The key is to purchase the shares before ex-Date.

How to apply
No application is needed. Shareholders that fulfill the requirement above will receive the dividend in their registered bank account on the payment date automatically.

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